Friday, May 20, 2022

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Chernobyl and Cancer

As we watch Putin and Russia invade Ukraine, we can think back to one of the things that the Soviet Union gave to the Ukrainian people before they became independent in 1991. This, of course, is the Chernobyl disaster.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant suffered an accident on April 26, 1986.There was an


Is It COVID or Haman?

(Courtesy of SMGH) Purim this year marks the second anniversary of COVID-19, which was first reported as a pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020. And we spent those two years in isolation avoiding contact with anybody who could be a carrier of COVID.

“Doesn’t this sound


Treating SIBO: Could This Be the Real Cause of Your IBS?

An exclusive interview with Dr. Mark Pimentel of Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

Part II

Mark Pimentel is an associate professor of medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His medical training includes a fellowship in


Ponderings of a Sober Life

(Reprinted from the Communities Confronting Substance Use & Addiction [CCSA] blog, originally printed on February 7, 2022)

Purim and Pesach are fast approaching – and for those in the Jewish community who struggle with alcohol, the presence of wine and liquor on Purim and the four cups of wine at the Pesach seder can be very challenging. How can


In the Trenches With COVID-Destabilized Marriages

The research on the impact of COVID-19 on marital well-being is just now coming to the fore. The goal of this essay is to provide the reader with some initial findings, as it can help to explain comments made by couple’s therapy clients of this author.

A remarkable thing about the pandemic is


It’s a Slow Roll, Not a Bounce Back

I’m not sure who invented the expression “bounce back,” but I’ve been finding myself very frustrated with the concept recently. This idea that we’re meant to just be boomerangs after experiencing a hardship in life, swinging back into action as if all is fine, is—to put it simply—angering.


Florida Firm, MicroLumix, Unveils GermPass Virus- and Germ-Killing System

New biotechnology product aims to be the world’s fastest automatic sanitary solution.

GermPass, a division of MicroLumix, debuted first-of-its-kind biotechnology at the Harvard Club of New York on February 22. The GermPass system, which has been independently validated to kill the


Can Diabetes Be Cured? Yes!

Type 2 Diabetes is thought of as a disease that is marked by elevated blood sugar that leads to many complications that are disabling and/or life-threatening. While this is true, it is important to understand that the elevated blood sugar is a symptom and not the cause of the disease. Many describe Type 2 diabetes as a progressive disease,


Addressing a Topic of Lifelong Importance to Women

Highlighting “The Inside Story: The Jewish Woman’s Guide to Lifelong Pelvic Health” by Dr. Riva Preil. Independently published. 2022. English. Paperback. 104 pages. ISBN-13: 979-8-7780-2375-8.

Originally from Bergenfield, Riva Preil lives and works in


RWJBarnabas Health Announces Next Generation of Leadership

(Courtesy of Barnabas Health) In response to Barry H. Ostrowsky’s long-stated plan to retire from RWJBarnabas Health on December 31, 2022, after leading the enterprise for over 30 years, the RWJBarnabas Health Board of Trustees has voted unanimously to appoint Mark E. Manigan—currently chief strategy and business


Folate Fortification and Unintended Consequences

Those of us who have been pregnant will recall that when we make our initial visit to the obstetrician, one of the first things that is recommended is that we take a vitamin supplement. This prenatal vitamin is folic acid, one of the vitamin B family.

Folic acid is important in the first


Israel Ganz, Governor of Binyamin Regional Council, Seeks Donors for New Hospital

(Courtesy of One Israel Fund) The governor of the Binyamin Regional Council in Israel, Israel Ganz, is touring cities on the East Coast of the United States until February 10, to seek donors for the state-of-the-art, 7,000-square-meter Binyamin Medical Center that is presently being constructed in his jurisdiction. He will also be meeting

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