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Can Chili Peppers Treat Migraines and Help You Lose Weight?

(BPT)Do you love the snap that chili peppers give to your food? Are you a fan of the heat they impart to a variety of dishes? Even if you’re not, you may want to take another look at the humble chili pepper. From migraine relief to weight control, researchers are verifying what some cultures have known for centuries:


Do You Have 50 to 100 Employees? Get Ready – Now – For 2016


It’s been over five years since the Affordable Care Act has become law, and began taking over one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Healthcare in our country will never be the same as it was prior to 2010. If you own or are employed in a business with 50-100 employees, 2016 will be


The Government Will be On Top of You

Do you have a 50-100 employee business and don’t offer allyour full time employees insurance coverage?

— Beginning on January 1, 2016, the ACA’s employer mandate will apply to all groups will 50 or more full time equivalent employees. (Mandate will be based on your company size in


Embracing Life While Living With Advanced Medullary Thyroid Cancer

(BPT)The American Cancer Society estimates that about 62,450 new thyroid cancer cases will be diagnosed in the US in 2015. Medullary thyroid cancer represents only about three to four percent of these cases, and just one-third of those will be locally advanced or metastatic disease.


Ask the Dermatologist With Metropolitan Dermatology

I. Imiquimod: A Wonder Drug in Dermatology

What is imiquimod? (Aldara, Zyclara)

Imiquimod is a topical cream with many uses in dermatology. It works by activating the body’s immune system to get rid of pre-cancerous, cancerous, and


Your Clean Bill of Health

Not long ago I received an email from an acquaintance—let’s call her Jill— who was flustered about a bill she got from a doctor.

It seems Jill had been to her primary care physician for an annual checkup, and the doctor was concerned that her heart wasn’t beating quite regularly, so he


Nutritional Secrets of Tour de France Can Fuel Everyday Athletes

(BPT) Nutritional bars and packets of energy gel are what you might think of when you imagine a champion cyclist’s diet. But for the 198 men set to embark July 4 for the 102nd Tour de France, a balanced diet based in whole foods - and a lot of them - is critical.

The 2015 edition of


Plague of the Night: Those Awful Calf Cramps

After having one of the snowiest and coldest winters on record, we are now finishing up a pretty hot summer, especially these past few weeks. Maybe the beach crowd loves the heat, but the rest of us might be noticing the difficulties associated with this long stretch of high heat.

During the


Does Working Out With Other Jews Keep You Jewish?

For Daphna Krupp, her daily workout (excluding Shabbat) at the Jewish Community Center (JCC or “J”) of Greater Baltimore has become somewhat of a ritual. She not only attends fitness classes but also engages with the instructors and plugs the J’s social programs on her personal Facebook page.


What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is a rather simple food concept. It is basically the path that your food has traveled from its origin to your plate and finally your mouth and body. At its simplest, clean eating is about eating whole foods, or real foods. Foods that are un- or minimally processed, refined and handled, making them as close to their



As the chaplain, I enter the intensive care unit. The dimly lit room felt as cold as ice, though the thermostat read 70 degrees. She was dying. Could be moments, could be hours. No one knows how much longer she has left. Only God ultimately knows. He offers me a chair by his side and invites me to sit down. He tells me that this unconscious


Chiropractor Matthew Leffel Opens Office in Hackensack to Treat Injuries and Provide Wellness Care

Hackensack—Teaneck resident and community member Dr. Matthew Leffel, a chiropractic physician, has recently opened an office for chiropractic care and sports medicine in Hackensack, near Route 4 and Cedar Lane, with close proximity to Teaneck, Bergenfield, Englewood and Tenafly. He is board certified and aims to provide a

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