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Baby’O Skirts and Dresses Are Fashionable, Comfortable and Affordable

Not too many styles have the staying power of decades. In the spring of 1989, Baby’O, formerly a children’s clothing company, entered the modest women’s apparel market with its pleated, lightweight denim signature style, the Baby’O Biz Skirt. “People say, ‘I remember that skirt, I wore it as a child,’” said


‘Twilighting’: 2020’s Newest Color Trend

You’ve all heard of highlighting, ombre and balyage; now get ready for this winter’s coolest hair-coloring technique—twighlighting! Twilighting is a technique that is a blend of balyage, a free-form, hand-painted technique, and baby lights, super-fine, subtle highlights that use foil, to create a natural,


Daniella Faye Debuts at Carly’z Craze

Alene Brodsky Bloom loves to bring new designers into Carly’z Craze, the address in Teaneck for women’s and girls’ fashionable, modest clothing, and she especially likes to carry designers from Israel. So it is with much excitement that she is introducing the fashion house Daniella Faye Ein Sof, owned by


Master Wig Maker Ralph Toledano: The Man Behind the Legend

(Courtesy of Ralph Wigs) Ralph wigs are widely known to be in a class of their own—sophisticated, stylish, smart and special.

That’s because Ralph Tolledano, the man behind the mystique, did not wake up one day and decide to manufacture wigs. Rather, he developed his brand over decades with


The Orthodox Woman’s Striking Secret

(Courtesy of Dini Wigs) Kim Kardashian. Selena Gomez. Melania Trump. What do these VIPs have in common aside from beauty, fame and fortune? Hair. And it’s that sensational look that tens of thousands of fashion-conscious women around the world are seeking to emulate. And many, incredibly, are doing it in a


New Year, New You! 2020’s Most Popular Hair Trends

What better way to bring in the new year than having a fresh new hairstyle! Your new look can be achieved in so many different ways, whether its getting a new cut, changing your hair color, or simply styling your hair in a completely new way. From straight to curly, below are 2020’s best


Comfort and Style are Hallmarks of Israeli Fashion

While fashion in the US aims to be different each year, design in Israel is more about style, rather than trends, whether you’re looking for every day basics or couture. Clothing is made to have staying power in your closet. This year, there is an increased emphasis on innovation in


New Year, New Clothes, New You

I come by my love of sale shopping honestly. Shopping adventures with my mother were like scavenger hunts; necessity dictated the need to find bargains. Endless hours were spent sifting through racks in Loehmanns and the like, pulling finds and making outfits. A successful shopping trip was exhausting, included countless


It’s All About The ‘Pob’

The most trending cut for this winter is the pob! You’ve heard of the bob and the lob, but what exactly is the pob? The pob haircut follows the chin and gently brushes against the shoulders, and it never goes longer than that. Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, is responsible for creating and


Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Wig Questions

Part 2

Subsequent to my last article, “Answering the Most Popular Wig Questions,” more questions came in. I felt it was important to publish these questions as well, so that I can help you to maintain your wig better so that it can last longer and always look its best.


How Past Decades Are Influencing Current Fashion

If you were to binge watch a few films that were popular in a single decade and then turn your attention to this year’s fashion trends, you’d spot a lot of similar styles and details. Designers get inspiration from past decades, redesign the looks and put them in contemporary fabrics. Maybe you won’t see


Yakira Bella Opens Pop-Up Shop at Palisades Center

(Courtesy of Yakira Bella) Yakira Bella, a new fashion line for women, has opened a pop-up store at Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York. The shop offers a curated collection of high-quality designs that are comfortable, fashionable and modest. Whether for the office or at home, Yakira Bella

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