Saturday, June 03, 2023

(Courtesy of Shabbatto) Shabbat is a day of rest, when we go to shul to partake in the services, connect with members of our congregation, and spend quality time with friends and family. But for some people, Shabbat is just another day stuck at home due to mobility issues caused by illness, disability or old age. Yet Shabbat was not intended to be a day of loneliness and confinement.

Enter ShabbATTO - the Shabbat mobility game-changer.

“Shabbat should not be a punishment,” declares Rafy David, CEO of Movinglife,an Israeli company that designs, manufactures and sells advanced electric folding scooters under the name ATTO. “Instead of being confined to home, we thought of the best possible way to enable everyone to fully enjoy Shabbat according to halacha.”

For years, religious Jews had no perfect scooter solution for Shabbat since they needed to trust independent installers of costly and not widely halachically approved systems that were added to existing scooters. Based on the internationally acclaimed ATTO, Movinglife closely collaborated with engineers and Rabbis from the Zomet Institute and designed ShabbATTO—the world’s most advanced mobility scooter with an integrated and mehudar Shabbat mechanism. In fact, Rabbi Menachem Perl, head of Zomet Institute, asserts that amongst all the mobility scooters currently on the market, ShabbATTO is the only one that meets all stringent halachic guidelines. “We trust this product. Any person with limited mobility that prevents him or her from walking more than a few steps can use this product with peace of mind!” Rabbi Perl proclaims.

How does ShabbATTO work?

ShabbATTO allows users to activate an external mechanism that deploys two principles to make it permissible for use on Shabbat: the grama principle (devices that result in a melacha d’rabanan occurring after a brief delay) and the existing “current modulation” technique. Unlike most Shabbat mechanisms that solely depend on grama, ShabbATTO employs a method allowing for continuous current modifications. When users activate the Shabbat mode (before Shabbat), the machine’s engine is turned on and continues to operate in “crawl” mode throughout Shabbat, while consuming minimum power. Shabbat mode is activated at the flick of a switch, and users don’t have to be tech savvy to use it.

“According to this principle, instead of turning the engine on in order to drive, the user is only adjusting the level of an existing current to move and modify speed. The fact that the engine is turned on prior to Shabbat, and operates continuously in the background, is a breakthrough that makes ShabbATTO halachically superior to other scooters in the market,” Rafy David states.

ATTO - Israeli Startup, Israeli design, international success.

Like all ATTO electric folding scooters, ShabbATTO is also designed to unfold and be ready for use in less than 10 seconds. It can be folded easily to the size of a compact trolley suitcase and stored at home after riding. When traveling, ShabbATTO is easily split into two lightweight parts, a feature that allows users to fit them in the trunk of a car or in the upper storage bin on a plane. Speaking about flying, ATTO is the leading flight-approved scooter in the world today. Thanks to the advanced design, users can roll right onto the plane and up to their seat. This is a real game-changer for people who rely on their wheels to get around, and who don’t want to feel needy or restricted.

ATTO is always ready to roll, giving you the independence to go anywhere you like.

ATTO scooters are sleek and elegant, far from the look of the “old-timer” scooters they aim to replace. ATTO scooters transform the daily life of people with restricted mobility into an easier experience. They are the perfect partner for any ordinary activity such as shopping, going to the doctor, visiting family and friends or just strolling around town. Since, as mentioned, they are designed to be unfolded in mere seconds, and can be virtually effortlessly folded compactly, they are easily stored at home. The seat height and handlebars can be adjusted to suit the user, and they also come with a large selection of optional original accessories.

The fact that the ATTO splits easily into two lightweight parts makes traveling a comfortable possibility for people who need wheels for mobility but want to feel independent.

For more information call 1-850-779-4885 or visit www.foldingscooterstore.com/jewish 

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