Thursday, March 30, 2023

This month, Bonei Olam has launched a new initiative that will give parents a digital way to announce their simchas with friends and family. Called Simchat Olam with a website at simchatolam.org, any person in the world can now easily announce the birth of a new child or share details about a bris or baby naming to any recipients of their choosing.

Using the Simchat Olam website, new parents can choose to create a card that can be customized with three backgrounds. When launching the card creator, the parent will fill out information catered to the specific announcement, such as the parents’ names and the URL/location of a bris or for a simple birth announcement, the name of the child and optional information such as weight/height. The card can be updated in real time and viewed as it’s being edited. The digital announcement can then be shared via email, social media or other platforms.

The website also boasts the largest database of mohels, as well as information on Jewish baby names for both males and females, as well as traditions regarding the bris, baby naming, the shalom zachor, and other helpful information for new parents.

Bonei Olam is a 501(c) charity that has allowed Jewish families to get access to expensive fertility treatments. The Simchat Olam website is intended to bolster brand awareness for Bonei Olam and make it so more people can learn about the chesed the organization is responsible for. With each card sent by Simchat Olam, recipients will be able to learn more about Bonei Olam and donate directly to help the organization with its mission of helping every young couple become parents or reach out for assistance.

The Bonei Olam charity was launched in 1999, when a founding member of the organization was on a trip in Europe and met a couple who was struggling to have children. In that moment, he assisted them financially with a costly fertility treatment. When the treatment succeeded, the organization was born. To date, nearly 9,000 children across six countries have been born through initiatives supported by Bonei Olam. With Simchat Olam’s launch, the organization hopes to see that number into the tens of thousands.

The launch of simchatolam.org is “a call to help another family take part in the joy of parenthood,” a company spokesperson said. “There is no more meaningful gift that people can give at a bris than helping another family so they can have children. The Jewish people are all one big family. Simchat Olam will give new parents a chance to share the gift of life with another family.”

By Tamar Weinberg


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