Friday, September 17, 2021

When people have severe mental health issues, two things that can help are therapy and insurance to defray the cost. Psychologist Dr. Alan Winder is now accepting Aetna and Optum insurance to encourage people who are in distress to come for treatment and get the care they need. Winder is licensed to treat patients in New York and New Jersey. He sees patients in his Five Towns and Highland Park offices and on Zoom.

In addition to treating diagnosed psychological conditions, Winder provides individual therapy/coaching, relationship/family counseling and divorce mediation services. Although these areas are not covered by insurance, Winder advises that therapy is an investment in a better life. The collateral damage of the pandemic has been to exacerbate smoldering emotional problems.

“The pandemic has affected everyone differently, and has impacted people’s mental health, anxiety and resilience,” said Winder. “Before the pandemic, many people with problematic relationships or emotional issues had coping skills that worked well, or well enough, but they may not be working now.” Anxiety can paralyze people who feel that they need to be in control, even though some things, like the pandemic, are out of our control. In addition to improving insight into unhealthy emotional patterns, Winder teaches his clients coping skills to decrease anxiety and keep it from impacting day-to-day functioning.

If you think you might benefit from therapy or family mediation with Winder, visit www.DrWinder.com and request a no-cost, 15-minute phone or video consultation.

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