Tuesday, July 07, 2020

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Summertime Is AGE Time

Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) is a seasonal disease with peaks in the summer, when it is caused by a family of viruses known as the enteroviruses, and the winter, when it is caused by either rotavirus or Norwalk-like viruses. The hallmarks of gastroenteritis are, you probably guessed it already, vomiting and diarrhea. The vomiting and


That ‘Seal-Like’ Cough That Signals Croup

Croup is an inflammation of the upper airways caused by a viral infection. These viruses are all spread via respiratory droplets (think about what happens when you cough or sneeze and you get the picture).

Croup generally begins with several days of cold-like symptoms such as sneezing and a


A Letter Without a Stamp

It has been been almost a year since a special patient of mine, Harry, passed away. I think of him often. My relationship with Harry took place over several months. Though Harry was my patient he was actually my teacher in many ways.

Harry was an 88-year-old, Protestant gentleman, a former engineer and


Free Genetic Screenings Organized by Yeshiva University Students

A groundbreaking 1,162 participants were able to receive free and comprehensive genetic testing during three sessions organized by Yeshiva University’s Student Medical Ethics Society (MES), in partnership with JScreen, a university-based nonprofit program specializing in carrier screening for genetic diseases common in


Can Canceling My Gym Membership Help Me Exercise More?

Dear Coach Gila,

What are your thoughts on exercise? I enjoy cooking, preparing healthy food for myself and my family, and trying out new recipes. I don’t really enjoy exercising. I find the machines boring, I have two left feet and I’m embarrassed to


The Zika Virus: What You Need to Know This Summer

Over this past year, stories about the Zika virus have been dominating headlines across the world. The media explosion began after the first case was recorded in Brazil in February. Previously unheard of in these areas, Zika cases started to pop up all over Central and South America. Since then, the media has been


Be Informed About The Health Care Reform 2016

We are well into the tax season, and by now you should have already received your 1095 form from your insurance carrier. Be sure to provide this form to your accountant, as the information therein will provide proof of health care coverage in 2015 to avoid the health care penalty.

The penalty for tax


Silence as Medicine

“I have grown up amongst the sages and have found nothing better for the body than silence.” Pirkei Avos

One can easily observe a palpable, painful sorrow in the hospital around those patients who lack proper speech, often more so than around those struck by a pneumonia, heart attack or


Caregivers Perform Heroic Deeds on a Daily Basis

Caregivers cross all boundaries. Though they may vary in gender, race, ethnicity and age, their common bond is the love, care and support they provide to those whose well-being they are charged with promoting, whether it be parent, spouse, sibling or friend. An informal caregiver is an unpaid individual (spouse, partner or family


Dental Mouth Guards: Protect the Athletes in Your Family

Watching the NBA finals a few weeks ago, a sight we all got used to was Stephen Curry chewing on his mouthguard during breaks in play. He knows what all dentists know—that accidents can happen and your mouth needs protecting during sports. Mouthguards not only protect teeth from chipping and cracking, they help limit the


Premier Doulas: Education and Support for All Pregnancies

Maywood—After Tracee Gonzalez had her first baby, she found herself busy with many of the regular things new parents face: newborn questions, returning to work and balancing her new life. Gonzalez knew instinctively that resources are available for women like her, but was unsure where to find the postpartum support she was looking


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Changes Lives

Several months ago, I met an adorable baby named Adam*. Adam is the first baby I have met who was born in part due to my services as a pelvic floor physical therapist. When I first met Adam’s parents, Sarah and Jonathan, they had been married for approximately one year without ever having consummated their marriage. Despite multiple