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The Mysterious Cancer Cluster

Part I

Cancer of the vagina is a very rare cancer. Similar to cancer of the cervix, when it does occur, it is a squamous cell carcinoma, i.e., it arises in the flat membrane or lining that covers the organ as a protective layer. Nonetheless, there is another type of vaginal cancer that


Nonprofit Provides Abused Jewish Women With Answers

Kol Isha (“voice of women”) helps women who seek Jewish divorce know their rights under Jewish law and navigate the system.

(Courtesy of Kol Isha) Rachel B., a 37-year-old Jewish mother of four, endured years of emotional and physical abuse from her husband. She hoped that ending


Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway Offers Post-COVID Program

(Courtesy of RWJUH) Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Rahway, an RWJBarnabas Health facility, offers a Post-COVID Recovery Program to address the needs of individuals with post-COVID syndrome.

The Post-COVID Recovery Program enlists RWJUH Rahway’s highly skilled physiatrists,


Height and Cancer

We have a well justified interest and concern regarding the relationship between weight/obesity and cancer risk. But what about the other metric of our size, height? Does that play a role as well?

Height is discussed at length in a well-written chapter in one of the volumes written by Malcolm Gladwell.


Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center Appoints Chief Nursing Officer

(Courtesy of CBMC) Sheila Collier, MSN, RNC-MNN, has been named the chief nursing officer at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, formerly Saint Barnabas Medical Center. A dedicated member of the CBMC team since 2005, Collier is responsible for all aspects of the nursing division, including the operational clinical practice,


How We Talk About Touch

In August of last year, after multiple allegations of sexual assault against him, Andrew Cuomo declared, “I never touched anyone inappropriately.” This is a common but misguided justification for body-boundary violations.

Cuomo asserts that his behaviors weren’t appropriate, however, he


When You’re Seeking Help But Not Sure Where to Start

When someone is looking for a new doctor or specialist, the first thing people tend to do is ask their friends in the area for recommendations, rather than going through what seems like hundreds of names given by their insurance company. If that doesn’t yield fruitful results, people then take to their social media or WhatsApp


Does Prayer Help?

It is a natural response to a serious illness in a friend or loved one to make a Mi Shebarach in shul or even, if particularly concerned, to say Tehillim in honor of the patient. These are efforts to enlist the intervention of the Almighty on behalf of the ill person. Almost all religions and cultures have their own rituals and procedures


What a Difference a Year Makes—Frustrations of the Pandemic

(Courtesy of SMGH) “Is this St. Mary’s?” asked the gruff-sounding gentleman calling directly to Vanessa Warner, director of marketing at St. Mary’s General Hospital. “Yes,” answered Warner, not knowing what to expect with the sound of his voice.

“I want you to do something,” said


Up in Arms About Weight Loss Ads—Or Are We?

There’s nothing quite like an angering ad to get people to come out of the woodwork. Within the past few weeks, a highly controversial ad was featured in a Jewish magazine promoting a weight-loss program geared toward seminary students. I cannot tell you how many people sent this to me—people with whom I haven’t spoken in


New Study Disproves Myth That Orthodox Jews Resist Mental Health Treatment

(Courtesy of Touro College) For years, experts have believed that Orthodox Jews resist treatment for mental illness. New research led by Steven Tzvi Pirutinsky, Ph.D., associate professor at Touro College Graduate School of Social Work, busts that stereotype. The findings were published this week in Transcultural


Canine Cancer

My son Eitan recently acquired a new dog, Sparky. Eitan and my wife Elie love Sparky, and Sparky seems to love them. Enough said. I do have to say he is adorable. And he does remind me of the following story:

One afternoon in late 2000, I was sitting in my office when I received a phone call from a woman

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