Monday, September 26, 2022

Summit—Pathways is a blessing for women with cancer. As one of only a few community-based cancer support organizations, Pathways has provided support, education and wellness programs to female cancer patients and survivors free of charge for twenty years. The program offers a unique and personal approach, unlike some of the larger support organizations. In fact, Pathways Director Michele Visco is a breast cancer survivor herself, so she really does know “what a survivor is going through.”

Women come to Pathways for their own reasons, but most commonly because they are looking for that special kind of support that comes from connecting with other women who have walked in their shoes. Receiving from and giving support to other women who share in one’s cancer journey can be an incredibly healing experience, understood only by other survivors. After numerous tests, procedures, consultations and surgeries patients are often “hospital fatigued” and Pathways can be a haven for those seeking a more personal and less clinical community of support.

From individual and group support, to meals, fitness and educational programs, financial assistance, and advocacy, Pathways is a leader in providing direct services to survivors in ways that really make a difference in their lives. Run under the umbrella of The Connection for Women and Families, Pathways is able to provide these services in-house, in a safe and supportive environment. Pathways programs are open to women with a history of any type of cancer, and new programs are continually being offered.

Pathways is a lean, grass roots organization that provides direct and personal care to so many in Morris, Essex and Union counties. The survivors’ needs are great, and resources are limited. To contribute or get involved, or to find out what programs are available to help you or a loved one, contact Michele Visco at [email protected] or 908-273-4242 x154.

By Michele Visco, MA, LPC, Pathways Director

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