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Top Tips to Determine Which Hair Tone Looks Best on You

Choosing the correct hair color and tone (hue of warmth or coolness) is most central to your overall look. At a department store, there are hundreds of racks of clothing to choose from, each displaying an array of fabrics, colors and textures. As women, we know what colors complement us, as well as those that


These Boots Are Made for Walking. And Sitting. Comfortably.

Sarah Shagalow grew up in Milan, Italy, with a father who manufactured leather for luxury brands of footwear, and a mother who always had gorgeous leather shoes. “It was exciting to see the final product,” Shagalow said in a phone interview. Even as a child she dreamed that one day


The Kallah’s Guide to Buying a Sheitel

(Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Wigs) Mazel tov, you’re becoming a kallah. The beautiful simcha will be a treasured memory, captured in lovely photos. But one purchase will stay with you long after the last sheva brachot meal: your sheitel. And you need to know how to choose the right one. Most expensive doesn’t


Samson Jewelry for Israel Combines Beauty With Tzedaka

Samson Jewelry for Israel has several exclusive collections of fine jewelry with exquisite design, outstanding craftsmanship and displays of Jewish themes. A percentage of each sale is directed by the customer to the Jewish or Israeli nonprofit organization of their choice. Samson


Transcendent Active Enters Next Phase of Growth

Available now at Carly’z Craze.

Transcendent Active was founded by Teaneck resident Aja Cohen in the midst of the pandemic. Since launching in August of 2020, the company has continued to grow into the go-to brand for sustainable, modest activewear.


New Year, New Look, New You...

With the Jewish New Year upon us, we are all looking for ways to better ourselves, whether you choose to take upon yourself something new, or are trying to become kinder, more compassionate to those around you, I find that when one feels good about themselves it’s easier to be the best version of


Suede & Co, Fashionable Women’s Clothing, Opens in Teaneck

Suede & Co has opened at 162 State Street, Teaneck, with fashionable women’s clothing for shul, work and play. Owner Brocha Aronovitch said in the three weeks the store has been open, they’ve been getting to know their new customers and learning what women in the area like.


Everything You Need to Know About Lace Top Sheitels

Do the lace top wigs I see on Instagram really look that good up close? Can you show me how it looks? Can you add a lace top to my wig? Should I get a lace top wig? I have been answering these questions more and more over this past year, as lace wigs have been the most popular selling wigs this past year. Lace wigs are so


ARI, Luxury Brand for Men, Opens Outlet Store in Englewood

Celebrities, athletes and executives shop at Ari, with locations in Soho, Miami and Los Angeles, for suits and casual wear handmade from the finest fabrics by the best craftsmen in small, artisanal factories in Italy. Now there’s a new Ari outlet in Englewood, with products at a steep discount, up to 70% off retail prices—a


Wigs on Wheels: One Stop Shopping for Your Sheitel

Any woman who wears a sheitel will recognize this scenario: You have a sheitel that needs to be washed and set, but between family and work commitments, there’s no time to bring your sheitel to a salon or someone’s home for these services. Frumie Gartner, a sheitel macher with over 10 years’ experience, recognized


Tal New York, Hats and Headbands, Sells Online and at American Dream Mall

When Tali (Tal) Schwartz was in high school, she had no inkling that a career in fashion was her future. She loved math and science, and after graduating pursued a degree in nutrition while her husband studied in law school.

Tal discovered her talent for design during


Mia Mod Launches New Lines for Summer

Leah Ash had a background in finance, not fashion, when she started Mia Mod, a women’s and girls’ clothing brand that has become a top seller in the modest fashion world. “I had sensory issues, so I always tried to find clothing that felt good and looked good,” she said in a phone interview from

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