Tuesday, March 28, 2023

(Courtesy of Stage the Engage) An engagement proposal is one of the most talked about events in any couple’s history, but how could it be that no one is there to help organize it? Pinterest, YouTube and other social media forums have been the only sources for ideas that anyone looking to get engaged could rely on—until now.

Stage The Engage is a company created and run by two students, Jonathan Benichou, who attends Yeshiva University and Salomé Kukurudz, a student at Touro College. Together they formed this company to help others organize proposals when there seemed to be no help.

Kukurudz, a resident of Forest Hills who was born in Paris and raised in Miami, has been organizing events since she moved to the New York area seven years ago. She learned the industry of event planning through French Touch Events, her parents’ renowned corporate and private event planning company. From organizing a two-day event in Times Square attended by over 500,000 people to spearheading weddings and bar mitzvahs on her own, Kukurudz has a vast background in event planning.

Benichou, born and raised in Fort Lee, has proven his ability to lead through many experiences in his career. He has been a volunteer squad commander in the Israeli Defense Forces and vice president of business development for a tech startup called Dipsee.ai based in Modiin. He is currently pursuing a degree in accounting at Yeshiva University and has a vast background and passion for real estate, working with startup companies and anything business related since he can remember.

Stage The Engage focuses mainly on organizing extravagant proposals at an affordable rate. Benichou noted that the competition offers similar or more simple setups with a price tag two or even three times the size of his company.

The entire company revolves around the theme of romance and love, offering bridal showers, baby showers, gender reveal parties, romantic date nights and anniversaries, and many other themed celebrations. They tailor every event to the individual and the individual’s needs. Whether the need is a tight budget, pulling off an “impossible” idea, or even simply offering the best service imaginable, they always accommodate and even surpass all of their clients’ expectations. Making sure the client is comfortable through every step of the way is their main priority along with being communicative and giving unique ideas that each client loves.

To book an event or for more information on what they Stage The Engage can do for your next celebration, visit www.stagetheengage.com  email [email protected].

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