Thursday, June 04, 2020

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Gardening 101: Taking Care of Your Hands

Many of us, myself included, while sequestered at home have taken up gardening for the first time as a leisure activity. However, it became quickly evident to many of us that gardening was harder work than we anticipated. We’ve got sore muscles, aching backs, and scratches and scrapes abound. In honor of Hand Therapy Week 2020, it seems


Strategies to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in a COVID World

It is a confusing time. We live in a world where we are constantly being bombarded with information and misinformation. When the current pandemic began, this became even more pronounced. This creates a lot of stress and potential for worry.

There are many who, even before the term COVID-19 became a


Revitalizing Your Self-Evaluation System

We all have ways of judging or evaluating ourselves. Unless you have engaged in a structured self-evaluation activity (usually initiated in therapy) it is typical and understandable that you may not be fully aware of your unique system for evaluating yourself.

The global pandemic has made self-evaluation


In the Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine, First Doesn’t Mean Best

A vaccine is seen as the Holy Grail of coronavirus research, but the first vaccine out to market may not be the one you want to take.

About 120 research groups from various countries are racing to develop vaccines for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Several formulations have already advanced


Shavuot Cheer Comes to CareOne

CareOne at Teaneck residents Mr. Zimmerman and Dr. Levy received flowers, cards and cheesecake from family and friends before Shavuot.


Intravenous Nutrition

Author’s Note: The treatments described in this article are for providing medical information, but this is not medical advice. While there are studies that support the treatments described, the treatments are considered experimental and not the standard of care. For medical guidance, you should contact your physician or health care


Chemical Dependency 101: The Basics

Part III

This is the last of three articles about chemical dependency, specifically family challenges when there is chemical dependency in the family and, in particular, how parents should address it. As always, readers’ comments and questions are welcome.


Not Again

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s General Hospital) St. Mary’s General Hospital reminds people that our emergency room is open, safe and sterilized from COVID-19, and to NOT delay life-threatening symptoms! “Many of our patients have been living in pain and enduring other discomforts while delaying much-needed medical attention during


Dos and Don'ts for Parents and Other Caretakers

1. DO wait to confront your teen about his or her drinking and/or drugging until he or she is not under the influence. Keep communication lines open and use “I” statements.

2. DO keep in mind that you are not responsible for your teen’s behavior. Making excuses is not necessary.

3. DO allow your teen to be responsible for his/her own messes and


St. Mary’s Resuming Elective Surgeries and Procedures

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s General Hospital) St. Mary’s General Hospital is pleased to announce that it will begin performing elective surgery and non-emergency procedures first thing in the morning on May 26, 2020. “This is welcome news to many of our patients who have been living in pain and enduring other


The Benefits of Low Dose Naltrexone

I have been meaning to write this article for some time but could not figure out how to approach a subject that passionately motivates me, and at the same time informs, but not overwhelms, readers. I have been prescribing Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for about a year and a half. It has helped me treat patients with some of the most


The Impact of Fat-Phobia

My esteemed colleague and eating disorder therapist/pioneer Alexis Conason (PsyD) recently posted a research finding on her social media. It stated that a study performed on 900 young adults by Mizzou’s Center for Body Image Research and Policy showed that “over 40% of people agreed that it would be worse to gain 25 pounds during social distancing than to become