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How Spravato Differs From Traditional Antidepressants

When it comes to treating depression, no single method works for all. Spravato is the newest treatment option that activates different chemicals in the brain than traditional antidepressants, causing rapid relief from symptoms.

Most people suffering from depression experience improvements in their


Jewish Link Roundtable With The Therapy Place

The Therapy Place was founded in 2012 for occupational and speech therapy. The Therapy Place has three private practice clinics throughout New Jersey, all medically approved. In 2020, a sister company called CircleCare was founded, a therapy clinic for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Visit The Therapy Place online to learn


It Takes a Miracle: A PUAH Story of Miracle Births

Year after painful year, Sarah hoped, prayed and desperately waited for a child of her own. She was willing to do anything it took; yet, despite all of her and her husband’s efforts, nothing seemed to work. The years passed, month after month of “no, not this time.” But still, she kept hoping. Kept trying. Kept praying.


Shining a Light on Pain Relief: How Cold Laser Therapy Is Revolutionizing Physical Therapy

As a physical therapist for over 25 years, I have seen many innovations in technology within the realm of non-surgical joint and muscle pain relief, but one of them stands head and shoulders above the rest. Cold laser is a very powerful modality to help facilitate pain relief and reduce inflammation. I


Is Snoring a Health Problem or Just a Noisy Nuisance?

Since I am a sleep medicine physician, I am often asked the following questions related to snoring: Is my snoring a health problem? If I snore, does that mean I have sleep apnea? What’s the difference between snoring and sleep apnea anyway?

Snoring is very common though it’s hard to know for sure


Don’t Say OCD, Depressed or Anxiety Unless You Mean It

Some people dread Pesach preparation time, but not for the reason you think. As challenging as it can be to search for and eliminate chametz, chametz isn’t rude, it isn’t insensitive and it doesn’t hurt feelings. People, on the other hand, often unintentionally, are or do all three. In conversations, around Shabbos tables and even


Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape: Check Your Child for Scoliosis

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a spinal deformity consisting of lateral (to the side) curvature and rotation of the vertebrae. Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) is scoliosis that develops during adolescence.

What is the


Bittersweet: Burgeoning Research on the Impact of Sugar Substitutes on Gut Health

Let’s face it: People love their sugar. It evokes beautiful childhood memories, imparts happiness, and comes in all sorts of delicious forms and flavors. It’s hard to shut off that craving for some sweetness, in whatever style tickles your fancy. However, the average consumer is increasingly aware of the havoc sugar may wreak on our


Teaneck’s Karen Willick Appointed Clinic Manager at POTS

(Courtesy of POTS) Dr. Chaye Lamm Warburg, director of pediatric occupational therapy services (POTS, has announced the appointment of Karen (KB) Willick, OT as clinic manager.

In her new role, Willick will oversee a clinical staff of occupational, physical, speech, feeding, sensory integration,


New Support Groups for Families Grappling With Religious Divergence

When Danielle Zimmerman set out to become a licensed clinical social worker, she knew that she wanted to help people in her community but wasn’t sure how. Then, within the last few years, she began to notice a growing niche of families who all seemed to be struggling with a common issue: how to confront and handle situations when


Burning Soreness of the Hip: Hip Bursitis and Iliotibial Band Syndrome

I see a lot of patients with hip pain. Many times, the pain comes on slowly and insidiously out of nowhere without a specific incident which the patient can blame for its onset. Sometimes they recall a fall after which the outer aspect of the hip persists in being sore to touch, at times with walking, and


Fifteen Things the Cannabis Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

As a physician practicing on the front lines of the emergency department, I am seeing firsthand the devastating damage marijuana causes.

”It’s just weed.”

Those are the words that still haunt the parents of Johnny Stack.

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