Saturday, June 06, 2020

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St. Mary’s General Hospital’s 2020 Vision

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s Hospital) 2019 was a good year for St. Mary’s General Hospital as we ushered in many education programs for our staff and the community. We are expecting excellent vision in programs for 2020.

Staff Education. In addition to the mandatory staff education


Dyslexia Friendly? How One Local Teen Is Making a Difference

In the pressured teenage universe, it can often seem like grades and standardized test scores are the only things that matter. In our Jewish day schools and high schools, where the dual curriculum also includes a heavy focus on textual study of Talmud and Bible—in a second language, no less— a student who is diagnosed


Healthcare LinkedIn Networking Event Coming to Teaneck on Wednesday

When people hear the word “networking,” they typically think of face-to-face meetings and using connections to meet others for the purpose of advancing their business prospects. LinkedIn has taken that concept to the next level, making networking easier and more profitable than ever, provided individuals are skilled in its use.

Mickey Cohen, a construction


Nefesh Embraces Touro Social Work Students

Touro MSW students inspired while networking and learning with Orthodox mental health professionals at 23rd annual Nefesh International conference.

(Courtesy of Touro College) Approximately 500 mental health professionals from around the world met last week to network and learn at


If It Isn’t That Extreme Is It Even a Problem? (Spoiler: Yes)

Typically, when people hear “eating disorders” their minds jump to some type of extreme or something they may have seen on television; an image of an emaciated individual glimpsing at a distorted reflection. A character reporting that she—it’s always a she in the media—feels out of “control” and uses food to cope. Someone


Breakthroughs in Health in 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, a year that has not been easy for many people around the world, we decided to look back at the stories that made us the happiest this year and to share them with you.

Some of them moved us, some impressed us, and some just made us smile. All of them gave us


Do Religious Patients Need Religious Therapists?

New research says no, as long as therapists respect religious thought and observance.

(Courtesy of Touro College) Religious individuals seeking mental health treatment do just as well with non-religious therapists as with therapists who share their level of religious observance, as long as


Help Support Friendship Circle and Make ‘Small Shifts, Big Changes’ in 2020

Dasi Jacob, a yoga and mindfulness instructor, is embarking on a new venture to help benefit an organization that is close to her heart. On January 6 she will kick off the inaugural course of Small Shifts, Big Changes, with all proceeds benefiting Friendship Circle.

Small Shifts, Big Changes is a 30-day


St. Mary’s General Hospital Appoints an Advisory Board

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s) As part of their focus to reach out to the Orthodox Jewish community, St. Mary’s General Hospital has appointed an advisory board to assist and guide management and staff in accommodating the frum community.

What is an

The Art of the Yoga Practice

Stressful news comes in all shapes and sizes. For some it is sudden news of financial struggle, and for others it comes in the form of being laid off from a job. In last week’s parsha we read how Yaacov dealt with his own stressful news.

The defining moment had come. The brothers had to tell


Scientists Discover Molecule That Destroys Pancreatic Cancer Cells

A little molecule named PJ34 can cause cancer cells to self-destruct, according to an Israeli study published recently in the biomedical journal Oncotarget.

Prof. Malka Cohen-Armon and her team at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine did their experiment using


Cannabis and Newer Developments in Pain Management in Light of the Opioid Crisis

Jerome Adams, the current surgeon general, recently declared the opioid crisis as a public health emergency. In 2017, the NIH (National Institutes of Health) reported that opioids were responsible for 49,068 deaths—an alarming statistic.

In a search of alternative medications to treat