Monday, March 01, 2021

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Substance Use in Yeshiva High Schools: A Look at the Data

School administrators often muse that the lack of data regarding our students and parent body creates a gap in our understanding. It’s not that we don’t know our students; we work hard to know them well. Still, we often guess their overall direction—in terms of their religious observance, mental health and personal values. To fill the


Oh No! I Slipped And Broke My Ankle!

Over the last few weeks, the weather here in the tristate area has brought upon us what we tend to call “ankle fracture season.” This is very self explanatory: Those slippery sidewalks and streets tend to cause many of us to slip and fall. Thus, broken bones around the ankle are a common sequela of this type of


Having Your Baby—Mazel Tov!

(Courtesy of SMGH) Coming soon, the festival of lots—Purim, the day when Haman tried to destroy all the Jews. Adar a perfect month, thought Haman: Every other month on the Jewish calendar had some auspicious date to aid the Jewish people, but in Adar he saw that that Moshe Rabbeinu passed away on the 7th. Haman was so sure that this date


Back to Basics: Because It Is Needed (Still)

It seems that I need to return to a subject that will likely be familiar to those of you who have been following my column (thank you readers!) This review is due to the fact that we have so much work to do.

I know with both my emotional self and my logical self that I cannot expect change quickly; just


Jerusalem College of Technology Partners With McLean Hospital to Reduce Stigma Around Mental Illness

JCT faculty, staff and students to participate in Israeli iteration of U.S.-based ‘Deconstructing Stigma’ campaign, which showcases complexity of living with mental illness.

(Courtesy of JCT) The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) recently announced a new partnership with McLean Hospital, the


Touro College of Dental Medicine Opens State-of-the-Art Konikoff Digital Dental Studio

$1 million grant from the Konikoff family funds development of innovative spaces for advanced digital learning.

(Courtesy of Touro College) Thanks to a million-dollar gift from philanthropist and dentist Dr. David Konikoff and his family, the Touro College of Dental Medicine (TCDM) has


‘They Tried to Kill Us; We Won; Let’s Eat!’

(Courtesy of SMGH) Ask any American Jew to summarize every Jewish holiday and the answer will be: “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat!” And the upcoming Purim (Hebrew for “lots”) holiday is the epitome of that statement, summarized as follows: Mordechai wouldn’t bow down to Haman the evil prime minister;


Q&A With Dr. Yehuda Isseroff of Bergen Endodontic Care

Q: Can you please define endodontics? We think we know what a root canal is, but some might have misconceptions.

A: I define endodontics as the dental specialty concentrating on saving your comfortable, aesthetic, and natural teeth, through root canal


YOU are the FIRST First Responder!

(Courtesy of SMGH) Picture this: You are walking up the steps of your shul, when a friend collapses, holding his chest. You rush to him, and he is out. You yell to somebody to call 911 and you sit holding your friend waiting for the ambulance. Sadly, your friend dies before the ambulance arrives.


Losing Weight While Gaining Perspective

Since I was little, I had a weight complex. I didn’t struggle with my weight; I was just aware that I was fat.

The term “fat” might come across as harsh and judgmental, but that’s what I was. I lived my life shopping in the husky section as a kid and buying relaxed fit pleated pants (thank you,


PEMF Therapy Offers Many Benefits

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) therapy at Wellsprings Wellness Center has shown tremendous benefit for my clients. I discovered that improved eating, hydrating, exercise and sleep are very difficult or people to achieve and were not all that effective in many situations. As a nutritionist for over 30 years, I was baffled by


Saint Barnabas Medical Center Opens Renal Transplant Satellite in River Edge

(Courtesy of RWJ Barnabas) The Renal and Pancreas Transplant Division at Saint Barnabas Medical Center has opened a satellite in River Edge to bring residents of Bergen and Passaic Counties convenient access to the fifth largest living donor institute in the United States and largest kidney program in the Northeast.