Friday, October 30, 2020

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Wigs by Mimi Kiss Opens Teaneck Location

Fans of Mimi Kiss and her wig and hair stylings no longer need to schlep to Monsey for her expert hair care. Kiss was based in Monsey for the past four years, and eventually realized that her Teaneck clients wanted easier access to her services. The cosmetology school graduate answered their call.


Tallulah Active’s Tamar Hersko and Sharing Seats Partner in Activewear Initiative

Like many stories, Tamar Hersko’s started with a passing interest, which turned into a passion and eventually a business.

Hersko had worked in retail and also in fashion. During her 10 years as a personal trainer with a wellness approach, she noticed that activewear, which is


Feel Confident While Wearing White

Have you shied away from wearing white? Although you see it in stores, maybe you associate it with a sterile look. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m here to suggest that a white top, bottom or jacket could freshen up your wardrobe immediately. There are a few things to consider when wearing white in single pieces or


Short Hairstyles Trending for Spring 2019

With Pesach just around the corner, and the frenzied feelings that come along with all your preparations, you now have the ultimate excuse to treat yourself and feel fresh with a brand-new look. As women, we know that translates anywhere from a subtle to dramatic change in their wig/hairstyle. Get ready for a


Everything You Need to Know About the Pony Wig

The number-one hottest-selling wig this season will be the pony wig. These wigs are becoming so popular that wig manufacturers cannot produce them fast enough, wig suppliers sell out of them as soon as they get them, and sheitel machers are asking for more, more, more! They are literally


For Modest and Trendy Fashion, Modestiq Has You Covered

Putting together a trendy and modest ensemble is possible, but time consuming. Looking for the perfect item means scouring websites, checking skirt length inches online (if they are even posted) and then going through the same process for the next item you need. Though many of the popular brands have their own sites,


Gigi & Lo Children’s Boutique Comes to Teaneck

A new kind of children’s store will open its doors in the coming days, and Elisha Berkowitz can’t wait to bring her unique style of kid fashion to Teaneck.

With a family background in apparel and retail, Berkowitz grew up in the fashion world. Her first job was in retail at age 17, and after


How to Make Traveling Easy

Whether you travel for pleasure or for business—no matter how often, how long or where you go—you know it can be stressful. There are so many things to remember, and along the way, there are so many things that are out of your control. Knowing you have everything you need and being prepared for common travel dilemmas will help


Make Sure Your Wig Is Purim Ready

It’s time to think about your Purim wig! Purim is always a great time to push past your comfort zone and have some fun with your wig. Have you been eyeing those crazy fun fantasy colors sported by celebrities and models? From the red carpet to the runway, pastel colored hair has never been more


Reaching for Classics This Spring

When spring fashions show up online or in the stores, there’s often an audible groan. Why? At first glance, the selections can look like island party fare: sheer fabrics, slip dresses. Is everyone on vacation? Professional and modestly dressed women looking for summer attire feel left out.


Make This the Year to Solve Your Closet Problems

The start of a new year often begins with lofty goals. Take your pick: weight loss, exercise programs, organized garage or dream closet.

Let’s focus on the closet. If you’re sick of never finding what you’re looking for in your closet, a closet remodel may sound like a great project to


‘I’m Turning 40, Now What?’ Hair-Covering Crises of Women Approaching 40

As women turn 40, they start having a mid-life hair-covering crisis. “I no longer feel comfortable in headbands. What will replace my go-to comfy headband fall?” “How long can I wear my sheitel without looking ridiculous at my age?” These are the two most popular questions I receive from