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Improve Your Recovery From Surgery

Note: The treatments described in this article are for providing medical information, but this is not medical advice. For medical guidance, you should contact your physician or health care professional.

Whether routine or complex, surgery can be a major stress to the body. A great way to deal with that


H. Pylori and Cancer

Part I

Some stories in cancer discovery really need a movie—this is one of them. Let us start by reflecting that it is estimated that 20% of cancer is caused by infectious agents. By and large, this mainly refers to viruses. OK, there is a schistosome or two that causes cancer. But


Hospice and Hospice Fraud

Hospice is a Medicare benefit if you have Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and meet all of these conditions:

Your hospice doctor and your regular doctor (if you have one) certify that you are terminally ill (with a life expectancy of six months or less).



Is She a ‘Good’ Baby?

I think the next time I overhear someone use the expression “good baby” I may scream.

Yes, this is a common statement. Yes, I am perhaps being hyper-critical and analyzing a subject to which others might not give much thought—welcome to my brain!—and even so, please hear me out.


Hypnosis and OCD

An individual suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is very often consumed with unwanted and senseless intrusive thoughts. These negative thoughts can create a ritual of overwhelming repetitive actions known as compulsions. The negative thoughts will send messages to do things that a person does not really want to do, and they


Pesach Is More in the Spotlight Than We Know

(Courtesy of SMGH) “I find it fascinating how the calendar and Pesach center around mental health,” said George Matyjewicz, PhD, community liaison at St. Mary’s General Hospital, in Passaic. “Getting ready for Pesach in April was also Stress Awareness Month. Now May is Mental Health Awareness Month. What’s going on


Is Gluten Bad?

As one examines packages nowadays in the grocery stores and supermarkets, it is apparent that, like being kosher or halal or sugar-free or vegan, many foodstuffs are marked as being gluten-free. During Pesach, there was even kosher l’Pesach gluten-free matzah, which seems amazing, though I refer you to Rabbi Jachter or one of the


Dr. Sana Bloch Offers Newly Patented Treatment for Migraines

(Courtesy of Sana Bloch, MD) Dr. Sana Bloch is a neurologist with 35 years of experience treating neurological disorders in New York City. Bloch has developed a patented new way of treating migraines. In his clinic he has treated over 2,500 patients with an efficacy level of more than 75%. Migraines are a part of life for many


Breaking It Down to Build It Up: Makkot Edition

“Just stop.”

As if it were that easy.

One of the most common responses I hear from folks who are seeking to understand those struggling with mental health issues is usually along the lines of “Have you considered just thinking about this rationally? I think if


Front or Back Spine?

The majority of spinal surgery done in the USA is done via an incision in the back. Makes sense!

But a growing number of spinal surgeries are done via a frontal or anterior approach, meaning through an abdominal incision.



Invisible Screws in the Foot and Ankle

If you ever had orthopedic surgery that required a metal implant in your body, you probably wished there was something made out of a material that is more similar to bone. You probably had many concerns about the metal implant. Is it safe for it to be living under your skin? Will it need to be removed, and what if


Beatrice Mintz and Aberrant Differentiation

I read in the New York Times recently that Beatrice Mintz had passed away at the age of 100. (Reading the Times obituaries is a practice that begins with receipt of your Medicare card; my friend Ari Goldman says you want to make sure your own name is not there.) She had been a cancer biologist for many years at Fox Chase Cancer Center in

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