Thursday, October 06, 2022

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Sharsheret’s Rochelle Shoretz Discusses BRCA and Heredity

Teaneck According to the American Cancer Society, between five and 10% of cancers may be hereditary and passed on through gene mutations. Thus, for many years, women have heard about BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations, especially prevalent in Ashkenazi Jews, which can increase the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers. Women who


Shatter Your Limitations: Leaving Your Mitzrayim

What would you like to be? What would you like to do? So, nu? What are you waiting for?

Yeah, if only life were that simple…

“I can’t because I have no time”;

“I can’t because I have no money”;

“I can’t because I have no control” (of my food, of my job, of my family);

“I can’t because I have no


Our Own Personal Redemptions

Although Pesach is only eight days long, it feels as if the holiday takes up a greater chunk in our calendars. We experience weeks, if not months, of preparation, cleaning, cooking, planning. We preoccupy ourselves with the latest recipes and projects, oftentimes forgetting the meaning of the holiday. Pesach is about redemption and freedom. As we eat sit around the


The Nose Knows

Stuffy nose, stuffy head, sinus…This winter with its freezing weather and lots of snow resulted in serious sinus conditions for many people, and now that spring is here, allergies are rearing their heads, and stuffing up yours. When your sinus is bothering you, here are a few tips to help you recover more quickly:

drink only warm


Why All Protein Is Not Created Equal

For all you vegans out there, be warned: this article won’t be pretty. Continuing my previous three articles regarding the six nutrients we all need to consume as part of a healthy balanced diet—i.e., proteins, fats, carbohydrates (“carbs”), vitamins, minerals, and water—this article focuses on protein.

So what exactly is protein? Why should


Control Your Migraines with Acupuncture

Migraines can have a serious impact on your life. Many individuals suffer from the condition one to four times per month, sidelining them for hours or even days. Unfortunately, a migraine isn’t your average headache. It’s characterized by severe throbbing and pulsating pain on one or both sides of the head, sensitivity to light and noise, nausea and


How to Survive the Pesach Carb Overload

For those of us trying to reduce the amount of carbohydrates (“carbs”) we’re consuming with the intention of losing some weight, without doubt, Pesach is one of the most difficult eight days of the year. Take the sedarim, for instance, epitomized by the simple equation “matzo + wine + large meal + late at night = perfect storm for weight


High-Heel Hangover

If you would neversubject yourself to balancing on a small pair of stilts at a 30° angle in the name of vanity, this ain’t about you. To all my masochistic friends out there, you KNOW what I’m talking about: You walked to shul, stood through the amida, and graciously hosted an 18- course Shabbat meal in your best three-inch heels, or


Culturally Sensitive Treatment

When people hear that I’m starting a non-profit targeting the Jewish community (with regard to eating disorders) they often ask – is having such an organization really that important?

There are countless websites and books that provide phenomenal eating disorder information. Additionally there are many treatment centers that provide Kosher food or


My Hands Hurt!

A woman once walked into my office and told me that her hands hurt. At first I did not think much of it, after all I am a hand surgeon and many of my patients come in with that very complaint. I asked her the usual questions that a complaint such as hers triggers. Have you had an injury? Do they wake you up at night? Do they feel stiff when you wake up in the


“Why Not All Carbs Are Created Equal”

In my previous two articles I discussed the six nutrients that we all need to consume as part of a healthy balanced diet, i.e., proteins, fats, carbohydrates (“carbs”), vitamins, minerals, and water—with the last article focusing specifically on carbs, and how, contrary to popular belief, they are not the “source of all evil” when it comes


Is JOFEE the New Acronym for the Jewish Future?

More than five months after the Pew Research Center’s “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” survey drew widespread pessimism over rising intermarriage and assimilation, as well as declining connection with synagogues and other institutions, proponents of a newly released study believe they may have the antidote for what ails the

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