Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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2019’s Most Trending Winter Cuts

As we get deeper into the winter, most of us tend to get that gloomy, dull vibe that almost always transfers over to the way we feel about ourselves and our looks. While we can’t put an end to the freezing weather, we can reinvigorate ourselves, giving us a fresh start, with an overall new look. As women we know


Should You Get Help With Your Image?

When you think of getting professional help for something you can’t do yourself, the first thing you may think about is the cost. But when you weigh the cost against the benefit of getting the help you need, things come into perspective. Remember your friend who decided to take on a home project and ended up having to call in a


Consider Laser for Unwanted Hair

When Rivkie first considered whether to address the issue of her unwanted hair, her first inclination was to investigate laser technology. As an electrologist whose passion is to help women like Rivkie, I cannot blame her. Laser technology can work wonders, especially on the thick, dark hairs on areas such as legs, where


It’s Not Fair: Thinner Hair on the Head, Thicker Hair on the Face

There was no doubt in Rachel’s mind: Her unwanted facial hair felt like a biological contradiction. She asked her physician about these hairs, and he told her they are normal. But for Rachel, who wanted her upper lip, chin and cheeks to be smooth, the unwanted hair was taking an emotional toll.


Consider Giving a Stranger a Gift This Chanukah

I was sitting at a Shabbos table speaking to a good friend, when suddenly a thought popped into her head. She had just spoken to her friend Erev Shabbos, who recently started a sheitel gemach and was receiving so many phone calls from women in need of sheitels that she did not have enough sheitels to give out. After Shabbos, my friend immediately connected me


Electrolysis Is the Solution to Many Issues

Goldie was 16 years old when she and her mother realized the coarse dark hairs on the teenager’s face were not the same as the light-colored specks that sometimes appeared on her friends’ upper lips. Although Goldie’s menstrual cycle was still irregular and she suffered terribly with weight gain, her doctor said she was perfectly


Electrolysis Is a Perfect Solution for Women

When Goldie came to see me for her unwanted hair, the first thing she told me was that she had decided to talk to an electrologist after years of marching around with a pocketbook full of tweezers, reading glasses and magnifying mirrors. She spent her time in her car checking her chin in the car mirror, looking for hairs that she could see


Winter-Wear Blues

Growing up in southern California, I experienced winter differently than have my New Jersey-bred children. Back then, a typical winter-day activity could start in the snow and a few hours later end at the beach. My winter gear consisted of a thick sweatshirt, because “it can get really cold at night and even drop into the 40s.” For


Some of 2018 Hottest Fall Hair Colors

As the leaves are changing to rich, warm shades of red, deep auburn and bright golden yellows, so is hair color everywhere. Warm and bright colors with rich, intense pigments are hot this year. Colorists are now breaking the industry’s standard rules by using two different tone highlights (a past


These Boots Were Made for Walking—and for Fashion

Winter boots have come a long way since I first searched for my own pair. Even cold-weather experts like Lands End have seen a need to add a touch of panache to their practical offerings and have made some of their utilitarian boots a drop more stylish. Boots, however, have their own place in the fashion spotlight even


Cold Weather Outerwear Is Snow Joke


The trench coat is a timeless classic, evoking images of undercover spies and elegant movie heroes or heroines. It has been around for decades as a wardrobe staple, as its purpose is functional, but worn properly it can be a sophisticated piece of outerwear.


Build Your Footwear Wardrobe for Easy Dressing

Whether you’re a shoe lover or you feel like a misfit when it comes to shoes, one thing is certain: We all wear them. Chances are we need ones we don’t own yet. With lifestyle changes, you could be requiring a different type of shoe. Fashion offers new styles using updated technology. Shoes are a quick way to add style to any

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