Sunday, January 16, 2022

Shelby Speiser is a personal trainer with a unique approach: education. For Shelby, “it is important for clients to understand their own health and fitness, and how our work together will help them get there. … When you train with me you are not just coming in once or twice a week to work out and then leaving. Everything is personalized, and I also want you to understand why we are using certain types of training to reach your goals.”

Right out of the gate in her introductory phone call with clients, Shelby will talk about establishing their most important fitness goals. From this discussion she develops a highly individualized short- and long-term plan proposal based on the top three fitness goals identified during that initial phone call. The plan outlines an analysis of the types of training that will help clients reach those goals, and an action plan for the training that’s going to “get you there,” she said.

Speiser is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She also adopts ideas and methods from her colleagues at Underground Training where she trains, and described the environment as collaborative and valuable for expanding her knowledge base.

Speiser discussed some of what sets her apart from other personal trainers. Every session clients receive a “post workout record,” showing the workout they just did, and including some training tips and recommendations that will help throughout the week. In addition, each receives a monthly progress report showing where they started and what they’ve achieved during a month of training. Everything is shared with the client so they know exactly why certain things are in their plan and can track their progress.

“I promote fitness, but I am also promoting a community and lifestyle,” explained Speiser. “I don’t believe that one type of training fits all types of people; I believe in an integrative approach. For example, if a client’s top three fitness goals are to increase their V02 max (volume of oxygen/how much oxygen a body can absorb and use during exercise), lift heavier and reduce stress, I will incorporate HIIT (high-intensity interval training), lifting heavy weights for less repetitions and yoga sequences.”

In addition to in-person workouts, clients receive interim workouts they can do independently between sessions, which incorporate a variety of training styles and interests.

On the topic of weight loss, Speiser said, “Weight lifting is extremely important. I like to keep it fun and exciting with circuit style weight lifting. So we’re working on strength, but sweating at the same time.” In terms of fitness, cardiovascular training will also be included. Speiser noted that “weight loss is mostly nutrition and what you eat,” while exercise and fitness supplement the process. She emphasized that weight loss should not be restrictive.

“You shouldn’t be cutting out whole food groups or slashing 1,000 calories. We use food as fuel for our workouts!”

Speiser said that she works with a wide range of clients. “Many of my clients are working on general fitness, trying to lose fat or gain muscle. But I also love working with clients who are working toward a very specific health goal.” For example, she has clients in their 60s who are working on preventative health, so they work on stability and balance, as well as decreasing the risk of osteoporosis. One such client commented spontaneously that he wore out his grandchildren during their recent visit over Chanukah!

“For prenatal clients, we work on preparing the body for labor and preventing gestational diabetes. With kids we just focus on finding fun in movement, and work toward accomplishing things with our bodies.”

By working with Shelby you can end this year with a new health and fitness resolution instead of waiting until next year to start one!

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