Wednesday, December 01, 2021

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World War II and Cancer: The A-Bomb

I was recently on a small committee assembled by NASA to discuss potential risks to astronauts undertaking long-term missions in outer space, such as a two-year mission to Mars, and the carcinogenic risks of cosmic radiation. Even after 75 years, the best data our committee discussed on the subject came from the results of the Japanese


Lumbar Disc Herniation: What Stops It From Happening Again?

Thousands of people every year in the United States herniate spinal discs. The spine is cushioned at each bony level by an intervertebral disc, which acts as a shock absorber. When one of these discs ruptures or herniates, it can lead to a painful feeling in the back as well as radiating pain into the leg or legs.


Touro Is a Leader in Healthcare Education

(Courtesy of Touro College) What better way to learn how to ace your medical or dental school interview than to have a chance to talk directly to deans themselves? It’s no secret that Touro undergrad students interested in pursuing medicine and the full array of health science careers have an edge when it comes to access and


How One Family Healed at Wellpsrings Wellness Center

By Dr. Rena ShleiferDrained, weak and exhausted after giving birth to her sixth child, Sima yearned for the strength and energy to be present in her family’s lives.

But they were suffering too. From digestive issues to chronic congestion, her husband and children faced all manner of health problems as


Good Rāz Earns Recognition As a Kosherfest 2021 New Product Competition Winner

One-of-a-kind wellness brand recognized for its unique innovation in the kosher marketplace.

(Courtesy of Morre-Tech) Good Rāz (pronounced “Good Rays”), a wellness brand offering one-of-a-kind Vitamin D3 Drops, has been recognized as a winner of Kosherfest’s New


Everything You Need to Know About PEMF Therapy

(Courtesy of PEMF Therapy) A revolutionary technology that ignites profound mental and physical healing, pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a safe and effective way to bring about transformational change in your life.

While it sounds super-techy, the way it works is simple, from what causes


Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers

(Courtesy of SMGH) “November is National Lung Cancer Month, and I can hear it now,” said George Matyjewicz, PhD, community liaison at St. Mary’s General Hospital. “‘I don’t smoke and never have, so it’s of no interest to me.’That might be what you think, but the facts speak for


World War II and Cancer: The Shoah

I should begin this topic by noting that my own family were survivors. As with other second-generation children, I lost all my grandparents, multiple uncles and aunts, a half-sister, and a normal life. My cousins and I can testify to residual damage even in our surviving parents, uncles and aunts. So any long-term medical or psychological


Greenwich Hospital Urologist Performs First Ultrasound Procedure for Prostate Cancer in Yale New Haven Health System

HIFU procedure option using EDAP’s technology presents low risk of impotence, incontinence for patients.

(Courtesy of WestMed) At Greenwich Hospital, part of the Yale New Haven Health System, Judd Boczko, M.D., performed a new, minimally invasive


Bar-Ilan University Launches Groundbreaking $75 Million Diabetes Initiative

The Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERE is designed to tackle diabetes and reduce healthcare disparities in the Galilee region, while developing innovations that will have a global impact.

(Courtesy of BIU) The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University and The Russell Berrie


Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ and RWJBarnabas Health Launch State’s First Home Infusion Program

New Jersey’s first home infusion program provides more accessible, cost effective and quality cancer care to eligible cancer patients.

(Courtesy of Rutgers Cancer Institute) Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and RWJBarnabas Health have partnered with Horizon Blue Cross Blue


Think Regeneration!

This is an exciting time for treating pain and injuries. When I was a resident, the hallmarks of sports medicine were steroids and surgery. Unfortunately, that model still dominates conventional sports medicine, but the times, they are a-changin’. If you suffer from any tendinitis or other soft tissue injury or if you are hampered by an

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