Tuesday, July 07, 2020

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Must You Be Nearsighted?

Are you doing all that you can to reduce or eliminate your degree of nearsightedness?

Some call it nearsightedness, some myopia and still others use the British term, short-sightedness. In any case, it all means the same thing. Vision at far distance is blurred, while vision at near distance is


Defending the Man Cave

Alright, I admit the title and picture are misleading. This article is really about both husbands and wives (as well as anyone thinking of getting married), but I wanted something catchy to get your attention. Now that you’re completely enthralled...

One of the greatest things about marriage


First Real-Time Patient Monitoring in NY/NJ Area

Wireless Technology Available Only at Holy Name Medical Center

Teaneck—Holy Name Medical Center is the first hospital in the NY/NJ metropolitan area to use digital monitoring technology to continuously track patients’ vital signs. The ViSi® Mobile device, about the size of a business


Sticks and Stones May Hurt Me

In past articles I’ve written about the need for sensitivity when speaking to those suffering or in recovery from an eating disorder. I fight passionately to create a more fluid conversation around mental illness, one that is open and considered normal, rather than hush-hush or with a tone of embarrassment. And yet it became clear to me


Genetic Differences May Reduce Pain-Relieving Effects of Opioids

New York—A comprehensive review of the scientific literature on opioid pain management found that people with a certain gene mutation do not respond as well to opioid pain medications and may need to be managed differently to get relief.

The review was presented at Touro College Research Day, held on


A Healthy Dose of Motivation

Dear Coach Gila,

I enjoy reading your articles and have even been successful in implementing some of your suggestions with my young children, especially with my picky eater. Thank you for the ideas. In terms of my own personal challenges with my weight, I’m a bit of a mess. I don’t have


Exercise During Pregnancy

One of the most frequent discussions I have with pregnant patients revolves around their level of physical activity during pregnancy. Usually the woman is used to an active lifestyle involving regular exercise and she is inquiring whether she can continue exercising during pregnancy. Frequently, however, most of the conversation is spent


Eight Strategies for Coping With Chronic Illness

It was a regular winter’s day—much like today—when I first met Robert at the dialysis unit. He was a pleasant, quiet man in his 50s, but the fact that this was the last place he wanted to be was written all over his face. When we began talking he told me that he was “fine,” that being on dialysis was “fine” and that, in


The End of Self-Help Books…From a Former Self-Help Junkie

As someone who has been an enlightenment junkie since the age of 16 (I’m 63 now, so that’s a lot of years), I feel I can speak with some authority on what psychological or spiritual techniques have a great deal of value. On what really helps. When you look through the abundance of therapy, self-help and coaching books out


Managing Out-Of-Pocket Medical Costs

One of the more frustrating aspects of being a consumer under the American system of third party medical insurance is not knowing in advance what your financial obligation will be for a given healthcare service.

And regardless of how many people you speak to at the doctor’s office, hospital or


Premier Doulas Support Mothers With Childbirth Assistance and Beyond

Premier Doulas is a full-service prenatal and postpartum doula agency based in Bergen County and supporting families within a 50-mile radius of their Maywood, NJ, location. We take pride in having a variety of doulas with diverse skills and experience in comprehensive services. We make sure we are always updated on all that


When the Disorder Walks Into the Room Before I Do

“What exactly do you do?”

- I’m an eating disorder therapist.

“Oh, wow. What made you choose that field?”

-Well I’ve wanted to go into counseling since I was young, but it was actually my own struggle