Sunday, July 05, 2020

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Murray the Sockman Has Everything for Camp and Summer Living

The school year is winding down and that means preparation for summer camp is speeding up. Need duffle bags? Laundry bags? Goggles? Shirts, skirts or pants? Murray Goldwag, better known as Murray the Sockman, is making his way around the New York/New Jersey area selling everything kids need for camp at school and


Purple Bow Has Fashion Advice for Fun Summer Gear

Teaneck—When it comes to camp gear, there are the basics—shirts, skirts, pants and socks come to mind. Sleepaway can even have more accessories, additional towels, sheets and other amenities. Sometimes, though, campers are looking for something less basic, more fun but still wearable.


Solène’s Omri Amar: A Thoroughly Modern Milliner

Teaneck—Did you know there is a modern, Parisian-style boutique right on Queen Anne Road in Teaneck, where 70 to 80 percent of its hats—works of art and true craftsmanship—are handmade? It’s true, but Solène’s influence extends not just to hats and far beyond Teaneck;


Choosing the Hair Tone That’s Right for You

We’ve all been there: While skimming the latest celebrity magazine, we come across a new hair color, highlight or color trend that we must try ourselves. We hand over the inspiration to our stylist, hoping that they can make us look as great as the eye-catching original. But upon the final


Michelle Judith Boutique Advises Fashionistas on Summer Flair

Fashion doesn’t stop just because the weather is hot. A savvy fashionista knows how to dress for weather success, and Meechal Finkelstein, owner of Michelle Judith Boutique (@michelle_judith_boutique on Instagram) in Teaneck is ready for summer.

“Summer is all about light,


12-Year Old Ahuva Guzman Creates Hairdos With Heart

Teaneck—Ahuva Guzman is quite the in-demand hair stylist. She follows styles she sees on YouTube videos, can copy one from a picture and comes up with her own designs, too. Clients love her creativity and talent. Not just talented, she is magnanimous and warm-hearted too, with a portion of her earnings going to tzedakah.


How to Keep Your Cool As the Weather Gets Warmer

While in the frost of the winter we hair coverers welcome the extra warmth that having an extra layer on our heads provides, with the heat approaching we struggle to stay cool. But don’t fret! Hair coverings have revolutionized so much over the past few years, it seems like every few months a new


For This Pesach, Spring Fashion Dictates That Dress Is More

Get ready for some color. While the past couple spring fashion lines have featured bold prints and lots of florals, this season prints move aside to let solids and muted patterns make a comeback.

Dassie Fuchs, owner of Petit Chic in Bergenfield,


Make Your Sheitel Great Again

There’s something in the spring air that makes us all want to do something a little different with our hair/sheitels. As we shop for the latest trends in fashion, we want our hair/sheitels to coordinate with the new season’s spring fashion as well. To complement the bold spring colors, hair colorists


In Response to Reader Sentiment, Jewish Link Announces a New Color of the Year

Although fashion savvy color followers saw a green trend emerging, many were still shocked by the specific shade of green announced for 2017. Dubbed “Greenery” and meant to evoke shades of nature, it reminded many of a very unnatural shade that someone’s face might turn before getting sick.


Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Line Extends to Orthodox Community

Ivanka Trump will be coming out with her new line of sheitels, tichels and Shabbos robes.

Ivanka, the “First Daughter,” made the announcement in front of the Trump Hotel, Casino and Mikvah last Thursday.

“I’m so proud of my daughter,” said President Donald


Miri Couture Gowns Star on the Red Carpet at 2017 Grammy Awards

It is music that draws the eyes and ears of the world to the Grammy awards. But the fashion show on the red carpet is eagerly anticipated. What the performers wear is a statement of who they are, and how their essence is translated by designers into a sumptuous visual display.