Saturday, January 22, 2022

There is no end to the service Rachel Kupfer and On The Table bring to their clients. Every summer the staff helps mothers pick out an assortment of lightweight, packable and non-fragile gifts to send with their children to Israel. “They’re always balancing the limited space of the suitcase and trying to stock up on gifts at the same time,” Kupfer said, noting that many of these mothers end up buying around 20 gifts to send along for the year. Now, they have a satellite location with an assortment of these popular hostess gifts, courtesy of everyone’s favorite On The Table employee, Matias Csillag, who will be in Israel for the year.

“Instead of having families fill up precious luggage real estate, Matias did that for them and brought gifts to Israel,” said Kupfer. Supplied with plush netilat yadayim towels, pie servers, spoons and other serving pieces, Csillag is ready for the onslaught of hostess gifting, which already started in the pre-Rosh Hashanah days.

Yeshiva and seminary students are not the only ones to benefit from On The Table’s Israel location.

“We have many customers who have moved to Israel and were also happy to hear that On The Table will have an Israel presence,” said Kupfer.

Matias Csillag is conveniently located in the old city of Yerushalayim. To order hostess gifts, contact On The Table at (201) 342-1089, or follow @onthetableisrael on Instagram.

By Jenny Gans


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