Wednesday, August 05, 2020

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Winter Hair/Sheital Woes… and How to Fix Them

Dry, Brittle Hair

As temperatures decrease, moisture levels in the air drop as well, causing your hair to become more dry and brittle. Textured, wavy and curly hair, which by nature is more dry then silky straight hair, will break even more easily during the winter


Sequins Are Back—But Did They Ever Really Leave?

Sequins have definitely had their time in the sun. 2017 saw sequins not just as a trim, but covering entire dresses, and 2018 looks to carry on the shiny legacy.

These iridescent disks were found in fashion long before the psychedelic sixties adorned everything with them. According to


Is the World Ready for an Ugly Chanukah Sweater?

As Chanukah approaches, decorations come out and the songs of Chanukah performances fill the school halls. But as everyone awaits the latest Maccabeat hit, there’s another Chanukah trend taking the fashion world by storm. Party City and Target have been carrying Chanukah-patterned wrapping paper and


L’Oréal Paris Announces Its First-Ever Hair Colors of the Year

(Courtesy of PRNewswire) L’Oréal Paris, the leading beauty brand and company that invented hair color, today revealed its inaugural Hair Colors of the Year—Rose Blonde and Smokey Grays. The shades were selected by the brand’s color designers after months of analyzing hair color trends, studying search data and


Looking Back at Black Friday: Sales or Scams?

The parking lots of malls everywhere are flooded. People are running, trampling and grabbing items to ensure that they will be the first to snatch the greatest sales. Ironically, Black Friday, a day in which stores and retailers everywhere convince their customers that they need to purchase different items at a prime price, follows


Find the Perfect Part for You

Before I begin any sheital cut, I discuss with my client where the sheital part should be. Most clients have a preference as to which side they are most comfortable wearing their part but don’t know what type of part or where to part their sheital in order to flatter their facial features. A flattering


Rayna Boutique: Teaneck’s Newest Store  Featuring Modest Clothing

(Courtesy of Rayna Boutique) Rayna Boutique is Teaneck’s newest women’s and teens’ one-stop shop for beautiful, stylish and affordable modest clothing. Rayna Boutique is owned by Adrianne Mittan and Emma Horowitz, two former city girls now living in Teaneck with their families. As working women,


Tiger Eye Hair Color: This Season’s Trending Fall Color

Its official! Tiger Eye Hair Color is the trending hair color this fall and it will be everywhere! During the fall and winter months, women around the world turn to their salons for darker hair tones to tone down the end-of-season summer highlights and ombres. This season’s must-try color trend creates


This Season’s Fashion Is Ruffling Feathers

If you have been shopping within the past two months, walking down the street or simply observing what people around you have been wearing, you must have observed one fad that has completely taken over: ruffles. Ruffles have always been a part of the fashion world. Little girls have ruffles on the socks that they


Carly’z Craze Knows How to Make Fall Fashion Work

Even with an unseasonably warm Sukkot holiday, shoppers have been on the hunt for their new fall wardrobe. Luckily New Jersey boasts great shopping, with outlets, malls and shops catering to modest clothing throughout the area. Alene Brodsky Bloom and her staff at Teaneck’s Carly’z Craze helped many shoppers find their


Runway Fall Hair Trends for 2017

Along with Fall Fashion Week comes hair inspiration for the coming season. Designer work with their own team of hair stylists to create the runway models’ hair to enhance their clothing collections. Hair this fall is all about the drama of simplicity—easy, effortless and undone. The


Goodbye Summery Millennial Pink, Hello Fall Burgundy

Whether people notice it or not, everyone has fallen victim to the overwhelming presence of Millennial Pink. That’s right, a shade of pink is named after an entire generation. It represents the versatility of color between genders, a point many fashionistas have observed on their own, as pink and purple