Thursday, January 20, 2022

(Courtesy of JWed.com) JWed.com (Formerly Frumster.com) has brought to fruition over 3,000 marriages. But while averaging three marriages a week, JWed.com acknowledges the increasing challenges so many everyday singles face in finding their chosen one.

As Derek Saker, JWed.com chief marketing officer, relays, “Singles today are bombarded with mixed and often conflicting messages. Whether from a family member, married friend, fellow singles or even a matchmaker, the advice, while often well-intentioned, is often counterproductive and unhelpful.”

JWed.com has thus launched a range of innovative professional relationship coaching services, partnering with professionals with thousands of hours of experience to bring to our members on-demand coaching including profile writing, and online dating coaching. Introductory sessions start as low as $15. The best part is JWed.com coaches are ready to help anyone, member or non-member.

Profile Writing? Everyone Is a Marketer!

The hard reality is that in the world of dating, and first impressions, everyone has to be a good, sincere marketer of their greatest sell—themselves. JWed.com offers help in transforming a bland profile into an authentic and inviting picture of oneself that really stands out. So many JWed.com marriages have occurred after a long-time member finally updated his or her profile, which consequently made a transformative impact and a life-changing outcome!

Is There Really a Need for Dating Coaching and How Is It Advantageous for Singles?

Social media networks and smartphone technology have changed the way people communicate. Non-verbal communications and their influence on the physical date cannot be underestimated. Coaching tips and guidance help singles understand how to interact most optimally and effectively in the new and changing world of dating.

Shloime Zacks, one of the many highly qualified and passionate JWed.com dating coaches, conveys that “the dating scene has evolved, and coaching techniques help to uniquely position a single person in a successful frame of mind, providing tools for understanding themselves, their date and for successfully navigating the complex dating process. I help to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each client who reflect all ages, male and female equally, and cater the coaching sessions to best match his or her specific needs.”

Eli, a successful lawyer in his late 20s who has used JWed.com dating coaching services, conveys, “I am a very self-assured person who fortunately has many dates, but I found that I was often not getting beyond that first date. The dating coaching has been most insightful, and helped me develop my own personal dating roadmap that enables me to both more effectively communicate on the date, and better understand who I should be looking for in the first place.”

Relationship and Marriage Coaching

Additionally, through extensive research with our thousands of members, we have found many JWed.com marriages were often situations where the parties had communicated and often even met earlier, but did not continue for different reasons—only to meet again later, and get married.

This is not uncommon. Why?

For many singles who aren’t dating just for fun, dating is a serious business. But sometimes it can be too serious, making parties anxious, or too concerned about relatively minor issues that in the big picture play little part in the foundation of a healthy relationship and long-lasting happy marriage.

JWed.com offers a diverse range of professional relationship and marriage coaching from well-recognized and dedicated individuals, whether by phone or Skype. Registering is fast and easy at Jwed.com and we offer a $15 introductory session to get to know your coach before committing to a full session. While our coaches were hand-picked for our Jewish marriage-minded niche, combined, they have decades of experience working with singles and couples of all religious levels and faiths. Our coaches are dedicated in helping the committed single with any relationship challenges.

“We always say that our best JWed.com member is the one who stays the least—by meeting their match!” So says Ben Rabizadeh, JWed.com CEO. “As the first and most successful Jewish dating-for-marriage service, JWed.com has constantly sought to reinvest in innovative ways to optimize our members’ online dating experience in finding their chosen one. And we already see that our new profile enhancement and coaching services are yielding tangible improvements for our members.”

The JWed.com launch of coaching services is just one of many new initiatives including a re-designed site and a comprehensive App for iOS and Android, which is currently in development. For more information or interview requests, contact Derek Saker at [email protected].


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