Tuesday, January 31, 2023

In vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination and egg freezing among services offered.

(Courtesy of RMA) Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) New Jersey today announced the opening of its newest fertility center in Jersey City, New Jersey. The new center marks RMA’s 11th center in New Jersey, adding to its extensive network of clinics across the state.

The Jersey City clinic, located at 100 Town Square Place, brings a comprehensive and patient-centered approach to fertility assessment and treatment, ensuring that family-building goals can be achieved in one convenient location. The clinic began accepting patients on January 11 and is currently scheduling patient visits.

Bat-Sheva Maslow, M.D., a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist whose research on egg freezing has been published extensively, will be leading the practice. “I am passionate about helping individuals and families who want to build their families but are unable to do so at the present time or choose to wait to a later date,” said Dr. Maslow “Egg freezing is an important option available to women in their 30’s to maximize the opportunity for motherhood in the future. The addition of the Jersey City clinic to RMA New Jersey’s footprint makes egg freezing, – along with IVF, intrauterine insemination and all the other top-notch services of our clinics – available to more people seeking our expertise.”

According to Fertility and Sterility, 70% of women who froze eggs when they were younger than 38—and had a thawed egg count in the double digits —had a baby.

The full-service center will offer a range of services, including intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF) and preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), to meet patients at any stage of their fertility journey. The clinic also offers fertility acupuncture, nutritional coaching, and licensed support counselors to ensure that patients are supported during their time at the clinic and in their daily lives. RMA New Jersey works to ensure that all families have an opportunity to build a healthy family, which is why there are resources and options for LGBTQ+ and single individuals to begin building their families.

Reproductive Medicine Associates’ care model has resulted in the highest success rates in the United States, with 83% of RMA patients under 35 bringing home a baby, as compared to the national average of 68.6%, recorded by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART). RMA’s medical advances ensure that patients have access to the latest technology and the most qualified physicians to give them the best chance for success.

As the demand for reproductive medicine has grown, Reproductive Medicine Associates has continued to expand, with 10 clinics opening across the country within the last five years and plans to open three more locations in 2023.

Individuals and couples worried about financing their fertility treatments should check whether their health insurance plan covers comprehensive reproductive services. If fertility treatments are not covered by their insurer, many employers offer supplemental coverage through benefit providers like Progyny.

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