Friday, June 09, 2023

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Coby Mandel Entertainment Offers Affordable DJ Services

Coby Mandel Entertainment (CME), a DJ service created and helmed by 17-year-old Bergenfield native Coby Mandel, is now offering affordable DJing for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other simchas. Coby is a student at TABC, and CME’s services come with a full set-up, including sound systems, lighting and


Special Traditions to Celebrate The Birth of a Baby Girl

When Hillary Khodari of Englewood learned she was expecting a baby girl, she knew she wanted to celebrate the birth with family and friends. “There is a tendency when you have a girl that you don’t know what to do, and that can be a negative,” said Khodari. “But you can take it as a positive to do whatever you


Mensch & Mingle Connects Jewish College Graduates

You’re a recent Jewish college graduate who is either living back home or moving into an apartment. Your friends don’t all live within a three-mile radius like they did on campus, and you’re struggling to balance your social life as you attempt to climb the ladder of your career.


Bat Mitzvah Dress Gemach Expands to Include White Graduation Dresses

Parents of recent graduates: Do you remember how desperately your daughter needed a white dress for graduation? And remember when she promised you she would wear it all summer long??? What about when it then sat in her closet (all summer long), way past Labor Day without having a single use after that one wear at school


Chanukah Sameach From The Jewish Link’s Editorial Team

While many of us are busy reporting in far-flung corners of our coverage areas, a few members of the Jewish Link editorial team got together for a picture! From our families to yours, best wishes for a freilichen Chanukah!


Dazzling Photos of Chanukah in The Holy Land

The glowing lights of the menorah must be displayed for all to see, according to the requirement of pirsumei nissa, publicizing the Chanukah miracle. Many Israelis keep boxes outside their homes for the sole purpose of displaying the menorah during Chanukah. Photographer Yehoshua HaLevi captured


Volunteers Help Seniors Celebrate Chanukah

The Jewish Home at Rockleigh and Jewish Home Assisted Living in River Vale are having parties and nightly menorah lighting so residents can enjoy a happy, festive Chanukah. They will also reach out to Bergen County seniors living alone to provide a hot, kosher Chanukah meal. Volunteers are making it all happen.


Blossom Event Design Comes to New Jersey

Planning a simcha but don’t know where to start? Enter Blossom Event Design, Bergen County’s newest event-planning professionals. Blossom Event Design prides itself on working with clients to bring their visions and inspirations to life for their special day. Whether for a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, family event or any


Officiating a Simcha in Nigeria

When was the last time you heard of friends packing their bags and securing airline tickets to attend a bar mitzvah—in sub-Saharan Africa? Yet that’s precisely what happened six months ago, when a delegation of three left their more familiar Jewish haunts in New England to wend their way to a synagogue in the southeastern


Surviving the Endless ‘Rejoicing’ of Sukkot

“The chagim were so relaxing,” said no one in The Jewish Link office, especially those who hosted families with babies for all or most of Sukkot. In an email discussion/therapy session, several of us weighed in about how we made it through the holiday. “In my home, we had many priceless moments: great meals shared with an expanding


Jaime Distenfeld Is Helping Others Through ‘Kards 4 Kids’

Sixth-grader Jaime Distenfeld put her artistic skills to the test in order to create a bat mitzvah project that would help bring friends and family together this Rosh Hashanah and for many other happy occasions.

Distenfeld hand-drew seven different greeting cards, two of which


Planning for Sukkot, the Holiday of Simcha, Here and in Israel

During most of the year we are happy to make or be invited to a simcha, a special event celebrated with happiness. But simcha also means a general state of joy in fulfilling a mitzvah and it is a central component of the holiday of Sukkot; we are commanded in the Torah to rejoice during the festival. If you are

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