Friday, April 16, 2021

Fashion Link

Israel’s Chana Marelus Offers Modest Couture Gowns

Just search Chana Marelus’ online website or Instagram to be immediately whisked away to the intricate and fantasy-like modest gowns that she designs. It seems like a lofty pursuit to anyone searching for a tsanuah gown to imagine that their dress will measure up to a couture design. However, Chana


Bergenfield Clothing Retailer Petit Chic Sends Clothing to Houston

As everyone watches the devastation in Houston take hold, communities around the world mobilized to provide assistance. Petit Chic, a Bergenfield clothing retailer, wanted to do something, and knew that she could provide assistance in a unique way. As a retailer for modest childrens clothing, she gathered up her inventory


Lorri Taub Will Make Your Old Clothes Like New

Take a good, long look inside your closet. How many articles of clothing do you like, but just don’t wear anymore? How many of us actually follow that old rule, “If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it”? More likely than not, we hang onto our old favorites because “It might come back in style,”


Emporio in Teaneck Offers First-Ever Men’s Fashion Makeover

Is your husband still wearing baggy pleated trousers? Does your brother favor ties that stop just north of his navel? Is your boss a little too fond of the three-button suits he’s been wearing since the first Bush administration?

Emporio, the fine men’s/boys store with locations in


The Suit Store Outlet Provides Head-to-Toe Style for Men

Anyone driving on Route 4 East in Paramus over the past year has noticed an elegant addition. In the strip of stores that houses LensCrafters and La-Z-Boy, The Suit Store Outlet has come and established itself as a place to buy designer suits at discount prices.

Brothers Joe and Tom Elashmawy


Summer Hairstyles to Keep You Cool

While we all absolutely love summertime and enjoy the sunny days and long summer nights, the heat and humidity that comes with the season isn’t exactly “good hair weather.” Heat and humidity cause hair to look frizzy and/or limp. It is challenging to hold a “styled


Help! My Hair Is Thinning!

Although hair loss is mostly associated with men, 40 percent of women do experience hair loss/thinning of the hair before the age of 40. Thinning hair is devastating to most women. It causes feelings of being less attractive and increasingly self-consciousness. To many women our hair is our identity, and having a good hair day or


Emporio Advises on How to Dress for Interview Success

Interview season is here and, as the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. A good suit is a must for any job interview. You’re selling yourself as a professional ready to make a valuable contribution and it is important that you dress the part. Here are a few tips for looking and feeling your


These Hips Don’t Lie—Fanny Packs Are Back!

When someone says that “fanny packs are cool again,” one has to wonder if the word “again” should be used. In fact, many people would question whether “fanny packs” and “cool” should even be used in the same sentence. But if New Kids on the Block and Paula Abdul can have comeback tours, it stands


Pompoms: Not Just for Cheerleaders Anymore

First it was fringe. As the Fashion Link reported last year (“Living on the Fringe...of Fashion,” April 16, 2016), fringe has been a fun and whimsical addition to wardrobe and accessories. A quick look around and the fashion-savvy accessorizer will notice that fun additions are not limited to fringe.


Keeping Your Hair/Sheital Healthy

Recently, a new client raised a concern about the hair on her sheital. She had purchased the sheital three and a half years ago and began noticing little white dots at the end of the sheital hairs. She asked me if the hair was damaged, and whether she needed a new sheital. I reassured her that the only problem


Murray the Sockman Has Everything for Camp and Summer Living

The school year is winding down and that means preparation for summer camp is speeding up. Need duffle bags? Laundry bags? Goggles? Shirts, skirts or pants? Murray Goldwag, better known as Murray the Sockman, is making his way around the New York/New Jersey area selling everything kids need for camp at school and