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Neural therapy is a treatment that works with the autonomic nervous system and is most known for its pain relief benefits. In the neural therapy framework, the autonomic nervous system is interconnected throughout the body. This is similar to the concept of energy flow throughout the body in acupuncture. Anything that interferes with the interconnections of the autonomic nervous system can potentially cause different problems including pain and disease.

The autonomic nervous system controls many of the involuntary functions in the body such as heart rate, breathing, bladder function and bowel function. There is an extensive network of nerve connections between the organs including the skin. It is pretty cool to think that one signal anywhere in the system will be transmitted and reacted to throughout the system. For example, if the bladder is distended giving one the signal that he or she needs to go to the bathroom, this may create a stress that increases the heart rate and even increases blood pressure.

When there is a disturbance in the system or body, that can potentially be disseminated throughout the system or body. In the acupuncture world, this may be called an energy blockage. In the neural therapy world, this is called an interference field. The most commonly treated interference field is a scar. A scar creates a disruption in the skin. This disruption causes interference in the network of autonomic nerve connections. Because the body is so dependent on a fine-tuned autonomic nervous system, the disruption by the scar can impair the function of nearby muscles and joints or even have distant effects on joints and organs.

Besides scars, there are other interference fields. The tonsils and sinuses play a key role in draining lymph and toxins. When they are not functioning well, they become interference fields that lead to headaches, sinusitis, dizziness and even nerve problems such as trigeminal neuralgia. Another potential interference field is a tooth. With an unhealthy tooth, distant organs can be affected. There are ancient Chinese drawings of the teeth as part of acupuncture maps that show different teeth corresponding to different organs. There have been some interesting studies that confirm these correspondences. The original interference field is the umbilicus or belly button. If someone describes a health problem that has been ongoing since childhood or even infancy, that may suggest involvement of this original interference field.

There are different kinds of scars. The one most everyone thinks of is a surgical scar. Scars can also occur from lacerations such as occur after one cuts oneself with a knife while cutting a bagel. Some people have vaccine scars such as if they received an early version of the polio vaccine. Even acne scars can have their effects. Besides physical effects, scars also have their emotional effects. For instance, when a surgery is associated with a major life disruption, there may be anxiety associated with the scar. If the surgery is done under life-threatening circumstances such as emergency heart surgery, there may be fear associated with the scar.

Generally, if a scar is near a painful joint, it is more likely to be affecting that joint. As noted above, a scar can have an effect even on a more distant area of the body. Also, if the scar has a red, irritated appearance, it is more likely to be causing harmful effects. The time relationship of a scar and a pain can also point to its significance. For instance, someone might say that their shoulder problem started soon after a hip surgery. While this may be a coincidence, there may be a connection. To determine if a scar or other interference field is contributing to a particular problem such as joint pain, autonomic response testing (ART) can be useful. This is a type of muscle kinesiology that uses muscle testing to determine if one is affected by a scar.

The good news is that scars are treatable. By injecting scars with procaine, the neural connections are re-established so that any effects that the scar is causing will be treated and the symptoms that the scar is causing will improve. Sometimes the procaine effects are temporary. Interestingly, even though the procaine is usually metabolized within an hour, the positive effects of treating the scar last much longer, sometimes for several days and other times, the effects are long-lasting. By temporarily undoing the effects of the scar, the system re-equilibrates for long-lasting improvement. Another interesting observation is that with subsequent scar treatments, the effects on the scar last for longer intervals each time.

If a scar is determined to be causing a bothersome problem, it is beneficial to treat the scar with procaine. It is rewarding to see the problem improve with such a simple intervention. Even if a scar is not causing a specific problem, it may be helpful to treat it as a preventive measure, to avoid future problems from the scar. This is especially the case if the scar appears red and irritated.

The other interference fields noted above can also be treated with procaine. Sinusitis can be very disruptive or even debilitating. The sinuses respond very well to neural therapy with procaine, sometimes with dramatic improvement. When the tonsils are irritated, they can contribute to headaches and dizziness. If the tonsils are contributing to these symptoms, treating the tonsils with procaine can relieve these conditions. If a tooth is contributing to a problem, treating the tooth with procaine may temporarily improve that problem. This is diagnostic, but usually the problem from a tooth will recur. However, when a dentist treats the tooth, the problem can potentially resolve.

In summary, neural therapy is a dynamic treatment that emphasizes the balance of the autonomic nervous system. In addition to relieving pain from muscles, nerves and joints, neural therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions including sinusitis, abdominal pain, respiratory problems and pelvic problems including sexual and bladder difficulties. Treating interference fields, especially scars, is a key aspect of neural therapy. Many problems arise from these interference fields so these problems can be resolved by successfully treating the interference field.

Dr. Slaten is a pain wellness physician in Ridgewood, New Jersey. For more than 20 years, he has been practicing with great skill and an open mind. For more info, check out njprolo.com. You can also call the office at 201-882-1500 to discuss if neural therapy is the right treatment for your condition. 

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