Tuesday, July 07, 2020

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Immortality: It’s Not So Far-Fetched

“I believe with perfect faith that there will be a revival of the dead…” – Principles of Faith, Rambam

Irrational. Unreal. A stretch. Let’s face it. Revival of the dead and subsequent immortality is likely one of the most difficult principles to fully embrace in the Jewish faith—since it proposes a physical reality that is


Vagmin Vora, MD, Is First in Brooklyn to Perform SI Joint Surgical Procedure

Brooklyn—Dr. Vagmin Vora of The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders in New York and New Jersey became the first surgeon to perform the iFuse Implant System® (“iFuse”), a minimally invasive sacroiliac joint surgery, in Brooklyn. The groundbreaking procedure took place at Mount Sinai Brooklyn on August 3.

Following a motor vehicle


Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders and Mazor Robotics Install Spinal Surgery Robot

Mazor Robotics Inc., a developer of innovative guidance systems and complementary products, and The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (CMD) announced the first installation of the Renaissance system in an ambulatory outpatient setting in the Northeast.

CMD, located in Englewood, NJ, is a joint private practice including The Center for Spinal


Throw Out Your Excuses to Reach Your Goals

Dear Tanya,

I can imagine that you really hear it all... How do you know the difference between a valid reason or simply an excuse? I’m asking because I find myself rationalizing my overeating and my lack of exercise. I tell myself that I’m entitled to be stressed or that I’m just too busy to cook healthy for myself or to exercise.


Touro College Unveils NYS’s Newest Dental School

Touro College, together with local and regional elected officials and dental industry leaders, unveiled its new college of dental medicine—New York State’s first new dental school in nearly half a century.

New York State Senator Terrence Murphy, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, New York State Assemblyman Thomas J. Abinanti, and


Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

Recently, David Matthau from 101.5 FM radio commented that he was stunned to see so many drivers using cellphones to text and make phone calls, despite the illegality of such actions and the knowledge that distracted driving, and texting in particular, leads to many accidents, some of which


Dispelling Pediatric Myths

There are many questions that we answer at our practice which are meant to dispelling widely held beliefs. We thought we would take the opportunity to broadly share some of these myths and tell you the truths.

Myth: High fever will cause brain damage

Truth: Fever is not dangerous to our body

In fact, it serves a healthy purpose,


You Don’t Have to Live With Back and Neck Pain Anymore

This article originally appeared in Westchester Healthcare Newspaper’s Top Doctor’s Issue

Back and neck pain can be debilitating, and Dr. Jonathan Donath DC, MS is out to change that.

An expert in a variety of non-surgical pain treatments, he is clinic


Lose the Weight, Not Who You Are

(Sponsored by Why Weight)

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean you lose who you are. In fact, you must love yourself to ensure successful weight loss—and maintenance of your new weight.

But how do you love yourself when you look in the


Understanding Robotics - Part III

This is our third and, for the near future, the final article of our series on the advancement of robotics and spinal surgery. As our previous two articles mentioned, we as a group have given a major thumbs up toward the use of robotics in spinal surgery, as well as undergone considerable training in the field of robotics with a plan on advancing its usage in our


Weight Loss Challenges for Men: Losers Take All

Shlomo Golombeck of Clifton, NJ is a multi-talented individual with a magnanimous spirit and a knack for getting things done. A talented musician, he teaches piano, keyboard and voice and performs at events throughout the tri-state area as a one-man band and DJ. Additionally, he is a seasoned camp head counselor and youth director in Passaic. One thing Golombeck admits


Breakthrough Solutions for Children’s Learning Challenges and Dyslexia

Sarah is in the second grade and has received D’s and F’s on her report card all year. Her parents had taken her to a neurologist who ruled out a medical cause, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Suspecting a learning disability, they contact her district’s child study team for a psychoeducational evaluation. After anxiously awaiting