Friday, February 03, 2023

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It Hurts When I Move. How Can PT Help?

The success of physical therapy depends on a few factors. A person’s complaints and symptoms, their diagnosis, the facility they go to, the therapist they see and the treatment they receive all contribute to a successful course of physical therapy. If you are experiencing any pain, or difficulty with movement, here are some


Tel Aviv University Study Shines Light On Women’s Health

Study faults masculine dominance for medical focus on reproduction instead of women’s health.

(Courtesy of TAU) A new preliminary study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) reveals that most gynecological research focuses on childbirth and reproduction rather than women’s health and


Yeshiva University Clinical Trial Targets Migraine Therapy

YU Professor Dr. Elizabeth Seng, lead author in the pilot, receives 2022 award from the American Neurological Association.

(Courtesy of YU) Mindfulness-based therapy consisting of meditation training and mindfulness exercises can provide significant relief for people suffering


‘Get Help Israel’ Offers Mental Health Guidance to Anglo Olim and Therapists

From learning Hebrew to acclimating to a new school or community, making aliyah can trigger significant stresses on olim adjusting to life in a foreign country. According to Israel’s Health Ministry, one-third of suicides in the country are committed by olim. Mental health challenges are often compounded by bureaucracy and the


Live for Yourself, Not the Dress

I still remember my favorite dress from my childhood. It had these zany looking buttons, reminding me of wheels in a factory, and it was red, yellow and green plaid. I wore this dress often, especially for special occasions like a Shabbat away. I remember when it stopped fitting, which led to a whole lot of sadness and to my keeping the


Jewish Link Roundtable With The Therapy Place: Emotional Regulation Post Covid

Question: How has COVID impacted your treatment plan? What successful treatment options have you found in therapy?

  • Leah Gross:

We are definitely finding that more children are struggling with emotional regulation (specifically anxiety)


What Is a UTI and How Is It Treated?

(Courtesy of Parkview Pharmacy) Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the most common bacterial infection in the U.S. It happens to one in five women in their lifetime, mainly those between the age of 16-35. It is four times more common in females than males.

There are a variety of risk factors that can lead


Dr. Bat-Sheva Maslow of RMA New Jersey Blends Heart and Science for Families

Dr. Bat-Sheva Maslow grew up in the New York area, went to high school in New Jersey and attended Barnard College, where she majored in history: a unique but intentional choice for a pre-med student. Minoring in biochemistry, Maslow wrote her senior thesis on the role that the American Civil War played in the public’s acceptance of the


Male Breast Cancer

Some things we just don’t think about very much. A few weeks ago, my wife Elie and I were invited to lunch by new friends following a shul kiddush and, as is sometimes the case, our new host told us his cancer story after the soup. I enjoyed the soup very much—it was unusual. I enjoyed the story as well—it was also not the usual


RWJBarnabas Health Nationally Recognized For Quality Specialty Care

RWJBarnabas Health facilities rank among the top 5% of hospitals in the nation.

(Courtesy of RWJBarnabas Health) RWJBarnabas Health received 32 awards and recognitions from the Healthgrades 2023 Specialty Excellence Awards for superior clinical performance in numerous specialty care


JOWMA Addresses ADHD

What is ADHD? ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) is not just “being hyper” or “not paying attention,” but a set of strict criteria. It can be a challenging diagnosis to make since there are many other things that can mimic ADHD. It’s important to distinguish them, since the approach and treatment is


The Blood-Brain Barrier

In ancient times, ignorance about the workings of nature and the universe resulted in almost all people having a belief in one or another deity as the primary causal agent in nature. This situation persisted until the dawn of the scientific age during the Renaissance, when scientific discovery began to introduce scientific explanations for

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