Friday, May 20, 2022

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‘All Made Up’ Has You Covered, With Beanies, Headbands and Sheitels

When Chani Gildin of Teaneck started All Made Up, a home-based business selling beanies and headbands, comfort was a top factor in the products she chose. She is emphatic that head coverings are not a one-size-fits-all kind of product. “Everyone has a different sensory feeling,” she said. She chooses a variety


How to Know Which Hair Color Looks Best on You

We’ve all been there: While skimming the latest celebrity magazine, we come across a new hair color, highlight or color trend that we must try ourselves. We hand over the inspiration to our stylist, hoping that they can make us look as great as the eye-catching original. But upon the final “reveal,” we’re


Spring Fashions Are Blooming at Carly’z Craze

The weather is warming up, and so is the color palette of tops, skirts and dresses. While buds are just beginning to make their appearance in the ground, flowers are blooming in the spring fashions at Carly’z Craze in Teaneck. “People need to feel like things are changing,” said owner Alene Brodsky


I Want This Look. Which Wig Should I Buy?

When purchasing a wig, one must take into account the overall style they would like to achieve. This is because unlike hair, the hair on the wig is sown into a cap in a specific direction and therefore must be styled accordingly. Having a basic understanding of different types of wigs and how


Roll Up a Cozy Work of Art Onto Your Feet

There’s certainly no shortage of socks available in all colors and designs, but Collectoe was created to showcase and support international artists in a unique, wearable way.

“Around two years ago, our founder—serial entrepreneur and art lover Assaf Balulu—had the idea to create


Pesach, Lace Tops, Lace Fronts and Corona: Reasons to Buy Your Wig Now

By now, you have all probably been flooded with unbelievable pictures on Instagram of the most natural looking wigs featuring realistic customized hairlines. These wigs are currently the hottest selling wigs on the market because of their hairlines, which are known as “lace tops” and “lace front wigs.”


Life, Refashioned

How Judaism got an ex-Catholic prospective convert to love clothes—and enjoy life.

When I was a child, I was all dolled up, my hair put up in ponytails or woven into braids. I wore the pretty little-girl dresses my mother bought.

When I reached my


Think Pink for Any Season

Whenever I buy flowers for my home or as a gift, I usually choose lots of pink. This year, fashion experts say pink belongs in our closets as well as our vases.

A wide variety of shades and names of pink are popping up on virtual runways and Instagram pages. Fun, bright Bubblegum pink,


By Sari Friedbauer

Part II

Last year, around Chanukah time, I wrote about how I got involved in collecting wigs for a very important and much-needed sheitel gemach, otherwise known as the “Sheitel Shuffle.” I was sitting at a Shabbat table last year, and a friend of mine connected me with Staci Segal,


Beanies Are Hot Items for the Cold Months

Once upon a time, a cap was something you threw on your head to go out into the cold without much thought. In the last few years, the cap has evolved into the beanie, a must-have fashion statement with many nuances in style, texture and fit.


Hair and Wig Salons Are Booming; Makeup Sales Are Down

Women’s fashion embraced the new current reality, that hair and wig salons are seeing tremendous business, while makeup sales are down, and sales reports are proving it. While makeup, especially foundations and lipstick sales are at an all time low, hair color, hair accessories and salons


Should You Lob or Bob It?

Should you lob or bob? A guide to help you pick the best cut based on your face shape… And other practical advantages to going shorter this season…

More and more celebrities are snipping off their locks and favoring the trendy variations of the bob/lob

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