Friday, August 07, 2020

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Tips for Staying Tick Free This Summer

Deer ticks are tiny bugs that lurk in tall grasses, waiting for a human host. They carry various diseases that can be contracted by humans and pets, mainly dogs, so whether your summer is spent at home or at camp, here are some helpful tips to help you avoid those pesky ticks. The information may make your skin crawl, but it could save you time and


My Name Is Jack

My name is Jack. I have been in this hospital way too long. The days seem to blend into one. There is too much time to lie in bed, stare at the bare, white walls and think. There is nothing to watch on TV. I just stare at the clock and pray to God to help me make the time pass. I wait every day for the doctor to come in and deliver


Sports and Dental Injuries: What Parents Need to Know

Spring has sprung and we are on our way to summer! It is the time of the year when our children spend hours of their day outdoors: at the playground, the swing set in the backyard, biking and playing sports. It is also the time of the year when dentists begin to see an uptick of emergency visits to the office for children who have


Q&A With Dr. Doctoroff of Metropolitan Dermatology

Dr. Doctoroff, tell us about your practice and how it differs from all others?

Established over ten years ago, Metropolitan Dermatology has grown to four office locations in Clark, Kearny, Staten Island, and Teanek. Our experienced staff provides world class treatment right in


Let the Dentist Boost Your Confidence

People notice a beautiful smile. It is one of the most important social links we have. When a person is confident about their smile, they exude confidence and that is a very attractive feature. In fact 74% of Americans feel that an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances of career success. With some small steps, a dentist


What Is True Vision Therapy?

One might think that Vision Therapy (VT) is a new treatment strategy. The truth is that VT actually has been available for some time. Surprisingly, it was initially an ophthalmological approach. During the early 1900s, ophthalmology withdrew from its practice of VT (called orthoptics at the time) and optometry began to utilize its


Q&A With Star Pediatric Home Care

What is your name, title and job function?

My name is Rochel Herzka and I am a Patient Liaison for Star Pediatric Home Care. The function of a Patient Liaison is to be a resource to our clients and assist them in gaining access to resources they need to enhance their lives and the lives


Ask the Dentist: Why Still So Many Cavities?

Not a day goes by in my office where a patient in my chair doesn’t say, “Why am I still getting cavities? I brush my teeth, and I don’t each a lot of candy!” Agreed, proper tooth brushing (flossing too) and cutting back on sweets will help prevent tooth decay and prolong the health of your teeth. There are many others


Dining Out and Staying Healthy: Healthy Options at Shelly’s Vegetarian Restaurant & Cafe

People often remark that they’d like to lose weight but they eat out a lot. Those two realities don’t have to contradict one another. Most restaurants have healthy options on the menu. The choice is yours.

Shelly’s Vegetarian Restaurant & Café offers delicious and


JScreen Modernizes Genetic Screening for Jewish Couples of All Denominations

If you haven’t heard of JScreen, you soon will. Taking the Jewish community by storm, JScreen is working with synagogues and major organizations around the country to bring its innovative model for genetic screening right to your front door.

A national effort based out of Emory University’s


Can a Dentist Cure Headaches?

We all know that if you have tooth pain, you should see a dentist. What you may not have known is that a dentist can help with your migraines as well. Migraine headaches are different from an everyday tension headache, as anyone who has ever experienced a migraine can tell you. A migraine can cause intense throbbing or a pulsing sensation


Eating the Colors of the Rainbow

You may have heard the catchphrase “eating the rainbow,” but without the reference to a breakfast cereal. Nutritionists, dieticians, doctors, or other health and wellness advisors use the phrase to get people—especially children—to incorporate more fruits and veggies in their diets. The truth is it really is more than a