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Religion, Anorexia and Recovery, Part I

In recent weeks, an article written by Rabbi Ben-Zion Spitz, chief rabbi of Uraguay, was brought to my attention. In his writing he quotes the Ibn Ezra on Vayikra 26:26 regarding punishments that B’nai Yisroelwill endure if they distance themselves from God. One such punishment is hunger—about which the Ibn Ezra says, “You will eat an abundant amount of


Summer: The Perfect Time for an Eye Exam

With summer fast approaching, we all have our annual checklist in mind. It might include helping children pack for camp or making sure that the propane tanksare filled for the many planned barbecues. But what about an eye examination? Summer is the perfect time to schedule a visit with the eye doctor for the whole family. While it’s always fun to pick out a


Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) otherwise known as winter blues or winter depression (or summer blues or summer depression for those living in warmer climates) is not a unique mood disorder according to the DSM-IV but a “specifier of Major Depression.” It is a relatively common condition, now believed to affect 6% of the population. Its symptoms consist of


Developing Drugs for the Dark Side

There’s a computerized repository in Israel that looks like any other with data sets, tables, forms, graphs and reports. But tap in the right username and password and you’ll access the world’s most comprehensive repositories of research data from drug studies to treat schizophrenia and depression.

This warehouse of information is a key component of


Household Tips for Healthier Living

Cleaning The Right Way To Remove Allergens

(BPT) - When you’re done with spring cleaning, you may assume you’ve eliminated any allergy triggers that were lurking in your home. But the truth is, if you don’t clean the right way, you might be making the problem worse.

More than 40 million Americans suffer from allergy problems, and


PTSD Prevention Studies at TAU

Israeli researchers used genetic and psychological testing to identify factors that reduce the risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The groundbreaking Tel Aviv University study focused on infantry soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. (Other populations suffering from PTSD include veterans of war from other countries, Holocaust survivors and other


What Parents Need to Know About Concussions

(BPT) - Parents of young athletes know that along with the many benefits of participating in sports, there comes a certain amount of injury risk. And while most would agree that the benefits of being active and involved in athletics outweigh those risks, it’s important to make sure your child gets proper treatment if an injury occurs. As more evidence surfaces about


Bike Gezunteheit, But Not Without A Helmet

Use Your Head, Be Safe

Teaneck—With spring finally here, people are pulling their bicycles out of their garages, and children are riding up and down the sidewalks on bikes and trikes, enjoying the sun and exercise. Familes are going on biking trips, the roller skates and in-line skates are being oiled and prepped for a season of fun. But


Biking Laws in New Jersey

In New Jersey, anyone under 17 years of age that rides a bicycle or is a passenger on a bicycle, or is towed as a passenger by a bicycle must wear a safety helmet. This includes roller and inline skates and skateboards. Roller skates means a pair of devices worn on the feet with a set of wheels attached, regardless of the number or placement of those wheels and used to


How To Recognize Eating Disorders

This article is the first in a series on eating disorders; how to recognize them in friends and family members and how to reach out to those suffering from the disease. Visit her website http://tvcsupport.org/ for more information.

An expression of vanity. A celebrity trend. The rich girl’s disease. A cry for attention.  Exclusive to women. These


Diet with Mediterranean Flair

There are so many diets around—Zone, South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, Sugar Busters, WeightWatchers—that it is hard to keep track of them all. One diet, however, was recently at the center of a groundbreaking study and was heavily covered by the popular media. This is a diet that you want to know more about. The study, published in the New England Journal of


Helpful Hints

If Your Child Loses
A Tooth in An Accident

Stay Calm. Sudden loss of a tooth can be traumatic for both you and your child. Try to stay calm and soothe your child.

Keep It Clean. Injuries to the mouth often cause a lot of bleeding. This can make the injury look worse than it really is. Once your child is calm,

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