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Achieving Our Health Goals and Searching for Oil

More than 2,000 years ago, the Syrian-Greek empire, led by Antiochus IV, announced many harsh decrees on the Jewish people. We were no longer allowed to engage in any religious practices, learn Torah or perform mitzvot. In fact, many stories that were generated from this time frame (such as Hannah and her seven children)


MigVax Gets Multi-Millions to Develop Variant-Proof Vaccine

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is granting $4.3 million to Israel’s MigVax to advance development of COVID-19 vaccines suitable for use in low- and middle-income countries. CEPI, headquartered in Norway, also is funding a similar project at the University of Saskatchewan.


Israel’s Critical Lifeline: Soroka Medical Center

(Courtesy of Soroka Medical Center) Soroka shines for the world as a beacon of peaceful coexistence, hope, healing and innovation. As the sole major medical center for the entire south of Israel, Soroka fulfills its humanitarian role in emergency response of all kinds. Soroka Medical Center is Israel’s


The Heart Institute at Safra Children’s Hospital Opens Israel’s First Remote Monitoring Program

(Courtesy of Sheba Medical Center) Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest medical center and a Newsweek top 10-ranked world’s best hospital for the last three years, today announced the inauguration of a new program from The Heart Institute at Safra Children’s Hospital—a first-of-its-kind clinic in Israel for remote monitoring of


The Medical Link: Q&A With Our Experts

(Courtesy of Medical Service Options Israel Ltd) This panel includes today’s experts in cardiology, internal medicine, gynecology, ENT and plastic surgery. The panel and Q&A was convened by  Dr. Jacob Dagan.



Saving a Life in Pajamas

An ambulance donated by a Teaneck family a week prior was used to help save the life of a woman who lost consciousness while riding in a car with her daughter and granddaughter.

(Courtesy of United Hatzalah) Just after 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, a 92-year-old woman was riding in


Russell Berrie Foundation Dedicates Key Tool to Bergen Hatzalah

(Courtesy of Bergen Hatzalah) The Russell Berrie Foundation, a philanthropic organization based in Teaneck, recently donated a LUCAS 3 chest compression system to Bergen Hatzalah’s lifesaving operations. Bergen Hatzalah is the Bergen County-based division of the Chevra Hatzalah.

The LUCAS is an


Change Is Essential to Mental Health

“Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change.” (Jim Rohn)

One foundation in our field of mental health is to not “stay the course.” The founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Dr. Sue Johnson explains it this way: clients come into our offices with one story and we help them


Scars and Other Interference Fields

Neural therapy is a treatment that works with the autonomic nervous system and is most known for its pain relief benefits. In the neural therapy framework, the autonomic nervous system is interconnected throughout the body. This is similar to the concept of energy flow throughout the body in acupuncture. Anything that interferes with the


Anxiously Osteoporotic

Dear Jenn,

My recent osteoporosis test result came back borderline low-normal. My doctor recommended that I adjust my diet and possibly take medication. What do you suggest?


Anxiously Osteoporotic


World War II and Cancer: The Birth of Chemotherapy

While war is undoubtedly a terrible thing, and World War II stands out from almost every other war in terms of horror, it is also true that the energy invested in the development of new weapons, tools and strategies for dealing with the enemy can have long-term benefits that carry over into peacetime. Thus, the research and engineering


World War II and Cancer: The A-Bomb

I was recently on a small committee assembled by NASA to discuss potential risks to astronauts undertaking long-term missions in outer space, such as a two-year mission to Mars, and the carcinogenic risks of cosmic radiation. Even after 75 years, the best data our committee discussed on the subject came from the results of the Japanese

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