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Eating Disorder Treatment Options

People often ask me why I feel compelled to write about eating disorders. The main purpose behind my writing is to provide awareness. It is extremely important in our culture and society to have a clear, truthful understanding as to the nature of eating disorders. There is another goal, though, that I hope to foster through my writing—to promote change.


Keeping Kids Hydrated in the Heat

We all know how hard it is getting ourselves to drink enough water, let alone getting our kids to do it. Very often asking a child to take a moment out of playing their favorite outdoor game and drink some water will garner a reaction like you are from another planet (or you will just be plainly ignored). But it is necessary to keep an eye on kids’ hydration


Common Food Supplement Fights Degenerative Brain Disorders

Israel21c—Many older people already take the compound phosphatidylserine to improve cognition and slow memory loss. There is more good news about this natural food supplement, coming out of an Israeli university: phosphatidylserine appears to improve the functioning of genes involved in degenerative brain disorders, including Parkinson’s disease


A “Jewish Medical Home”

While much is made of the new Medicare initiative for patients to have a “medical home” responsible for all aspects of their care, I realized that the Jewish community already has this potential. The regular synagogue attending population receives regular information in bulletins, announcements, and speeches on a wide array of issues. What could be more important


New Website Launched to Educate the Jewish Community about Genetic Health Issues

NEW YORK– Jewish individuals seeking to learn about the many genetic health conditions they may be at risk for can self-educate at GeneSights (www.GeneSights.com), a new online education resource conceived by the Program for Jewish Genetic Health of Yeshiva University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. GeneSights is designed to provide effective and


BounceU of Paramus Offers Occupational Therapy

Paramus—Miriam Skydell & Associates and BounceU of Paramus announce that they have partnered to provide Occupational Therapy services at BounceU of Paramus. This goal directed sensory-motor therapeutic experience is suitable for a wide range of children, including, but not limited to children  with Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing


Israeli Medicinal Mushroom Effective as Pancreatic Cancer Drug

(Israel 21c)—Some good news for patients with pancreatic cancer is now coming out of a laboratory in northern Israel. Prof. Solomon Wasser of Haifa University, who runs a mushroom research lab, recently patented a medicinal product derived from the cyathus striatus, a fungus found in Israeli forests.

Prof. Wasser , the founder and editor-in-chief of


Religion, Recovery, and Anorexia

It is always important to counter the negative stereotypes and misconceptions that are raised by people who do not understand eating disorders,  especially when a rabbi writes an article that says that anorexia is a punishment for sinning.  The  article by Rabbi Ben-Zion Spitz, chief rabbi of Uruguay did open the door to the very important topic of religion and


Israelis Find Ways to Preserve Fertility After Chemotherapy For the first time, there is hope of natural conception for young female cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Cancer treatments often damage a young woman’s ovaries — so if the chemo saves her life, she may still face the inability to conceive a new life later on.

Exciting research from Israel now reveals the mechanics of this heartbreaking problem and – most importantly — a long-sought-after way to avoid it.

In a study published in Science


Religion, Anorexia and Recovery, Part I

In recent weeks, an article written by Rabbi Ben-Zion Spitz, chief rabbi of Uraguay, was brought to my attention. In his writing he quotes the Ibn Ezra on Vayikra 26:26 regarding punishments that B’nai Yisroelwill endure if they distance themselves from God. One such punishment is hunger—about which the Ibn Ezra says, “You will eat an abundant amount of


Summer: The Perfect Time for an Eye Exam

With summer fast approaching, we all have our annual checklist in mind. It might include helping children pack for camp or making sure that the propane tanksare filled for the many planned barbecues. But what about an eye examination? Summer is the perfect time to schedule a visit with the eye doctor for the whole family. While it’s always fun to pick out a


Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) otherwise known as winter blues or winter depression (or summer blues or summer depression for those living in warmer climates) is not a unique mood disorder according to the DSM-IV but a “specifier of Major Depression.” It is a relatively common condition, now believed to affect 6% of the population. Its symptoms consist of

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