Sunday, January 16, 2022

You cut your hair/sheitel too short. A popular question I get from my clients is, “Am I too old to wear this length?” As clients mature, particularly when they turn 40, they start wondering how long they can wear their hair at its current length. They want to avoid looking like they are trying too hard at looking young. Many feel they must go shorter. If you feel like you have to go shorter, be sure to look for a modern, updated look that incorporates a good cut and color that will work for your facial bone structure and skin tone. Keeping your hair a bit shaggy on the ends will require less maintenance on real hair and gives a sheitel a more modern and natural look.

Your hair is too long. Regardless of your age, overly long hair drags facial features down. Too long hair that is not cut and styled correctly can overwhelm any type of body and face. Avoid hair that is parted down the middle that is overly long and shapeless, as it draws your face down. A choppy bob that lies below the collarbone is a flattering length that will suit most people and body types, and cuts with asymmetrical angles and layers take attention away from wrinkles.

You never changed your hair color. Many of my clients mistakenly believe that sticking to their original hair color will make them look best. Keeping the same dark shade that you have had since you were younger is one of the biggest mistakes women make. As you age, hair thins. Having dark hair against a thinning and graying scalp accentuates the thinness and makes thinning more visible. Dark hair also puts a shadow on your skin, making wrinkles look more pronounced. The best thing to do is go two to three shades lighter with permanent color or face-framing highlights. If you are too afraid or hesitant to go lighter, opt instead for a warmer hue. If you’re a cool ash color such as dark brown, choose a creamier warmer chocolate color instead to soften your overall look.

Your blonde is too light or too ashy. As you age your skin loses color. As blondes mature they should move away from the platinum or ashy tones that wash them out. Instead, opt for the warmer, more golden blonde look. Many blondes falsely believe that the more blonde the better, but be careful: As you age, being too blonde can make your skin pale and pasty looking. Going a slight shade darker, or adding lowlights with deeper-warmer tones, will counteract this.

You choose too extreme of a color and or cut. Too bold of a color and/or cut is equivalent to trying too hard by wearing way too trendy clothes for your age or overdoing your makeup. It’s best to pick photos of celebrities your age with similar facial bone structure for guidance and a point of reference of what could work for you. Bring these photos with you to your stylist who can help you choose the look that suits you best.

Your layers date you. Having multiple short layers create the fullness and volume that your face loses as one ages. These layers if placed correctly can also make thinning hair look fuller. While choosing layers, avoid layers that are too short on the sides and too long in the back—this cut is dated and ages you. Be sure to keep the side layers no more than half an inch shorter than in the back with the overall length proportional and about the same around your head.

You’re too afraid to try bangs. Many clients are hesitant to try bangs, especially in a sheitel, since they don’t grow back. Bangs have many advantages; they generally make a person look younger. Full bangs that reach the center of your brow give a younger look than a wispy bang. Bangs are also great at hiding forehead wrinkles! Sweeping them to the side draws attention to the outside of your cheekbones, which give the illusion of having a wider face, creating the illusion of youthfulness. Avoid bangs that create a harsh straight line, a look that is too severe on mature women. Although you don’t want bangs in your eyes, be sure not to make them too short. The shortest strand should be below your eyebrows to allow for an easy “swept across your forehead” look.

By Sari Friedbauer

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed cosmetologist, hairdresser and certified wig maker. She is available for consults and can be reached at 201-694-5319.

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