Saturday, June 03, 2023

Benjamin, Sara and Shira Golani are teenagers who have been making music together since childhood. They perform as The Golani Heights for simchas, parties and community events. They have a wide repertoire and play with a Jewish heart and soul. Their father, Boaz Golani, calls it “beautiful, holy, Jewish music.” The Golani Heights performs at the “Kabbalat Panim” and chuppah at weddings; Havdala and melave malka events; women’s gatherings; and Chanukah, Purim and Lag B’Omer parties. They played in people’s backyards during COVID and they make a special effort to play on Purim for people who are homebound. They will play for any event where beautiful Jewish music will enhance the atmosphere.

The Golani Heights has been performing for the residents of the FountainView Senior Living Community for the last five years, now as professional, paid musicians. “The residents adore them,” said Ellen Frank, recreation supervisor at the FountainView. “Whenever they perform, the room is packed.” The Golani Heights entertains residents with a variety of Jewish music, mostly instrumental. “They are very talented kids. If you walked by and didn’t know, you’d think they were adults. And their father is an incredible person, so kind and considerate. Last time they were here, I was watching the residents going up to him and telling him how great and wonderful the performance was.”

Boaz is also their producer, coordinator and agent. When Boaz was a young man, he visited a friend’s home for Havdala and melave malka where musicians were playing the songs of Shlomo Carlebach. He began to dream that one day his children would play like that. Now they do!

He introduced the children to music at an early age, having an idea which instrument would be right for each child. He found excellent teachers who developed their abilities. The budding musicians put in hours of practice on top of their already demanding schoolwork. All their hard work is blossoming into exquisite music. Benjamín is a classically trained pianist, Shira plays violin and Sarah plays guitar and sings, depending on the event. “Sarah is an exceptional singer,” said Boaz. “She loves to sing well-known and loved American folk and country songs. She loves wearing her cowboy hat while carrying her crowd to the world of a good Jewish-American experience.”

Shira Golani is a student at BPY, where she was given opportunities to play at different school events. “BPY was quick to recognize Shira’s talent and shower her with opportunities to shine,” said Boaz. “I am happy of course to see Shira play at her school’s events but much more important is to see a Jewish school that welcomes, embraces, supports and appreciates a young musician and her music.”

Boaz observes that music starts with technique and precision, but becomes something much more. It is the flow of emotion and spirit through musical instruments that turns a collection of notes into a spiritual human experience, and for Jews, evokes their eternal longing for a connection with Hashem. You can hear it when Golani Heights performs.

Get a taste of Golani Heights on YouTube. In the search box, enter “The Golani Heights Jewish Simcha Music.” To hire the group for a performance, call Boaz Golani at 845-323-3383.

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