Monday, September 26, 2022

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H. Pylori and Cancer

Part II

Last week we introduced the subject of Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium in the stomach that has been found to be associated with gastritis and duodenal ulcers. Infection with H. pylori is very widespread throughout the developing world and Far East and less prevalent in the U.S. and the


Israel’s Herzog Hospital Treats The Most Vulnerable Patients

Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem had the lowest COVID mortality rate of all the hospitals in Israel, a surprising statistic considering Herzog only took people with moderate and severe cases, including children, the elderly and patients who already had another impairment or disability before


Symposium on Judaism and Organ Donation Set for May 24 in Westchester

Pikuach nefesh is a sacred principle in Judaism, taking precedence over almost every other religious act or consideration. A single organ donor can save up to eight lives, and one tissue donor can save or enhance the lives of up to 50-70 people. As such, all denominations of Judaism view organ donation and tissue donation as a


Dr. Sana Bloch Brings Patented and Effective Migraine Relief to NJ

For over 40 years, Dr. Sana Bloch, assistant clinical professor emeritus in neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine has been treating patients who suffer from chronic headaches in his New York office. Now, he’s bringing his decades of expertise, along with his groundbreaking and innovative patented technique for headache


RWJBarnabas Cardiologist: Even After Recovery, COVID-19 Can Strain Heart Health

The Jewish Link recently had the opportunity to pose questions about the “long COVID” effects on heart health to Jeffrey Lander, MD, FACC, co-director, Sports Cardiology, co-medical director, cardiac care unit, Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, RWJBarnabas Health. Dr. Lander also serves as president and governor, New Jersey


Daughters of Miriam Welcomes ‘Sound by Samuelson’

(Courtesy of Daughters of Miriam) Samuelson Furniture, a local manufacturer based in Paterson, partnered with The Miriam Apartments in Clifton to donate an Allure chair equipped with revolutionary new Sound by Samuelson technology. The Miriam Apartments, also known as the Esther and Sam Schwartz Building, is located on the campus


Osteoporosis in Menopause

(Courtesy of Parkview Pharmacy) Osteoporosis (OP) in post-menopausal women is due to estrogen deficiency that leads to loss of bone density and affects bone architecture. Loss of estrogen also increases calcium excretion and decreases calcium and vitamin D absorption through the gut.

Bone loss begins


Improve Your Recovery From Surgery

Note: The treatments described in this article are for providing medical information, but this is not medical advice. For medical guidance, you should contact your physician or health care professional.

Whether routine or complex, surgery can be a major stress to the body. A great way to deal with that


H. Pylori and Cancer

Part I

Some stories in cancer discovery really need a movie—this is one of them. Let us start by reflecting that it is estimated that 20% of cancer is caused by infectious agents. By and large, this mainly refers to viruses. OK, there is a schistosome or two that causes cancer. But


Hospice and Hospice Fraud

Hospice is a Medicare benefit if you have Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and meet all of these conditions:

Your hospice doctor and your regular doctor (if you have one) certify that you are terminally ill (with a life expectancy of six months or less).



Is She a ‘Good’ Baby?

I think the next time I overhear someone use the expression “good baby” I may scream.

Yes, this is a common statement. Yes, I am perhaps being hyper-critical and analyzing a subject to which others might not give much thought—welcome to my brain!—and even so, please hear me out.


Hypnosis and OCD

An individual suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is very often consumed with unwanted and senseless intrusive thoughts. These negative thoughts can create a ritual of overwhelming repetitive actions known as compulsions. The negative thoughts will send messages to do things that a person does not really want to do, and they

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