Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Are you currently in therapy, spending thousands of dollars a year out of pocket because insurance does not cover therapy if you go out of network? I’d love to help you save money and be able to afford to stay in therapy as long as you need.+

I am an insurance patient advocate, which means I help patients who have employer-sponsored PPO insurance negotiate with insurance companies to cover their out of pocket mental health therapy costs, or services provided by an out of network therapist. This includes individual therapy— adults and kids—and couples therapy. My clients currently save anywhere from $5,000 to $45,000 a year, because insurance is now reimbursing them either in full or up to a flat copay of $20-30. Reimbursements range anywhere from $130-$250 a session and are not subject to the deductible so clients can receive them 12 months a year.

What is a patient advocate?

A patient advocate is someone who communicates on the patient’s behalf with their healthcare provider to optimize and ensure receipt of available coverage and services.


What service do you provide as a patient advocate?

• We provide patient advocacy, with a focus on behavioral and mental health.

• We negotiate with your insurance plan to provide coverage and reimbursement for out of network behavioral/mental health services.

Does this mean I pay my therapist less money?

• You pay your therapist in full at the time of your visit. On average, once your case is approved, you will receive reimbursement from your insurance plan within 30-45 days of submitting your claim to insurance.

My therapist doesn’t work with insurance and is not in-network. Can you help?

• Yes, call us to schedule a consultation at no charge, and we will work with you.

Here is an example of how we help our clients: Amanda (not her real name) was spending $250 out of pocket for each of her weekly psychotherapy sessions. It was only July of the current year and she had already spent almost $10,000 out of pocket, yet still had not reached her deductible and was receiving no reimbursement from insurance. She hired AA Insurance Advocacy to negotiate with her insurance plan on her behalf. After a successful negotiation by her patient advocate, Amanda is now paying $90 out of pocket per session for her out of network therapist. Amanda will save over $8,000 over the next 12 months due to the case negotiated by AA Insurance Advocacy.

A satisfied client offered this testimonial: “I have been paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for the last few years for my weekly therapy. I am truly grateful to Alanna and AA Insurance Advocacy for negotiating this coverage and making weekly therapy affordable for me.”

Hire AA Insurance Advocacy to work with you and your insurance plan to significantly reduce your out of pocket mental health and hospital related expenses.

Contact Alanna Apfel, patient advocate, at 323-510-6405 or [email protected]