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How Alcoholism Can Negatively Impact Your Health

 (Courtesy of Recovery at Crossroads) Alcohol use can take a toll on your mental and physical health. The health effects of alcohol are wide-reaching, and some last a lifetime. Health problems can develop if you drink alcohol frequently or if you drink a lot in a single session.

Factors That Impact How Alcohol Affects Health

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Hobbies, Downtime and My Lego-Loving Inner Child

As a preteen I was pretty obsessed with Lego. It’s the reason I got into trouble—staying up too late and ignoring my body’s pleas to just go to sleep. It’s what I spent any gift money on and what I requested whenever I was asked what I might like for a birthday or holiday. Because at the time all I wanted was to create and design


Cancer in History

“Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past.”—Machiavelli

Cancer has been primarily a major disease of the latter half of the 20th century and onwards. Nonetheless, it was present and observed back to ancient times. There dates from about 1500 BCE an ancient papyrus called the Edwin Smith Papyrus. It is apparently part of a textbook on


Treatment With Immunotherapy

Bacteria and humans are very different from each other. Therefore, it is relatively simple to find metabolic differences between the two species that can be taken advantage of to develop drugs that can effectively kill one with great efficiency while leaving the other without much in the way of side effects—hence antibiotics. In contrast,


Chai Lifeline Crisis and Trauma Response Expands Its Global Network

(Courtesy of Chai Lifeline) Addressing the growing need for mental health first responders in Jewish communities around the globe, Rabbi Dr. David Fox, director of Chai Lifeline Crisis Services, recently traveled to London to train local educators and communal leaders in trauma response. In recent years, Chai


Rabbis and Rebbetzins Address Mental Health

(Courtesy of Chabad) Good communication is the cornerstone of effective and satisfying interpersonal relationships. To that end, Chabad of New Jersey’s Mental Health Initiative (MHI) hosted an all-day training for the Chabad emissaries of our great state.

Focusing on


Denis Burkitt, Fiber and Colorectal Cancer

I was recently on a Zoom call at work when I realized that one of my colleagues was calling from Dublin. It turned out she was dropping her daughter off at Trinity College to start her school year. I had two images as I thought of Trinity College, one of the great universities in the world. The first was of the students all sitting in a


PPM’s Fitness Takeover

Personal Performance Management (PPM) is a personal training gym located in the heart of Teaneck, New Jersey. PPM’s ultimate goal is to help its clients and community achieve their fitness goals and help them create healthier lifestyles. Elana Lieber took a leap of faith when joining PPM, ready to take better care of herself. She cycled


Managing Your BRCA-2 Carrier Diagnosis

Dear Dr. Maslow,

My fiancé recently discovered that he is a carrier of the BRCA-2 gene. His mother had breast cancer when he was younger, and while she thank God is doing well, it was a tough time for him as a child. His older sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, prompting the whole family to get


‘Invite Calm’ Into Your Home With Rivka Stern

An occupational therapist for 25 years, Rivka Stern has plenty of experience working with children who experience a broad range of sensory issues, special needs and a variety of other challenges. These days, while she is carrying her work further through her new venture, Invite Calm.


Renuma Launches for Care of Sleep Apnea


Renuma is a new digital platform that makes sleep apnea treatment easier than ever before.

Quality sleep is a really big deal! Over the course of the past 20 years, medical science and psychologists have made great advances in identifying


Breakfast Blues to a Breakfast Reboot

When guiding my clients to make nutrient dense meal choices, the question that comes up most often is, “What should I eat for breakfast?” Breakfast can be challenging because mornings are often rushed and busy. Here are some breakfast options for you to try out including recipes and tips to turn the breakfast blues into a

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