Saturday, October 31, 2020

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COVID-19 Update: Why This Tremendous Surge Now All Over Frum Communities?

We are again at a crossroads. Both in the Jewish calendar entering into Yom Kippur, where life and death decisions will be made, and in the world of COVID-19, with a disconcerting continuing rise in cases in our area, where life and death decisions will be made.

Mi Bamageifa (and who will die by


JFSCNJ Launches the Ross Virtual Senior Center to Combat Senior Social Isolation

As quarantine restrictions begin to lighten, many of us are happily enjoying outdoor socially distanced gatherings, feeling more comfortable at stores, and resuming a life with a glimmer of normalcy. For millions of older Americans, however, life will not become easier. American seniors have been asked to quarantine, and stay quarantined at


Another First in Israel: Telemedicine for Women’s Health

If you thought fintech was cool, wait until you hear about femtech: cutting-edge, high-tech ob/gyn treatment. Originally devised as a way to keep patients and physicians safe during COVID, femtech will eventually bring first-rate ob/gyn care to women in developing countries.

In the just


The Importance of Real Ear Measures in Hearing Aid Fittings

An estimated 48 million people in the United States have hearing loss and it is considered the third most common health issue in America after heart disease and arthritis.

Sensorineural hearing loss accounts for 90% of all hearing loss. This loss is caused by damage to the


Serving Elders With Style

Many of you remember that day in March when the Departments of Health of the states of New York and New Jersey announced that hair salons would be closing. Everyone rushed to schedule one last appointment. Some people were successful. Many of us were not! Women and men struggled for several months trying to look their best without


Standout Students Receive Maimonides Awards From Touro College School of Health Sciences

(Courtesy of Touro College) As COVID-19 shines a spotlight on the increasing need for skilled and compassionate health care professionals worldwide, Touro College School of Health Sciences honored six top students with the Maimonides Award during the annual commencement ceremony held virtually last month. These exceptional


Rethinking Mental Health: Making Out-of-Network Psychotherapy Affordable

We often find that life isn’t what we expect it to be. Having grown up in a frum, warm home, married just after graduating from Stern and with a successful career in finance, I never anticipated finding myself divorced in my early 30s with two young daughters. Like for most of us where private school tuition and the cost of living is


The Power of Personal Stories

When we hear about issues that arise in our community, it is human nature to dismiss them as inapplicable to us. We naturally find some rationalization as to why the issue cannot possibly be relevant to our lives or our families. We lull ourselves into a false sense of security and convince ourselves that we are not in danger, that we are


‘Call Eric’ for Assisted Living Support

The decision to relocate a loved one to an assisted living community can be daunting and stressful. Assisted Living Advisers simplifies the process. It’s a free, personalized service offering expert guidance in determining the ideal community for your loved ones based on physical needs, location preferences and finances.


We Must Continue to Work Together to Eradicate COVID

It has recently come to my attention that the administrations of some non-local yeshiva day schools have sent notices to the parent body asking them to clear all COVID-19 tests with the school before seeking testing. This is disturbing to me in many ways. Number one, it is an infringement on federal health privacy laws—the school has no


The Advanced Wound Healing Center at St. Mary’s General Hospital

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s General Hospital) In the United States, chronic wounds affect approximately 6.5 million patients. It is claimed that an excess of $25 billion is spent annually on treatment of chronic wounds, and the burden is growing rapidly due to increasing health care costs, an aging population and a sharp rise in the incidence


The Bothersome Biceps: A Common Source of Shoulder Pain

When people think they may have injured their shoulder, they often assume the rotator cuff may be the culprit. Most folks over age 50 know someone who has had rotator cuff repair surgery, as it is a relatively common procedure in the United States. A lesser-known source of shoulder pain is that which comes from an inflamed