Monday, March 27, 2023

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Winter-Wear Blues

Growing up in southern California, I experienced winter differently than have my New Jersey-bred children. Back then, a typical winter-day activity could start in the snow and a few hours later end at the beach. My winter gear consisted of a thick sweatshirt, because “it can get really cold at night and even drop into the 40s.” For


Some of 2018 Hottest Fall Hair Colors

As the leaves are changing to rich, warm shades of red, deep auburn and bright golden yellows, so is hair color everywhere. Warm and bright colors with rich, intense pigments are hot this year. Colorists are now breaking the industry’s standard rules by using two different tone highlights (a past


These Boots Were Made for Walking—and for Fashion

Winter boots have come a long way since I first searched for my own pair. Even cold-weather experts like Lands End have seen a need to add a touch of panache to their practical offerings and have made some of their utilitarian boots a drop more stylish. Boots, however, have their own place in the fashion spotlight even


Cold Weather Outerwear Is Snow Joke


The trench coat is a timeless classic, evoking images of undercover spies and elegant movie heroes or heroines. It has been around for decades as a wardrobe staple, as its purpose is functional, but worn properly it can be a sophisticated piece of outerwear.


Build Your Footwear Wardrobe for Easy Dressing

Whether you’re a shoe lover or you feel like a misfit when it comes to shoes, one thing is certain: We all wear them. Chances are we need ones we don’t own yet. With lifestyle changes, you could be requiring a different type of shoe. Fashion offers new styles using updated technology. Shoes are a quick way to add style to any


Fall Hair Trends of 2018

In contrast with the decreasing temperatures outside, hair accessories are rising, and appearing more and more on the runways and red carpets this season. Hairpins of all types are being used to add pizzazz to any type of bun, updo or half-updo style. Bobby pins placed in unique patterns are


How to Get More Enjoyment From Your Wardrobe

Do you look at your wardrobe, shrug and want to walk away? Are you uninspired? Do you wear the same basic uniform every day? Have you thought about calling it quits with fashion?

Just so you know, everyone gets into slumps about what they’re wearing. It often takes months and


Flying Colors Outlet Store Soars Into Teaneck

Imagine what shopping could be like if Off Fifth (the outlet division of Saks Fifth Avenue) carried clothing catering to modest fashion. That idea is now a reality in Teaneck, with Flying Colors Outlet opening its doors, offering designer children’s apparel at reduced prices.


Fall Into Fashion With the Season’s Latest Looks

While the Fashion Link has already discussed the difficulties involved in the early arrival of Rosh Hashanah this year, retailers are unpacking fall fashion daily and trends are in full swing. For anyone looking to get a head start on fall fashion, even if they can’t necessarily wear it right away, Adrianne Mittan of


Desperately Seeking Fall Fashion

It’s been a long hot summer, and you can’t wait to get out of your summer clothes and into something fresh for fall. But when you look at what you have in your existing fall wardrobe, it makes you want to go into hibernation. This can happen to the best of us. It may be that you’ve been restyling your old clothes in several


At Solène, Waxing Is Out, Tweezing Is In

Good skincare goes hand in hand with beauty. Solène, Teaneck’s most in-the-know women’s boutique, is all about beauty, in its stunning hats and statement fascinators, and above all, in its clients. Beauty products, skincare, hosiery and accessories are all curated at Solène with the shared purpose of helping


Five Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Sheitel

It feels as if the summer just started and it’s so hard to believe the chagim are just around the corner. For those desiring a new fresh look for Yom Tov, now is the time to do so. There are so many questions one has when purchasing a wig, and almost everyone, unfortunately, has either experienced personally or knows of someone

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