Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Sneakerheads Bring Footwear Love to a New Level

So you think only women value expensive footwear? Think again. A growing trend has been emerging in athletic footwear with prices that rival a Manolo Blahnik. This phenomenon, a buying, reselling and trading of sneakers business that gains a larger following each year, has its followers known as “sneakerheads,” and


Trending on the Sheital Scene: Flat Tops and Thin Densities Are All the Rage

Sheitals this season are all about the natural, realistic, I’m-not-trying-too-hard look. Women want to go food shopping, run errands, be at their kid’s soccer games and not look like they just got their hair done and are off to a bar mitzvah. Sheital companies are responding to this and have created many new products


Hedy’s Hats Are Back in Teaneck

I’m very sure I will not be invited to attend the upcoming royal wedding in England this May (though my DVR will be set). However, I do know that all the invited women will be doing exactly what I’ll be doing beforehand. We’ll all be looking for the perfect hat to highlight our outfits.

Spring is


Suit Up for Spring With Stylish Tips for Men’s Fashion

When you think of men and fashion trends, not much comes to mind right away. After all, what could be so dynamic about the suit? This staid staple of conference rooms and courthouses, and for many, shul as well, has not changed much over the years. Or has it? Colors, patterns, buttons, vents, flat fronts, slim cut or wide


Mohan’s Custom Tailors ‘Kosher Suit’ Sales Exceeds 15,000

(Courtesy of Mohan’s Custom Tailors) New York custom-suit maker Mohan’s Custom Tailors has created over 15,000 “kosher suits” since 1978, notes owner Mohan “Mike” Ramchandani. “As we get closer to Passover, many of today’s businessmen are ordering specialized ‘kosher suits’ free of a linen-wool combination


A Special Section for Teen Fashion

When Yves Saint Laurent said “Fashions fade, but style is eternal,” he was probably not addressing a teenager. Amid fights over homework, friends and technology, fashion can sometimes be the breaking point of parent-child culture clashes. So when my almost-13-year-old called my fashion choices for her into question, I should not


Trending Bat Mitzvah Hairstyles

A properly picked bat mitzvah hairstyle will give the perfect finishing touch to the beautiful bat mitzvah girl. I have rounded up some hairstyles that will be sure to enhance the bat mitzvah girl’s look and compliment her dress.

Braids are super


How to Stay In Vogue and In Harmony With Your Teen

“The tween and early-teen ages are the most difficult from a fashion perspective,” said Adrianne Mittan, co-owner of Teaneck’s Rayna Boutique.

This is a conclusion most parents probably come to fairly quickly upon entering this stage of their children’s lives.


With a Deep Purple Shade, Pantone Names Ultra Violet Its Color of 2018

Purple was once the color of royalty. Made from a dye so expensive that only royals could afford it, the color signified wealth and elitism. Now, the Carlstadt, New Jersey-based Pantone Color Institute, a world-renowned leader in color selection and technology, has chosen Ultra Violet, a deep purple hue,


Winter Hair/Sheital Woes… and How to Fix Them

Dry, Brittle Hair

As temperatures decrease, moisture levels in the air drop as well, causing your hair to become more dry and brittle. Textured, wavy and curly hair, which by nature is more dry then silky straight hair, will break even more easily during the winter


Sequins Are Back—But Did They Ever Really Leave?

Sequins have definitely had their time in the sun. 2017 saw sequins not just as a trim, but covering entire dresses, and 2018 looks to carry on the shiny legacy.

These iridescent disks were found in fashion long before the psychedelic sixties adorned everything with them. According to


Is the World Ready for an Ugly Chanukah Sweater?

As Chanukah approaches, decorations come out and the songs of Chanukah performances fill the school halls. But as everyone awaits the latest Maccabeat hit, there’s another Chanukah trend taking the fashion world by storm. Party City and Target have been carrying Chanukah-patterned wrapping paper and

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