Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Kid-friendly and orthotic-friendly shoes:

Finding kid-friendly shoes is very important to foster independence when putting on and taking off shoes. Children who may wear orthotics have a more difficult time putting on and taking off shoes if the shoe wear isn’t conducive to an orthotic.

There are many brands of shoes that now accommodate orthotic wear. There are also stores and websites that will sell shoes individually, rather than as a pair, so you can buy two different sizes if the child only wears an orthotic in one shoe.

Some shoes that are orthotic friendly and can easily be put on and taken off by children are:

Nike FlyEase—the sneaker has a zipper that opens up the back of the shoe around the heel so it’s easier to slide your foot into the shoe and then zip around the heel. https://www.nike.com/t/revolution-5-flyease-baby-toddler-shoe-wgKMxS/CQ4651-090


Easy Up Shoes—the shoe opens up in the back, so you can slide your foot in like a slipper and then close it up using the BOA lacing system, and can be done with one hand. http://www.easyup-shoes.com/LASER.html

Converse Kids Chuck Taylor Easy Slip—high-top shoe, great for SMO orthotics, as it easily opens up and hides the orthotic and can be closed with Velcro.


There are other brands and websites that have shoes that accommodate orthotics and you can often search for orthotic friendly shoes on the sites.

If you are unsure of your child’s shoe wear or shoe fit, The Therapy Gym offers consultations with a highly-skilled physical therapist to assess shoe fit. Consultations are $20 and you can bring up to three pairs of shoes. Call 201-357-0417 to schedule.

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