Friday, June 09, 2023

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Spring’s Hottest Hair Colors for 2022

As the seasons change, there is nothing like a new hair color to make you feel refreshed and alive. Thankfully, there is no shortage of new hair color trends to try right now! Since getting to the salons has been difficult these past two years, color trends were all about natural, low-maintenance colors,


Seasonal Color Analysis Helps You Dress as Your Best Self

It may be winter outside but when it comes to colors, you could be a spring, summer or autumn. Seasonal color theory postulates that skin tones, hair color and eye color all fall on the spectrum between warm and cool, bright and muted, and that the combination you have coordinates with one of the four seasons. Here’s a


How Sharon and Nir Tal Revived Israeli Fashion Brand Maskit

Sharon Tal, head designer at Israeli luxury fashion brand Maskit, flew directly from Israel to her new pop-up shop in Soho in December, to set up and open for a two-month run. Tal turned the brick-lined industrial space into a retail store with fairy lighting, an improvised dressing room


Ayala Kafif Turns Trendy Into Kosher at YAL New York

Women’s fashion brand YAL New York started in 2014 with 20 styles. The spring 2022 collection being rolled out now has over 250.

YAL is a collaboration between husband and wife team Teddy and Ayala Kafif. It was Teddy who first saw the need for a brand of


Carly’z Craze Celebrates 10 Years

As Carly’z Craze approaches its 10-year anniversary, we celebrate our journey. Our original tiny, packed “miracle” store at 398 Cedar Lane mainly sold everyday basics and a smattering of fashion items. To be able to create this store with Wendy Borodkin was truly a miracle in my life. By our second year, we realized that we needed


Quality, Not Quantity, Counts for Fashion 2022

From her Manhattan apartment, Fern Penn is a part of the evolving fashion scene from Brooklyn to Madison Avenue to Tel Aviv. Her Rosebud store brought beautifully designed Israeli fashion to SoHo and then Madison Avenue from 2003 to 2018. Before COVID, she took small groups of women shopping for clothes in Crown Heights


Top Tips to Determine Which Hair Tone Looks Best on You

Choosing the correct hair color and tone (hue of warmth or coolness) is most central to your overall look. At a department store, there are hundreds of racks of clothing to choose from, each displaying an array of fabrics, colors and textures. As women, we know what colors complement us, as well as those that


These Boots Are Made for Walking. And Sitting. Comfortably.

Sarah Shagalow grew up in Milan, Italy, with a father who manufactured leather for luxury brands of footwear, and a mother who always had gorgeous leather shoes. “It was exciting to see the final product,” Shagalow said in a phone interview. Even as a child she dreamed that one day


The Kallah’s Guide to Buying a Sheitel

(Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Wigs) Mazel tov, you’re becoming a kallah. The beautiful simcha will be a treasured memory, captured in lovely photos. But one purchase will stay with you long after the last sheva brachot meal: your sheitel. And you need to know how to choose the right one. Most expensive doesn’t


Samson Jewelry for Israel Combines Beauty With Tzedaka

Samson Jewelry for Israel has several exclusive collections of fine jewelry with exquisite design, outstanding craftsmanship and displays of Jewish themes. A percentage of each sale is directed by the customer to the Jewish or Israeli nonprofit organization of their choice. Samson


Transcendent Active Enters Next Phase of Growth

Available now at Carly’z Craze.

Transcendent Active was founded by Teaneck resident Aja Cohen in the midst of the pandemic. Since launching in August of 2020, the company has continued to grow into the go-to brand for sustainable, modest activewear.


New Year, New Look, New You...

With the Jewish New Year upon us, we are all looking for ways to better ourselves, whether you choose to take upon yourself something new, or are trying to become kinder, more compassionate to those around you, I find that when one feels good about themselves it’s easier to be the best version of

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