Monday, November 28, 2022

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“Do Shabbat and Yom Tov Calories Really Count?”

“Do Shabbat& Yom TovCalories Really Count?” What would you like the answer to be? I wish I could tell you “No, don’t worry about them, calories only count on days we say Magdil,” but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

During any normal Shabbat, doing the right thing for your body is tough enough: eating


ADHD – Can I Overcome This??

Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD or ADD (in the past), has gained much attention in the last two decades. The statistics are startling: the rate of diagnosis is growing 3-6% a year (cdc. gov) while prescriptions for stimulants that treat the disorder have doubled among certain age groups. I have firsthand experience working with


Understanding Fats: Part Two

Part Two

In an earlier column, we started to discuss fat as a macronutrient and the how various types of fat affect both our health and our food differently. That article was written for those interested in how various oils can be used in cooking and how oil compares to butter and margarine. With that background we can now delve deeper into these


Oral Cancer: Your Dentist is Your First Line of Defense

Oral cancer is a disease which impacts thousands of people in the United States, and which unfortunately has been growing in scale.  The Oral Cancer Foundation estimates that 42, 000 Americans will contract oral cancer this year, the fifth year in a row of growth in this disease.

What’s most unfortunate is that 75% of oral cancer cases can be traced back to


What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils, or volatile oils, are the “life blood” of plants and are found most often in their flowers and leaves. Essential oils rapidly evaporate, do not leave stains, and have medicinal, as well as aromatic and other properties. Their scents are that of the plant from which they come. Essential oils can be powerful antioxidants that create an unfriendly


When Did I Become Nancy?

Several weeks ago, I entered my bank to try to solve a problem. A young woman, whom I had never seen before, approached, asking if she could help me. I showed her the documents I had and explained what I was hoping to achieve. She looked them over and began to address me, saying, “Okay, Nancy ...”

I was quite taken aback! I could have been the woman’s


Why Should I Take My Child to a Pediatric Dentist?

Have you ever thought about taking your child to your internist instead of the pediatrician? Probably not, because your Pediatrician is someone who specializes in the growth and development of children.

Just like your pediatrician, a pediatric dentist, is a doctor that has 2 to 3 years of specialty training beyond dental school. A pediatric dentist also


New BreathID Hp Analyzes Gastrointestinal Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some two thirds of the world’s population is infected with H. pylori—bacteria found in the stomach. Most of those infected are completely unaware and thus develop peptic ulcers and increase the risk of stomach cancer. A new diagnostic system called BreathIDHp has hit the market and the Israeli


Body Esteem vs. Self-Esteem

Chances are if you were to ask a young woman about her self-esteem she would begin to discuss how she feels about herself in relation to her body. It is generally believed that this has to do with the current conceptions posed by the media; a study done by J.B. Martin in 2010 showed that 47 percent of elementary school girls felt that magazines influenced their desires


Please Help Baby Idan’s Fight For Life

In many ways, Idan Zablocki is a typical one-year old, with a happy-go-lucky nature, an intense curiosity about the world around him, and an enthusiastic readiness for playtime. But Idan is also one of two in a million, because he is struggling with Hyper IgM Syndrome, an extremely rare and life-threatening primary immune deficiency disorder that severely


Nachshon or Dathan?

According to a Midrash of the Exodus, the sea did not split until Nachshon ben Aminadav waded into it up to his nose. In another story of the Exodus, Dathan and Abiram led a rebellion against Moses in an attempt to get him to turn back.

The Torah is full of stories of courage and cowardice in the quest for the Promised Land. We Jews have a history of grumbling


Understanding Fats

At a family get together, my brother-in-law requested that I write an article on fats—margarine, oil and butter. There had been a heated debate in his camp office last week revolving around oil. One of his colleagues insisted that vegetable oil is as healthy as canola oil, and another said that she uses olive oil for everything. He asked that I write an article to

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