Sunday, August 14, 2022

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OU/RCA Issues Statement Endorsing Childhood Vaccination

The Orthodox Union (OU) and the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) issued a statement on Tuesday strongly urging all parents to vaccinate their healthy children on the timetable recommended by their pediatrician. The statement came in response to the ongoing measles outbreak said to have begun at California’s Disneyland last


Recognizing Opportunity for Optimizing Medical Treatment

In our practice we have found that our body tissues hold a story that emanates in our energy field. Our work is designed to help unblock the trauma held in our bodies and to facilitate a healing environment. Sometimes we have to look past the diagnosis and look into the person. Sometimes we have to look past traditional medicine to partner


Chumash Mesoras HaRav Sefer Shemos Book Debut at Rinat

Teaneck—OU Press and the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County will celebrate the publication of the Chumash Mesoras HaRav Sefer Shemos, The Neuwirth Edition,the Book of Exodus with commentary based on the teachings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, on Sunday, February 22 at 8:00 p.m. at Congregation Rinat Yisrael, 389


Being Good: Skinny Talk

At the end of the day during my commute home from New York City, or as I’m lying in bed awaiting sleep, I reflect on my day. I think about the people whom I spoke with, the schedule of events that took place, and what I could have done differently. It isn’t about regrets. Rather, I think about how I can look back and use what took place


How to Beat Winter Weight Gain

When we think of snow days, we often imagine curling up with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and whipped cream, buttered popcorn and chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven all while watching a DVD in the living room. As cozy as this scene sounds, regularly consuming calorically dense foods in the winter can be a dieter’s downfall. In fact,


Beth Aaron to Host Several Kidney Transplant Events

Teaneck—Renewal, an organization dedicated to assisting people suffering from chronic kidney disease, will present several programs at Congregation Beth Aaron, 950 Queen Anne Rd., Teaneck on Friday, Feb. 6, and Saturday, Feb. 7.

Rabbi Ephraim Simon, Executive Director, Friends of


Getting Sand in Our Shoes

If you’re reading this and have school-aged children, you likely just survived spending over a week with your children while they were off for yeshiva break. Several people congenially asked my wife and me if we were doing anything special during the break. Of course, it’s a very popular thing to take a vacation or go on day


Herd Immunity and Measles: Why We Should Aim for 100% Vaccination Coverage

The measles outbreak traced back to Disneyland has spread to eight states, with as many as 95 cases reported by January 28. Media outlets are highlighting the rise of anti-vaccination sentiments. Scientists are expressing their dismay at people who reject sound medical advice and put their families and


Getting Fitter Boosts Even the Survival of the Fattest

Like many high school students I completely misunderstood the philosopher Herbert Spencer’s phrase “survival of the fittest.” I interpreted it to mean that those animals of a species that were the most physically fit were most likely to survive and reproduce. What Spencer was actually proposing when he first coined the phrase


A Dream Come True: The Diet Program That Worked for Me

Over the course of thirty years, I have been trying to lose 20 pounds to no avail... although I’ve always watched my weight, steadfastly dieted for two days straight, and lost momentum on the third day. With the cycle of dieting and eating, my weight fluctuated up and down depending on the day’s food intake. But I always wanted to get


Fat and Sugar-Heavy Diets Harm Your Brain and Make You Keep On Eating

Do you eat only when you’re actually hungry? Many of us eat even when our bodies don’t need food. Just the thought of food entices us to eat. We think about food when we see other people eating, when we pass a favorite fast-food restaurant, when we see a scrumptious snack near the check-out at a convenience store. In


The Stresses and Strains of Backpacks

To worried parents, they can look like pack mules on two legs—students who carry a load on their minds and a load on their backs. A backpack loaded with books may cause strain rather than success. Many studies have shown that heavy backpacks place significant stress on children’s spines and may lead to back pain. A recent study

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