Friday, October 07, 2022

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Green Tea and Beyond

Vanilla chai tea can be a great calorie-free alternative to hot cocoa or apple cider. Here are some other things to keep in mind when relaxing with a steaming cup of tea: Most health benefits attributed to tea are found when consuming green, white, or black tea. These teas come from the plant Camellia Sinensis, and the positive


Team Dale Continues to Take ‘One Step at a Time for a Cure’

West Orange—When a friend or loved one is suffering, what is the best way to help? Some bring flowers, some send cards, some bring food or chicken soup, and some offer to help care for that friend’s children. When Sandy Small’s close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago, she decided that she would


Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

Walk with me down memory lane for a moment. When you were a child, did you have a garden hose outside your home? When you turned the water on, how did the water come out? If it was a basic hose, I’m guessing it flowed out naturally, almost lazily, and in one direction. Then, when you put your thumb over the end of the hose, how


Accepting the Dark Side of Your Moon

Upon starting therapy, Sam described himself as a loving, devoted, and concerned husband, while Sarah described him as micro-managing and controlling of all aspects of their lives. In contrast, Sarah characterized herself as spirited, emotional, and the one who brought love and laughter into their lives, while Sam viewed her as


Special Report: Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month in Israel

Fifth Graders Experience Inclusion Out in the Field

A few weeks ago, Jews around the world celebrated the holiday of Tu B’Shvat. Originally an agricultural commemoration, Tu B’Shvat has evolved over the centuries into a festive holiday symbolizing the connection between the


Weinberg on Health Reform Case Before Supreme Court

“The U.S. Supreme court will begin hearing oral arguments this week on whether states with federal health exchanges are entitled under the law to subsidies that help to make coverage more affordable and obtainable. The stakes are incredibly high for New Jersey.

“Thousands of residents, many of whom


Allergy Season Is Almost Here: There Are Many Ways to Get Relief

This winter has been long and snowy. Most of us are ready to trade in our snow shovels for lawn mowers and gardening tools. However, as the weather warms up and people venture outside, spring also brings on misery for many allergy sufferers.

A seasonal allergy is a reaction to a specific trigger


We’re So Indoctrinated That We Don’t Listen to the Science

Postgraduate Student in Sport and Exercise Science at University of Hull

Government nutrition guidelines recommend a high carbohydrate diet regardless of the ample evidence of the health risks it promotes. Yet, chronic diseases and obesity rates have risen in correlation with a reduced intake of dietary


How Judaism Saved Me

Oftentimes, when I am interviewed regarding eating disorder in the Jewish community, the question of “why” arises. Why are eating disorders so prominent within this population? Is there some reason that our community has been hit with this rising epidemic?

There are many theories and speculations,


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Crosshairs

My wife and I see a couple of movies in the theater each year. So, when my father and step-mother came to visit recently, we took advantage of the free babysitting and made a break for the theater. We saw American Sniper, which was a very powerful movie. Regardless of where one stands on the topic of the war in Iraq, the movie very


Increasing Productivity and Decreasing Employee Stress at the Workplace

With the skyrocketing costs of healthcare today, companies are looking for ways to save money and to increase productivity wherever possible. On-site chiropractic care just might be the answer. Research shows that chiropractic care increases workplace productivity, and at the same time, decreases the amount of time an employee is out of the


OU/RCA Issues Statement Endorsing Childhood Vaccination

The Orthodox Union (OU) and the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) issued a statement on Tuesday strongly urging all parents to vaccinate their healthy children on the timetable recommended by their pediatrician. The statement came in response to the ongoing measles outbreak said to have begun at California’s Disneyland last

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