Thursday, December 02, 2021

(Courtesy of Bergen Hatzalah) Bergen Hatzalah, the Chevra Hatzalah division based in Bergen County, New Jersey, launched its monthly continuing medical education (CME) program earlier this week. The first class, which took place Monday and was anonymously sponsored in honor of Bergen Hatzalah’s first responders, offered the nationally standard “Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator” (CEVO) course. More than 30 responders attended the class.

Bergen Hatzalah’s CME program will feature monthly classes that are part of state-approved courses that allow responders to keep their skills fresh as they respond to calls. The classes cover the full gamut of medical, trauma and emergency operations subjects and are available for sponsorship. For more information, or to sponsor a monthly class or annual program, please email [email protected]

“CEVO is the gold standard in ensuring our responders are trained to operate emergency vehicles safely. This course should be a part of all emergency agencies’ CME programs and we are pleased to be able to offer the course to our members. Though many of our responders come to Bergen Hatzalah with significant previous training and experience, our CME program will allow them to further hone their skills and keep the skills fresh, thus increasing their training before, during and after calls,” said Bergen Hatzalah Chief Joshua Hartman, MICP. “We’re extremely thankful to our sponsors who ensure the safety of our responders and the top care our community will continue to receive as a result of these training sessions.”

Bergen Hatzalah can be reached in times of emergency at 201-367-2222 or 212-230-1000.

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