Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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How Israel Is Becoming a Hub for Parkinson’s Research

A high rate of genetic Parkinson’s makes Israel a perfect lab for finding ways to prevent, stop and even cure this fast-growing neurological disorder.

Parkinson’s disease is a complex, progressive neurological disorder affecting up to 10 million people. And it is fast growing in prevalence


Intravenous Nutrients Can Improve Your Health

Note: The treatments described in this article are for providing medical information, but this is not medical advice. While there are studies that support the treatments described, the treatments are considered experimental and not the standard of care. For medical guidance, you should contact your physician or health care


Women Are Our Heroes—Then and Now

(Courtesy of SMGH) Every year March is designated Women’s History Month in the U.S. by presidential proclamation. The month is set aside to honor women’s contributions in American history. With Pesach, and the story of the Exodus, Hebrew women played a major role, and their actions are probably what saved Judaism.


The Therapy Gym’s Tips For Tots

These creative activities are an exciting way to work on fine motor control, eye-hand coordination, visual tracking, gross motor skills, strength and body awareness. These do not require any prep, and very few materials are needed, so they can be played anywhere.

1. Spaghetti


St. Mary’s Offers Tips for Hospital Stays on Passover

(Courtesy of SMGH) You are scheduled for a hospital stay that may be during Pesach. What do you do?

“Knowing the extensive staff education we have done and continue to do at St. Mary’s General Hospital,” said George Matyjewicz, PhD, community liaison, “I thought it is important for our community


PUAH Promotes Fertility Options for Women

The Shidduch Crisis. Love or hate the term, it’s come to define a generation and the growing population of older singles in our midst who have not yet found their mates. There’s been lots of ink spilled over the years as to the possible causes, and many heartfelt and well-meant suggestions as to what we as a community can do to


Overcoming Shame and Reclaiming Health: A Journey for Life

I think that I have been overweight ever since I was 10. Not obese, but certainly overweight. But I never really identified myself that way. I didn’t look in the mirror and see a fat person: I just saw me—who I was. I also never saw my 4’9” self as short. I am who I am, the way Hashem created me. Not perfect, but the way I


Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Provides Free Care to Holocaust Survivors

Dr. Howard Drew, the son of Polish Holocaust survivors, knows firsthand the suffering they experienced as children at the hands of the Nazis, including a lack of food and medical care.

While there was nothing he could do about their past suffering, Drew knew he could help ease what had been


Oral Surgeon Torin Rutner Adds COVID Testing to Professional Offerings

Dr. Torin Rutner of West Orange is much more than your average oral surgeon. His practice, Center for Oral & Facial Surgery, provides a wide array of services including oral and maxillofacial surgery, facial reconstruction and facial cosmetic surgery. And since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rutner and his staff


The Power of Positivity

Every year when we get up to a specific portion of the Seder (B’chol dor va’dor), my husband will pause, as is the tradition of his family, to tell the story of his grandfather’s survival during the Holocaust. While there are many reasons why this is done, one important reason is that we should know—and remember—what he and the


Pesach Prep and Disordered Behaviors: Here’s What to Know

This morning’s activities included cleaning out our freezer and beginning to organize a box of food for donations. It’s that time of year again, folks: preparing for Pesach. In the weeks (and for some, months) leading up to Pesach so many of us begin to plan and prep. The cleaning, the cooking, the organizing.


Good News in Cancer

It is common for me to be asked, “So when are we going to cure cancer already?” If I am at a bar mitzvah, I start to look for the sushi or the bar at this point. A reasonable answer is, as most of my colleagues would concur, that we do cure many cancers already, but unfortunately have limited success with others. I suspect many of you

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