Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Pesach Prep and Disordered Behaviors: Here’s What to Know

This morning’s activities included cleaning out our freezer and beginning to organize a box of food for donations. It’s that time of year again, folks: preparing for Pesach. In the weeks (and for some, months) leading up to Pesach so many of us begin to plan and prep. The cleaning, the cooking, the organizing.


Good News in Cancer

It is common for me to be asked, “So when are we going to cure cancer already?” If I am at a bar mitzvah, I start to look for the sushi or the bar at this point. A reasonable answer is, as most of my colleagues would concur, that we do cure many cancers already, but unfortunately have limited success with others. I suspect many of you


Preparing for Pesach 5781 at St. Mary’s General Hospital

(Courtesy of SMGH) Purim is over, and we immediately think of getting ready for Pesach. And this year it will be a challenge as it was last year with COVID-19 hovering over us. Still, the massive spring cleaning is underway, along with restricting what food items we buy, and planning where we will store all of our Pesach foods,


Emotions: A Primer

Acquaintance: How are you?

Me: Thank God, doing great!

Acquaintance: Well... ‘great’ under the circumstances, right?

Me: Sure …

While the above dialogue was only seconds long, I’ve


A National Day of Mourning for COVID-19 Victims

(Courtesy of SMGH) Almost one year after the first known U.S. COVID-19 death 1, activists and community groups are uniting in a nationwide effort calling on officials to memorialize the more than half-million 2Americans who have died with an official COVID memorial day. Arizona Rep. Greg Stanton is planning on


Touro Presents Halachic Guidance For Health Professionals

(Courtesy of Touro College) More than 600 medical professionals and medical students tuned in last month to hear a special Zoom shiur presented by HaGaon Harav Asher Weiss shlita, focused on halachic guidance and inspiration for those on the front lines during COVID-19. HaRav Weiss is the inaugural recipient of the Rabbi Raphael


Soroka Salon Goes Virtual: Learn, Connect and Get Inspired

(Courtesy of American Friends of Soroka Medical Center) American Friends of Soroka Medical Center (AFSMC) is hosting a new four-part webinar series “Soroka Salon: The Promise of the Negev,” featuring former member of Knesset and Professor Michael Bar-Zohar. With a distinguished and legendary career at


Removing the Mask From Postpartum Depression

Being postpartum is a confusing experience. You’re overwhelmed by mazal tov texts, calls and visits; recovering from labor and delivery; and taking care of a newborn—all at the same time. It was December 2018, and this was baby No. 3 for me, but I had an inkling in the back of my mind that it was going to be more difficult than the


‘This Is My Medication!’ End Scene.

Let me set the scene: You’re watching a family comedy—something geared toward tweens perhaps, but with enough humor for mom and dad to enjoy. Two young teenagers are getting ready for school, joking about their upcoming math test, when one grabs a bottle from the kitchen cabinet.

“What’s that?”


Have You Heard of PEMF Therapy?

Everyone knows how important it is to have a strong immune system. PEMF works on the body’s cellular level protecting and supporting your natural defense system. Over the last 20 years pulsecenters.com has developed the most powerful and effective PEMF machine in the world. This non-invasive therapy is used by professional athletes and


The Vaccine Queen of Bergen County

The past year has been difficult in so many ways. Whether it was the loss of a loved one, disruption of school, mental health issues or unemployment, everybody has been affected in some way.

Following one of the greatest health crusades the world has ever seen, a vaccine has finally arrived.


Academies at GBDS: Blessed With a ‘Vaccine Angel’

Before COVID-19 hit, Dr. Melissa Berlin, a family doctor and mother of four, was already managing a lot. Today, more than a year since the pandemic began, her responsibilities make her pre-COVID busy life seem like a walk in the park.

In addition to working full-time as a