Thursday, December 02, 2021

Please allow me to introduce myself. Hey, isn’t that a song? I say that multiple times a day to my husband, D.J. Al Gordon, veteran radio personality, and anyone else brave enough to enter my/our musical space. I recently moved from my lifelong community of Kew Gardens Hills, Queens, to Edison, New Jersey, where I teamed up with Leibidig Al in business and in life. It’s been a musical match made in heaven, thank You, Hashem. Being “Joey’s mom” (Joey Newcomb) and marrying a music man has brought many smiles and supporters into our ever-expanding world.

Music lovers speak a language of their own. I am convinced that music is the sixth love language. We sure have fun speaking it over here. We believe our musical endeavors to be a spiritual pursuit, using our voices, platforms and influence to serve and promote Hashem. While our impact is great, we don’t count followers. We count relationships, the real kind, “lean on me” style. Hey, that’s another song, LOL. Our goal here is to discuss and expand upon the power and influence of music, which we believe to be a healing force, post-pandemic and always. We have a vast library of all types of music spanning decades supplying our own radio station 1640 WJPR in Highland Park/Edison. We are accessible everywhere and include multiple programming options to suit every taste. We invite you in and on our world of radio. Tune in to 1640 AM, or check out our website, 1640WJPR.com; there is an option to listen in there as well. Join us live; your voice deserves to be heard. Please connect; we love live interaction, both on and off air.

Truth be told, golden oldies seem to be in a class of their own; there seems to be something very special about taking a trip down memory lane to calmer times of yesteryear. We are planning oldies-themed events by special request.

Nowadays we classify life as before or during pandemic. What happens next remains to be seen, though we have certainly proven ourselves as a community to be quite resilient. The “Thank You, Hashem” movement and song has become the most sung and utilized message out there, spanning all cultures and languages. We are grateful to The Jewish Link for joining with us in sharing our message of love, hope and creativity. Oh yes, and that “it’s never too late”—still another song. We have great respect for The Jewish Link and its leaders and are honored to join the team. Our prayer is that we all—the klal, our communities, our families, our world—come together (yes, another song) in healing and unity. Everything’s a song after all, isn’t it? Wishing all a meaningful Thanksgiving holiday, meaningful thanks every day, a freilichen Chanukah and may we all light up the nights (yes, another song) as each of us can, uniquely—in our own way— “our song.”

Special greetings from Joey Newcomb, his wife and the little ones and the entire Newcomb and Gordon families. Call to action from us, the Gordons, to you music aficionados, musicians, performers, instrumentalists: Let’s collab, naturally; no intrusions from us. We respect boundaries, including our own. There’s nothing greater than unity! We pray for God’s blessing-thumbprint on everything we do. Curious? Try us, you’ll like us. We’re here for your music needs and anything else—including a cup of coffee anytime. Come on down. Please join us, friends, in one big gratitude farbrengen. We welcome feedback. Let’s discuss all things music: what’s new, what’s legendary and everything in between, b’yachad, and at the end of the day: “Let the Music Play.”

Al & Sarah (Newcomb) Gordon own & operate 1640 WJPR, a unique radio station in hybrid format out of Highland Park/Edison, NJ. Al has been dazzling RadioLand with his voice and personality for decades. Sarah, a writer, Realtor and therapeutic healer is new to radio and new to the Gordon household. Together they hope to blaze a unique trail utilizing their special koach impacting their children, grandchildren, community, many fans and all others as intended from above, one song and one smile at a time. #TYH Nation, YOU matter! They can be reached at [email protected]

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