Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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A Sweet New Year Starts With Sweet Centerpieces

Look at any Facebook feed at this time of year and one thing is noticeable: table decor and thematic treats are as much a part of the meals as the fish head, apple dipped in honey, and new fruits. Floral centerpieces are a classic Yom Tov table enhancement, but now food itself has become part of the decor and not


On The Table’s ‘Perfect Gifts’ Are Now Available in Israel

There is no end to the service Rachel Kupfer and On The Table bring to their clients. Every summer the staff helps mothers pick out an assortment of lightweight, packable and non-fragile gifts to send with their children to Israel. “They’re always balancing the limited space of the suitcase and trying


Cool Entertaining Tips for a Warm Sukkot

(StatePoint) Sukkot in September? In anticipation of a warmer than usual holiday, there are some backyard (or front driveway, depending on sukkah placement) entertaining details that are important to consider. Everyone loves Sukkot, and in order to focus on the simcha of the chag, here are a few tips guaranteed to keep your guests cool,


There Is No Simcha Without Good Wine

Succos, along with Simchas Torah is the holiday that most symbolizes and highlights the importance of serving G-d and follow his Torah with Joy. Our Sages write that wine causes the heart of Man to rejoice. Succos and Simchas Torah include multiple celebratory meals, inside and outside the


Purple Bow Re-Opens With Baby Gift Boutique Chic

In just a short time, The Purple Bow on Queen Anne Road in Teaneck became a staple of local shopping. With its whimsical logo and unique gifts, not to mention the fun fruity smell that welcomes shoppers as they walk into the store, The Purple Bow became a first stop for baby gifts, Chanukah time, camp supplies and


MRM Music Brings Music of All Types to Any Event

Moshe Masri wants to make the world a more musical place. He always loved music, and enjoyed all different styles too. He grew up in Brooklyn, his parents are from Argentina and his grandparents are from Syria which led to an eclectic background from which he drew his musical tastes.



Gabrielle Strulowitz and Yitzi Markel: A Shidduch Made in Shamayim

Mazel tov to Gabrielle Strulowitz, daughter of Caron and Michael Strulowitz of Englewood, and Isaac “Yitzi” Markel, son of Celia and Michael Markel of Teaneck, on their engagement.

Gaby is a business operations analyst at Fundera in Manhattan. She graduated from Baruch College with


Bridal Couples Are Creating New Wedding Trends

Today’s wedding couples are updating treasured traditions—and adding some of their own—to reflect their personal tastes and lifestyles, with a focus on providing guests with a great party. For couples today, it’s about less time sitting and more time dancing and socializing, and finding ways to personalize


A Jerusalem Bar Mitzvah With Heart and Soul

At his recent bar mitzvah celebration, Lavi Gimpel’s great-grandmother handed him a check that she said was “enough for seven trees.”

“One for each member of your family. When I come to the farm someday, I want you to show each tree to me,” said the great-grandmother, Chaya


From Cruise Ships to Resorts, Jewish Destination Weddings Mix Intrigue and Tradition

The groom was 60 years old and the wedding was seven years ago, yet the magic and romance of the moment continues to inspire not only the couple themselves, but the 800 witnesses to that momentous occasion—many of them complete strangers.

Yaakov and Marsha Motzen were joined in holy matrimony


Mazel Tov to Alex & Jen Altberg of Los Angeles, CA on the birth of a daughter, Tamar Emunah

Mazel Tov to Alex & Jen Altberg of Los Angeles, CA on the birth of a daughter, Tamar Emunah. She is, b”h, their first child and she was born on January 23rd - 7 Shvat. Alex got an aliyah at the YI of Century City on Shabbos Parshas Beshalach where Rabbi Elazar Muskin recited the misheberach. Mazel Tov to Jen’s parents Dr. Rochelle Feldman


Young Israel of Teaneck Bat Mitzvah Group Volunteers at Masbia Soup Kitchen

The Young Israel of Teaneck Bat Mitzvah Group visited the Masbia soup kitchen in Queens this past Thursday. The group of 14 girls, accompanied by Rebbetzin Chani Krohn and parent volunteer Sharon Singer, helped in many ways. They packed and distributed food packages and helped to prepare for and serve dinner to

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