Saturday, August 15, 2020

Regenerative, by its very nature, defines the process combining recovery, renewal and indeed “growing back.” This approach to health care differs somewhat from more traditional medicine, which historically employs palliative methods to treat many symptoms and pain, when there has been a failure to identify the root cause of a physical problem and resolve it or restore it to its previously healthy condition.

Dr. Warren Slaten, MD, is a wellness physician specializing in regenerative pain treatments and lifestyle counseling. He is certified in advanced bioidentical hormone replacement, and brings a lifetime of experience to his patients at the Regenerative Healing Center for natural healing with science and care. Here is what some of his patients had to say: “…very knowledgeable and concerned about patients’ well-being.” “Dr. Warren Slaten is an amazing doctor!” “…Very caring doctor who really takes his time to help his patient.”


With rave reviews like these from patients, and prolific professional writing as seen in The Jewish Link, Dr. Slaten offers a plethora of resources and inspires great confidence in his patients seeking the services of the Regenerative Healing Center.

Health is one thing, healing is quite another. The Jewish Link asked Dr. Slaten why he chose this focus area of patient care. “I have always had a holistic approach to treatment and life in general. My practice reflects my overall approach to life… I am a seeker and always looking for great treatments that optimize my patients’ health… [It’s so] rewarding to see patients optimizing their health and feeling great.”

Slaten shared that he sees so many patients who have been through numerous kinds of treatments and are still in pain. One such patient was a professional dog walker who suffered from plantar fasciitis and could barely walk, threatening both her career and livelihood. After four prolotherapy treatments she felt great, and two years later continues to feel great.

Slaten’s approach to hormone replacement therapy is guided by abundant research in the field and plenty of evidence-based results. He reports that patients “lose weight without even trying,” even if they are less than compliant with dietary or exercise recommendations. “The biggest problem they have is that they are in their 70s and have so much energy!”

Asked about the advanced and cutting-edge treatments he uses frequently, Slaten responded with swift and great enthusiasm. Prolotherapy builds and heals tendons, ligaments and joints by stimulating the body’s own healing functions, providing long-term healing rather than a temporary or quick fix. Bioidentical hormone replacement reduces the risks of heart disease and osteoporosis, while improving brain health and promoting optimal weight management.

Slaten explained the many significant benefits to just about everyone over age 50, despite the misinformation about bioidentical hormone replacement. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is another amazing treatment that uses all the healing factors from your own blood. After being concentrated, PRP is then re-deposited in locations where your body needs it. PRP can heal tendon and ligament injuries and repair partial tears. He also noted that PRP has “dramatic cosmetic effects,” aids in hair growth and boasts other benefits as well.

The Regenerative Healing Center is a state-of-the-art facility offering multiple treatment strategies. For example, ultrasound is used both diagnostically and as a guide for optimal tissue placement for prolotherapy. The Center also employs ozone therapy as well as neural prolotherapy, all of which can be synergistic to the others, according to Dr. Slaten. Another of the treatment options is the special centrifuge that can be programmed to change speeds during one spin, thus drawing out the optimal number of platelets and using the smallest amount of blood. One of the results is that the CD34 cells drawn out, which are characteristic of stem cells, add a similar benefit of stem cells absent the cost and procedure to harvest or store them.

Dr. Slaten has been a pain care practitioner for a very long time. His approach to this and all aspects of each patient’s health and wellbeing is to work with them on optimizing the areas of their health that is their personal focus. When patients are happy and feel great, the mission of the practice has been fulfilled. The goal is to provide the most state-of-the-art regenerative and alternative treatments with an emphasis on healing. Each patient will receive care in a warm, caring environment. Treatment will be patient-centered with the optimal treatment being tailored to the needs of the patient, with the doctor and patient collaborating to determine the most ideal treatment. A wide range of treatments will be offered, and when the situation arises, an “outside of the box” approach will be utilized to help the patient work toward healing.

For more information, check out his website, njhormones.com, or his weekly radio show, Sundays at 9 p.m. on 77WABC.

By Ellie Wolf