Friday, June 05, 2020

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How to Overcome Chronic Fatigue by Listening to Your Body

Dear Coach Gila,

I am always tired. I try to get enough sleep but it is so hard with all that needs to be accomplished during the day. Even those nights I do go to sleep at a reasonable hour I wake up tired. Do you have any recommendations for overcoming chronic


The History of Laughing Gas and Its Use in Pediatric Dentistry

Nitrous oxide is the most frequently used inhalation anxiolytic in dentistry; it is also used in hospitals and operating rooms. Commonly called “laughing gas,” it has been studied extensively and generally agreed to be one of the safest modalities of sedation in dentistry. It also has a colorful place in the history of


Medically Directed Lactation: Darling Essentials LLC Opens in West Orange

Dr. Lisa Kurz, MD is a rare commodity in the universe of pediatric medical experts, with a primary focus on the art, science and practicality of lactation, or breastfeeding. Dr. Kurz, whose breastfeeding medicine practice opened recently in West Orange, NJ, is one of but a precious few pediatricians or medical doctors specializing in


Q&A With Metropolitan Dermatology

1. What do you do in the office for persistent rashes? How do you determine if the rashes are caused by skin allergy?

Testing for allergies in a dermatologist’s office is completely different from that in an allergist’s practice. In the latter, you may be tested for


The Misdiagnosed Child

Children presenting with behavior disorders often have associated reading/learning difficulties and are commonly characterized as being difficult children by their teachers and parents. ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit disorder hyperactivity), LD (learning disabilities), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), Dyslexia


Tips for Staying Tick Free This Summer

Deer ticks are tiny bugs that lurk in tall grasses, waiting for a human host. They carry various diseases that can be contracted by humans and pets, mainly dogs, so whether your summer is spent at home or at camp, here are some helpful tips to help you avoid those pesky ticks. The information may make your skin crawl, but it could save you time and


My Name Is Jack

My name is Jack. I have been in this hospital way too long. The days seem to blend into one. There is too much time to lie in bed, stare at the bare, white walls and think. There is nothing to watch on TV. I just stare at the clock and pray to God to help me make the time pass. I wait every day for the doctor to come in and deliver


Sports and Dental Injuries: What Parents Need to Know

Spring has sprung and we are on our way to summer! It is the time of the year when our children spend hours of their day outdoors: at the playground, the swing set in the backyard, biking and playing sports. It is also the time of the year when dentists begin to see an uptick of emergency visits to the office for children who have


Q&A With Dr. Doctoroff of Metropolitan Dermatology

Dr. Doctoroff, tell us about your practice and how it differs from all others?

Established over ten years ago, Metropolitan Dermatology has grown to four office locations in Clark, Kearny, Staten Island, and Teanek. Our experienced staff provides world class treatment right in


Let the Dentist Boost Your Confidence

People notice a beautiful smile. It is one of the most important social links we have. When a person is confident about their smile, they exude confidence and that is a very attractive feature. In fact 74% of Americans feel that an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances of career success. With some small steps, a dentist


What Is True Vision Therapy?

One might think that Vision Therapy (VT) is a new treatment strategy. The truth is that VT actually has been available for some time. Surprisingly, it was initially an ophthalmological approach. During the early 1900s, ophthalmology withdrew from its practice of VT (called orthoptics at the time) and optometry began to utilize its


Q&A With Star Pediatric Home Care

What is your name, title and job function?

My name is Rochel Herzka and I am a Patient Liaison for Star Pediatric Home Care. The function of a Patient Liaison is to be a resource to our clients and assist them in gaining access to resources they need to enhance their lives and the lives