Sunday, May 28, 2023

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Touro’s New York Medical College Celebrates Match Day 2023 With 99% Match Rate

Students to train in 103 different hospitals, some with shomer Shabbos residencies.

(Courtesy of Touro University) Last week, the Class of 2023 at Touro University’s New York Medical College (NYMC) School of Medicine gathered on campus with family and friends for the


Looking Forward to the Future

In a previous article I discussed the benefits of equine therapy for mental illness, and how it has helped me personally. I wanted to share a powerful lesson that the horses (along with the therapist) helped me learn.

Ever since I have found equine therapy and some new medication adjustments, my


Zaltrap and the High Cost of Chemotherapy Drugs

I don’t think I have to explain in these pages how difficult it is to find a drug that can be effective as a chemotherapeutic agent. For any given cancer site, the list of effective drugs, despite the widespread and aggressive testing and efforts to screen and test hundreds of agents, is disappointingly small.


Central Jersey Counseling Practice Adds Staff With Specialized Skills

Talia Becker, who lives and practices in Highland Park brings significant experience to her psychotherapy practice, where she treats eating disorders, depression and anxiety. She worked in the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s Eating Disorders Unit for more than five years and has worked in private practice for


Integrating Intuitive Eating: Considering Privilege

Healing the relationship between one’s mind and body requires a fair amount of devotion; it is not easy to unlearn all that has been taught to us about the way we understand and judge our bodies. Typically, when I am working with a client or speaking at a school, people ask about how to achieve a tolerant, accepting or loving relationship


Kosher ADHD Comes to the U.S.

(Courtesy of Kosher ADHD) Do you feel that your child is simply “out of control” and that you are a lousy parent? Are you feeling guilty or concerned that your child seems disconnected from Yiddishkeit?

Kosher ADHD is a novel and dynamic approach towards navigating the problems of ADHD within the


CMS Takes Action to Lower Drug Costs

(Courtesy of CMS) The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has taken an important step towards improving the healthcare system for all Americans by implementing a new system with the goal of reducing drug costs. CMS is collecting the RxDC report on behalf of the Departments of Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor,


Hearing Loss: Life Lessons and Observations Of a Hearing Instrument Specialist

A few years ago, I had a bit of an epiphany. After spending the bulk of my career (and youth) selling advertising for trade magazines in the music industry, I had to face some hard truths. Print magazine budgets were slowly becoming obsolete in favor of much less expensive digital offerings. My industry as a whole had consolidated and


Betel Nut Chewing and Oral Cancer

I don’t suppose too many of us are familiar with the areca palm, but it grows widely in India and throughout much of the rest of Asia and east Africa. Its seed, the areca nut, is also known as the betel nut. It is chewed by hundreds of millions of people throughout India, southern China and other countries, mostly by men.


NCI-Funded Cancer Centers

The National Cancer Institute was established in 1937 as the lead institution for the federal government to plan and monitor the conduct of research and for the disbursement of research funds for cancer research. While it is part of the broader National Institutes of Health, it is considered an independent entity with its own budget and


SwiftHealth: A New Way of Wellness

(Courtesy of SwiftHealth) It’s 2023: You’re craving Indian food, so you get na’an and gobi masala delivered to your door within the hour with the click of a button. You wake up in the middle of the night remembering you need laundry detergent for your housekeeper and a graphing calculator for your child; Amazon can


Purim and Parenting

Another Purim in the books, and I’m exhausted. As a parent, it can be a lot — making sure every child has something to wear and something to give out, shuttling them around town without missing the morahs’ receiving hours, and keeping everyone’s costumes intact and clean through every last picture and party. But all that is worth it

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