Friday, May 20, 2022

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Baruch Blumberg, Hepatitis B And Hepatoma

Major universities compete about the number of Nobel laureates that are among their alumni. If you are ever on “Final Jeopardy,” Harvard is far and away No. 1.

How about among U.S. yeshivot or Jewish day schools? Which one leads in Nobel laureates among its alumni? Was it Yeshiva Rambam or BTA, my


Teens Matter at UMatter

Healthcare foundation helps empower teens to combat mental health challenges.

If someone you knew was dealing with anxiety, would you know how to help them? Could you help a friend navigate social challenges? Would you know what to do if a friend was feeling depressed?


Qualitative and Quantitative Restriction

The glamorization of restriction has led so many of us to wrongly believe that not eating is okay. I would even go so far as to say that some readers adamantly puff out their chests from reading that previous sentence, believing that not only is restriction okay, it is good! Look at the countless ads and other articles that promote


Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Northern New Jersey Offers Comprehensive Mental Health Services

(Courtesy of JFCS) Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Northern New Jersey (JFCS), located in Teaneck and Wayne, New Jersey, provides four core pillars of services—one of which is mental health services. Since the onset of COVID, the need for mental health services has sky-rocketed. Currently, JFCS, which is a licensed


Spine Robotic Update—No Need to Move

Robotic spine surgery is changing the field of spine surgery. It is making spine surgery safer and more efficient. The robot is not actually doing the surgery. In reality, the surgeon, using the robot’s software and special CT scan imaging, plans the screws and rods before the surgery begins. During surgery, the robotic


The Warburg Effect

My friend Barry Shain recently asked me about the Warburg effect (I have no idea why!), and so the hero of today’s article is Otto Warburg. But before we get to him, we should muse about his family, which was one of the great German-Jewish families of the 19th and early 20th centuries—Strauss, Furstenberg, Rathenau, Schiff, Loeb, Kuhn,


Stroke Symptoms—Call a Plumber!

(Courtesy of SMGH) “I can hear it now,” said George Matyjewicz, Ph.D., community liaison at St. Mary’s General Hospital. “Are you meshuggeneh? Call a plumber for a stroke patient? Yes, call a ‘brain plumber’—Dr. Jeffrey Farkas and his team at Interventional Neuro Associates[1]. That’s what we did at St.


Synergy HomeCare of Bergen County Brings Expertise to NY

When COVID began to strike older adults hard, families panicked: Who would take care of their loved ones who were sick and lived alone? Synergy HomeCare of Bergen County was one of the only home health care agencies that sent aides to care for patients with COVID-19 at home. “We took every case and helped a lot


Rare Cancers: Cancer of the Small Bowel

We typically spend the bulk of our interest and research activity focused on the cancers that are most common—breast, prostate, colorectal, lung, etc. This is as it should be, as these cancers are most responsible for the morbidity and mortality for which cancer is primarily responsible. However, there are many other less common cancers


My Menorah of Meds

(I’m biting my tongue here since this is where my kids would say, “it’s called a chanukiah!”)

Personally the holiday of Chanukah has always represented optimism, hope and second chances. The reason why we light the menorah, is to remind us of the miracle that the oil that the Maccabim


Healing and Feeling Without Bullying Yourself

“Don’t be nervous.” A repeated line I heard while watching a mindless reality show recently.


“Stop being so worried.”

“Calm down.”

Do people still think those lines


Shelby Brooke Fitness: Lifestyle Mindset Is the Key to Fitness and Health

Shelby Speiser is a personal trainer with a unique approach: education. For Shelby, “it is important for clients to understand their own health and fitness, and how our work together will help them get there. … When you train with me you are not just coming in once or twice a week to work out and then leaving.

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