Monday, September 26, 2022

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Healthy Breakfast Challenges and Solutions

Dear Coach Gila,

I love the summer and really appreciate the long sunny days and slower pace. Breakfast, however is proving to be a challenge! Mornings are so hectic and it’s tempting to microwave frozen pancakes or serve cereal and milk to my kids. Part of me feels like a success


Prepping for the Flu Season

Recently, while sitting at home and preparing to go to the beach, Dan the mailman, as my children call him, dropped our daily mail pile through the door slot. As I picked up the myriad of catalogues, bills and junk mail that were strewn across my front hall, I recoiled in horror. There was the L.L. Bean catalogue, and on the front page was


Eliminate Bad Breath

Quick, anybody have a cucumber? Holding a slice between your tongue and the roof of your mouth for about 90 seconds helps minimize oral malodor. Fresh out of cukes? No worries—we have a few more hints to help you keep bad breath at bay.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables, such as apples, carrots, celery and


Enjoy Summer Fun in the Pool, Without the Harsh Effects of Chlorine

(BPT)This summer your kids are spending every day in the backyard, having a grand old time splashing around in the pool. You’ll probably spend some quality hours in your pool as well, cooling off when the weather gets hot and enjoying the beautiful summer days.

The only concern you


Q&A With Metropolitan Dermatology: Botox and Other Fillers

What is Botox and why is it used?

Botox is the name of injectable medication used to smooth out facial wrinkles. Botox is a muscle relaxant. It acts at motor nerve endings (the areas where nerves connect to muscles). Many lines and wrinkles on the face are created by the


Psychological Insights from the Torah: Combating Anxiety and Depression: Part III

In previous articles in this series we considered the idea that it is unrealistic to expect a “one size fits all” approach to dealing with pain, suffering, and loss. We also learned that it was unreasonable to expect individuals with different temperaments, histories, and life situations to respond to trauma in the same manner. Yet,


What’s That Weird Thing in My Child’s Mouth?

It’s happened to many parents: You’re brushing your child’s teeth at bedtime and you notice something strange that you’ve never seen before. A double row of teeth, a bubble on the gum or lip, a discolored spot on the tongue—it is these types of anomalies that bring many parents in to


Don’t Let the Sandwich Eat You: Take Advantage of Expanded Long Term Care Insurance Options

Congratulations! You still feel young and energetic, but you’ve officially graduated the “young” stages of life. You are in your 40s through 60s, earning the honorary designation as being part of the “Sandwich Generation.” That means that you are sandwiched between aging parents who increasingly require your care, and your teenage


Your Clean Bill of Health

While there have been advances in improving medical insurance coverage across the country, medical debts remain the leading cause of personal bankruptcy, the end result of a snowball effect that often begins with a simple medical visit which generates incomprehensible mounds of paperwork and ends with a significantly damaged credit


Top 10 BBQ Tips for Dieters

With BBQ season around the corner, here are my top 10 tips for staying on track:

1. Plan ahead.

Think about what will be served and decide in advance what you plan to have; stick to your plan.

2. Portion your


When Pediatric Home Care Becomes an Option

When people think about home care, often older adults come to mind first. However, not everyone is aware that Pediatric Home Care is one of the fastest growing healthcare fields. With modern advances in medical surgical procedures and life sustaining equipment, outcomes have improved for preterm infants, trauma patients and children treated


Diet Delicious: “Diet Fantasy” Takes the Work Out of Eating Right

The Diet Fantasy, a five-year-old company based in Spring Valley, NY, has created a unique product for the kosher marketplace: a gourmet, personalized diet, with the day’s food delivered each morning to the subscriber, in a sleek, insulated bag with cutlery and a water bottle, ready to be taken to work or school. Included in each day’s

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