Thursday, June 04, 2020

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Open Enrollment 2016: You Can Get Better Coverage

It’s that time of year again. We are in Open Enrollment season. If you are not part of a group health plan and are unhappy with your coverage, now is the time to shop for health insurance.

From November 15 through January 29 the health insurance market is open to anyone who would like to enroll in a


Advocacy: The Topic Nobody Wants to Discuss

Both of us are parents and have children in a wide variety of ages from preschool through elementary and high school, even college and post-college. Additionally, we have been pediatric therapists for over 20 years each. So when we have specific issues that arise repeatedly over more than two decades on both a personal level and


Holy Name Medical Center Ranks Among Top Third of Hospitals Nationwide in Patient Safety

Teaneck—Holy Name Medical Center was awarded an “A” grade from The Leapfrog Group (Leapfrog) in its Hospital Safety Score, which rates how well hospitals protect patients from accidents, errors, injuries and infections. More than 2,500 U.S. general hospitals were assigned scores in the fall of 2015, with about one-third of hospitals


Holy Name Medical Center First in the Northeast to Offer Magellan™ Robotic System

Teaneck, NJ—Physicians at Holy Name Medical Center are the first in the Northeast to use the Magellan™ Robotic System, which enables them to perform complex, yet minimally invasive, vascular procedures with extraordinary precision and speed. Holy Name is one of only eight hospitals nationwide using Magellan, proven to provide safe


Changing Shabbos Meal Expectations

Dear Coach Gila,

My husband and kids always want Shabbos guests, and while I do want to entertain I really don’t feel comfortable serving unhealthy foods week after week. I work hard preparing nutritious food for my family Sunday through Friday, and then on Shabbos it’s all about tons of


A New Kosher Toothpaste Bursting With Benefits

Have you ever tried chewing your toothpaste? If so, you’ve probably noticed that it has a sand-like feel.

We usually don’t think twice about the type of toothpaste we purchase. Most toothpastes offer the same benefits, right? Not always.

Enter SprinJene. Leveraging the benefits of zinc and cold-pressed black seed oil imported from Israel, SprinJene


The Jewish Patch Adams: Medical Clowns’ Work Steeped in Smiles, Research

“You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you’ll win, no matter what the outcome,” said the late actor Robin Williams in the 1998 film “Patch Adams,” which shed light on the life of influential physician, social activist, comedian and clown Hunter Doherty Adams.


No X-Rays, Please

X-rays are something that have a bad reputation in dentistry. Many times, people will come in for their checkups and allow us to visually inspect their teeth, but not allow x-rays. Their reasons: a fear of radiation and the thought that x-rays are not really necessary.

X-rays are a type of radiation


Touro College Graduate School of Social Work Launches Wellness and Health Initiative

On a recent Tuesday, the Touro College Graduate School of Social Work Dean Steven Huberman told everyone to go take a hike—literally, that is. As part of a new, school-wide wellness initiative, the school’s faculty, staff and students are being granted opportunities to practice self-care and mindfulness.


Your Clean ‘Bill’ of Health

Computers can help us sort through loads of data with the mere push of a button. The wonders of technology are truly a modern blessing. But one single misplaced digit can wreak havoc, and prove very difficult to correct.

Just this past week I found myself helping a man who—not for the first time—got


When Children Tell Their Parents What to Do

Some of my biggest fans live right at home. I’m blessed to have a loving wife who encourages my writing and two adorable children who excitedly ask about the topic of my next article every other week when I appear in the Jewish Link.

Tonight, my 7-year-old daughter asked for the title of my


The Center for Spinal Disorders: Dr. Seth A. Grossman Q&A

Spine surgeon Seth A. Grossman, MD, has joined The Center for Spinal Disorders. In order to introduce Dr. Grossman to new patients, the following Q&A session with the doctor seeks to answer a variety of questions. Those with additional questions are invited to contact the office using the numbers at the end of the page.