Thursday, March 30, 2023

Kreative Kidz children’s entertainment company is expanding its network of specialty teachers as well as its scope of entertainment. In addition to teaching curriculum music and movement, arts and crafts and mad science, Kreative Kidz now offers studio art, musical entertainment, Krav Maga, tae kwon do and team-building programs. Kreative Kidz has been running programs for children with special needs at Friendship Circle of Bergen County for a number of years and is now proud to include programs at New Jersey Yachad.

Kreative Kidz has introduced dynamic hands-on programs for children with special needs with two goals in mind: providing enrichment activities to draw the talent and personality out of each person and offering warm camaraderie to foster friendships. The highly skilled professional staff at Kreative Kidz is making these goals a reality. At Kreative Kidz, the music is pumping with song and dance, studio art and craft classes are creating masterpieces and team-building games are rumbling with lots of laughter and thrill.

Whether running a music program, art class or mad science class, Kreative Kidz professionals create an upbeat atmosphere by singing and dancing to any given lesson. Larger than life props are created to capture the attention of the audience and draw them into the fun. Extra effort is made to find a way to reach each person and unearth his or her unique gifts and talents.

The creative fine arts as a means of expression and human connection is universal to all people. As the poet Hans Christian Andersen put it, “Where words fail, music speaks.” When working with those with special needs, it may be that some individuals have more difficulty sharing and expressing their beautiful inner thoughts. Yael Smith, former art counselor at Camp HASC, uses different types of media such as paints, tape, clay or glue to allow those in her classes to create projects that help them express themselves in ways they may otherwise not be able to do. Joining Yael during her art classes is her husband, Steven Smith, also a proud Camp HASC alumnus, who adds to the creative ambiance with his musical talents. He plays his guitar while all present sing, sway and paint to the music, fostering even more uninhibited creativity. The participants, along with their wonderful staff, come out of the art program each week feeling happy, relaxed, focused and expressive, with a project in hand of which they are very proud.

Another new addition to the Kreative Kidz team is the talented Shlomo Golombeck, who brings years of excellence in music performance and music lessons. He is trained in Krav Maga as well as Tae Kwon Do and has taught numerous students in these disciplines. Shlomo’s work with kids and young adults has proven to be an excellent form of exercise, self-defense and confidence enhancement. Shlomo’s talent, energy and passion are felt by all audiences.

Team building isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies; team building is part of Kreative Kidz. Dr. Evan Kroll, a local clinical and school psychologist, offers lessons on team building. Dr. Kroll’s team-building activities challenge individuals to problem-solve and to work together, all while having fun. Because each challenge cannot be completed unless everyone is involved, team-building activities communicate that every individual is important. In Dr. Kroll’s styrofoam-cup challenge, for example, all present are divided into groups and given styrofoam cups onto which they write their names and answers to questions like what their favorite movie or least favorite food is. They then string their cups together forming a circle inside which they all stand. The group’s togetherness and the bounding laughter that fills the room are confirmation that the goals of this challenge have been met.

Kreative Kidz is expanding its ability to service programs as a one-stop shop with its multifaceted entertainment company. Kreative Kidz professionals enjoy working with a diverse population and cater to the individual needs of the participants. Through creative experiences, barriers are broken, self-expression is drawn forth and unity is achieved. Kreative Kidz is on a roll; come join the fun!

For more information or to schedule a program, visit kreativekidz.net or email [email protected].

By Keli Teichman


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