Monday, June 01, 2020

UrgentOrthoCare, a new orthopedic urgent care center located in Englewood that specializes in emergency orthopedic treatment, has officially opened, ready to provide emergency medical services to those in need within the tri-state area. Whether a patient sustains a sprain, dislocation or complex fracture, UrgentOrthoCare offers immediate access to its board-certified physicians and PAs (physician assistants). Created and helmed by Dr. Howard Baruch, who has been practicing orthopedics for 25 years, UrgentOrthoCare promises prompt and respectful treatment to patients age 6 and older. Dr. Baruch is also chief of orthopedics at Hackensack Palisades Medical Center.

Dr. Baruch’s knowledge of orthopedic treatment is extensive and thorough. Speaking with The Jewish Link in an interview, Dr. Baruch elaborated on his new venture and discussed why he feels Bergen County residents should consider using his facility.

“UrgentOrthoCare provides urgent walk-in care the moment you need it,” Dr. Baruch shared. “If you’ve had an injury like a sprain or fracture over the past few days we’re here to help. General care usually requires an appointment, but the beauty behind UrgentOrthoCare is that it’s always here and always ready for you should you need it, and we have a staff of highly trained doctors and PAs who want to help you with any pain you might be feeling. UrgentOrthoCare should be your stop for prompt treatment of orthopedic injuries because we are ready to help with whatever issue you may have, with respect and courtesy.”

Aliza Black is one of the PAs on staff at UrgentOrthoCare. She believes one of the biggest factors that makes the facility so special is that patients who choose to use its services aren’t required to sit through potentially grueling wait times in an ER waiting room.

“We offer an important service for the community,” Black explained. “ER wait time can be a pretty daunting thing for many orthopedic injuries, but we get you in front of a doctor or PA as soon as possible. The most important thing for us is making sure we get you on the road to feeling better as soon as possible. The patients we’ve seen so far are so appreciative that they don’t have to be put through those horrible gaps of time in the ER where they’re just waiting to be seen.”

UrgentOrthoCare’s office does not require prior appointments for urgent orthopedic-related injuries; patients can simply walk in and receive the treatment they require. X-ray results also come in with less waiting time, without sacrificing the quality of specialized orthopedic care.

UrgentOrthoCare is an associated member of Premier Orthopedics and is located at 403 Grand Avenue in Englewood. For more information, please visit http://urgentorthocarenj.com or call 201-431-7703.

Adam Samuel is a journalist from Teaneck. He blogs at www.adamssoapbox.com.